Puppy Register


This facility is open to Fully Paid Up Members of the Club of more than One Year only.  

              If you have puppies for sale and wish to place an advertisement, please contact Linda Email

  • No Puppy to be sold under the age of 12 weeks 

  • All Puppies to be seen with their dams

  • All Puppies to be Micro-chipped before leaving the breeder for its new home

  • All puppies should be registered with the Kennel Club

  • Members must abide by The Kennel Club Code of Ethics 

The Japanese Chin Club takes no responsibility for puppies advertised on this page.

If a dispute arises between the seller and buyer, the club will not enter into any communication, and cannot be held responsible for actions of buyer or seller. 

Think before you buy! 
A puppy is for Life....
Not just for Christmas or Lockdown!
Do you have time for a puppy in
in your life for the next 10-15 years!
There are no puppies on the register at the moment   
Beware of buying puppies from the internet. Please keep checking back here, or visit the Kennel Club website https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk
Always buy from a reputable breeder