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Open Show - 9th July 2022
Special Awards Classes

Judge: Miss L McFarlane (Glendyke)


Special Awards Class Junior Dog or Bitch (7 entries, 3 absent)
1. Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli 
2. Sharlarna Bish Bash Bosh
3. Marystyle Orion at Ouzlewell

Special Awards Class Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (7 entries, 6 absent)
1. Sharlarna Temptress

Special Awards Class Open Dog or Bitch (7 entries, 5 absent)
1. Sharlarna Imperial Comanda
2. Ossidcia Shiro


What shame we didn't get into the ring till gone past 5pm by this time the ring was in full heat of the sun and many exhibitors had given up waiting and went home as had travelled with other exhibitors I thank you for your entry

I received the second-highest entry for special awards classes of 21

Thanks to the chin club offering me this chance having previously turned it down when KC first introduced award classes, and thank you for your thoughtful gift.



Special Awards Class Junior Dog or Bitch  7/4

1 Lindsays cranvarl Roger at anjuli 16month rw he of a nice size and presented in beautiful condition he has nice head good open nostrils well placed ears for me I like more white in eyes but had sufficient for the standard he held nice level top line and drove beautiful from the rear he was best mover of the class and ot won him his class he had well carried tail in lovely plume

Nice hare feet which hadn't been trimmed or shaped to look correct beautiful presented

2 Martin's sharlarna bish bash bosh 13 month old bw lovely girl who is my ideal size she was presented clean and in beautiful bloom

on table she was steady and nice to handle she had nice head good ears and Correct amount of white in the eye open nostrils firm neck leading to level top line it been a long day for this youngster who appeared to move close behind but a lovely girl


Special Awards Class Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 7/6

What shame so many couldn't stay this long, but winner was so worthy of her first


1 Caytons Sharlarna Temptress b 2 year what girl she is wow not seen her before and although heat and long was taking it toll she still shone

This girl is of ideal size pretty head nice ear set open nostrils lovely hare feet good top line and beautiful plume tail but it once she was on the floor did she really impressed her movement in all directions was perfect side on you saw the drive she moved true from rear and front foot perfect she had excellent body condition her coat just shone in sunlight she was so well presented fits the standard well thank you for entering her under me


Special Awards Class Open  Dog or Bitch 7/4

A nice class

1 Caytons Sharlarna Imperial Comanda 2and half SW male another nice boy who soon he entered the ring says hey look at me well coated male must felt the heat today

On table, he has nice large head open nostrils good ear set and fringing firm and level top line and nice plume to his tail on the floor he excelled move with style and showmanship on the stand the boy appears long in back but hands on is must as he isn't his coat was lovely presented and I put what a showman which you need that little extra

2 Gamble Ossidcla Shiro 4 year bw male

This was larger boy who is heavily marked he was nice to go over large head with correct amount of white in eyes open nostrils firm topline beautiful plumed tail and rear he was presented in lovely condition nice hare feet he was feeling heat and long day he moved ok

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