Japanese Chin Rescue 

Rescue Co-ordinator
George Farmer 
Tel: 01604 644907
The Japanese Chin Club UK are dedicated to the welfare and well-being of the Japanese Chin and run a Rescue Service to help those unfortunate dogs who fall on hard times, and find themselves in the need of a new home.  We will never turn any dog away that needs rescuing, and we make sure that we find the right home for each dog. Once a dog comes through our rescue we make sure that dog is happy for the rest of it's life. 

If you have a Japanese Chin that needs the help of our Rescue, or you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please contact George our Co-ordinator. 
If you would like to make a donation, please click. 
Contact Details 
The Japanese Chin Club  Contacts
Lead Co-ordinator - George Farmer
Email: sangriatoydogs@talktalk.net 
Tel: 01604 644907

Central East area - Terry Britchford
Email: terrybritchford@btinternet.com
Tel: 01754 874168

Central West area - Chris Oatridge
Email: Chrisoatridge@hotmail.co.uk 
Tel: 01789 294618

Southern Japanese Chin Club  Contacts
Lead Co-ordinator - Leila Hampton
Email: jurojin63@gmail.com
Tel: 023 80482740
Mobile: 0781 3295026
South East area - Tamar Quinn 
Email: tamarquinn@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07963 777964

South West area - Gill Speight
Email: k9chin@gmail.com
Tel: 01566 785215

Northern Japanese Chin Club Contacts
Lead Co-ordinator - Jane Thomas
Email: Javalcy@aol.com
Tel: 0151 527 2509

North East area - Lorraine Ghillhespy
Email: lmg.lorphil@gmail.com
Tel: 0191 3711523

Scotland - Tracy Burns
Email: tracyburns@live.co.uk 
Mobile: 07478 676812