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Club Open Show July 2019

Judge: Mea Kendall


* Denotes Subject to Kennel Club Confirmation 

Best Bitch & Best in Show 
*Ch. Yama Misty Morning
Mr D Blow & Mrs S Allen
Best Dog & Res Best in Show 
Chinart Yuuangi 
Dr A Schemel
Best Puppy in Show 
Harlouville Uptown Girl
Mrs T A & Mr A M Quinn
Best Puppy in Show 
Harlouvil Uptown Girl
Mrs T A & Mr A M Quinn
Best Red & White Puppy in Show
Ereste Shogun Warrior
Ms I Pearson

Veteran Dog or Bitch:  No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog: 3.0

1st Forth's Sharlarna's Touch of Magic Omegaville

2nd Farmer's Sangria Moon Walk

3rd Ereste Shogun Warrior

Puppy Dog: 4:3

1st Blow & Allen's Sheardream Costa

2nd Banks & Rowley's Midwood Monaco Choya

3rd Vincent's Yama Noitaki

Junior Dog:  No Entries

Novice Dog: 2.0

1st Thomas's The Great Mikado

2nd Farmer's Sangria De Ja Vu

Post Graduate Dog: 5.2

Limit Dog: 3.2

1st Farmer's Pamojill Private Eye

Open Dog: 4.0

1st Schemel's Chinart Yuuangi

2nd Sleepyhollow Rheingold

3rd Farmer's Midorchi Motivation

Res Thomas's Rock on Tommy

Special Open Dog or Bitch (Red or White 2.0

1st Schemel's Hin Satori Terra Kot (Imp)

2nd Pearson's Earste Shogun Warrior

Best Dog: Chinart Yuuangi

Res Best Dog: Tong's Sleephollow Rheingold

Best Puppy Dog: Sharlarna's Touch of Magic Omegaville

Minor Puppy Bitch: 5.2

1st Quinn's Harlouville Uptown Girl

2nd Bateman's Shardlow Lille Marlene 

3rd Crane's Cranvarl Ruby Tuesday

Puppy Bitch: 3.0

1st Brown-Percival's Littletigers Grace by Sandiman (Imp It)

2nd Quinn's Harlouville Funny Girl

3rd Tismechi Lady Orchid

Junior Bitch: 5.3

1st Schemel's Hin Satori Raissa

2nd  Brown-Percival's Littletigers Fancy Dancer at Sandiman (Imp) It

Novice Bitch: 2.0

1st Forth's Omegaville Ima Showgirl

2nd Schemel's Sharlarna De Ja Vu

Post Graduate Bitch: 7.1(WD)

1st George's Ossidcia Shina at Amronchi

2nd Smith's Wyndcatch Constance

3rd Quinn's Sharlarna Japanese Please

Res Farmer's Sangria Omegaville Saraboo

VHC Crane's Cranvarl Truly Scrumptious 

Limit Bitch: 2.1

1st Forth's Yama Miss Saigon Omegaville

Open Bitch: 2.0

1st Blow & Allen's Yama Misty Morning

2nd Crane's Cranvarl Le Mistral JW 

Best Bitch: Yama Misty Morning

Res Best Bitch: Ossidcia Shina at Amronchi 

Best Puppy Bitch: Harlouville Uptown Girl 

Best Bitch & Best in Show
Mr D Blow & Mrs S Allen
Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show
Dr A Schemel
Reserve Best Bitch
Mr T & Mrs N George
Res BB.jpg
Reserve Best Dog & Best Red & White
Miss J Tong
RBD BRW 1.jpg
Best Puppy Bitch & Best PuppyIn Show
Mrs T & Mr A Quinn
Best Puppy Dog
Ms A Forth
Best Red & White Puppy
Ms I Pearson
B RW Pup.jpg

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge there summer open show, and to the two very able stewards, Nick and Ian thank you for your support.


Veteran Dog or Bitch (No Entries)


Minor Puppy Dog (3.0)

1st Ms A Forth -  Sharlana’s Touch of Magic Omegaville. A few days off 9 months but his young man caught my eye the moment he trotted into the ring. His well shaped head is in proportion to his overall appearance. Large eyes with alert expression giving that important look of astonishment. He is extremely mature for his age and presented in superb coat and condition. Moved with such style.

2nd Mr G Farmer - Sangria Moon Walk Promising 8 months old, small compact well proportioned B/W with  good potential. Pleasing moderately broad head, dark expressive eyes, and short  wide muzzle. Still very much a baby, he is nicely marked with good coat coming  through. His confidence increased and he showed and moved out well

3rd Ms I  Pearson - Ereste Shogun Warrior


Puppy Dog (4.1)

1st Mr and Mrs D and S Blow and Allen - Sheardream Costa, Very promising puppy, good head with nicely cushioned muzzle, moderate length in neck, level topline with well angulated quarters, moved very soundly. Excellent tail set and showed with such confidence for a baby

2nd  Ms R Banks and Mr M Rowley - Midwood Monaco Choya (Imp USA) This young man is of  good size but with correct balance. Correct head with good breadth of skull, nice eye and well cushioned muzzle, good pigmentation.  Moved soundly.

3rd Mrs S Vincent - Yama Noritaki Tu

Junior Dog  (No Entries)


Novice Dog (2.0)

1st Ms J Thomas - Javalcy The Great Mikado. Pleasing masculine head with good pigmentation and nicely cushioned muzzle, good width of chest and square, well ribbed body, moves out well with a level topline, presents an overall attractive picture strongly challenged for Reserve Best Dog

2nd Mr G Farmer - Sangria De Ja Vous. Very nice head with dark well shaped eyes giving a pleasing expression, compact with good tailset and carriage, moved soundly

Post Graduate Dog (5.2)

1st Mr and Mrs R Rushton - Sangria Standing Ovation at Fiflin. An attractive B/W dog that has really matured and  blossomed. Well cushioned broad head with good expression. Pleasing proportions,  short well ribbed with good lay of shoulder and well turned of  stifle. Level topline. He moved  steadily around the ring, Happy temperament, he was most attentive to his

2nd M Vincent - Corrinwood Funtime Frankie and Javalcy, A B/W with broad well cushioned  head with characteristic look of astonishment.. Presents a good outline being  square and compact with level topline Shown in good condition. Moved out well

3rd Ms J Thomas - Zhorzh Marshal At Javalcy


Limit Dog (3.2)

1st Mr G Farmer - Sangria Pamojill Private Eye. Pleasing head, nice moderate length to neck, fine bone, cobby body, level topline, correct tailset, moved out well and with style, correct hare feet. Just needs more coat for top honours, hopefully this will come.


Open Dog (4.0)

1st Dr A Schemel - Chinart Yuunagi My notes say wow what a smart little man. A B/W of ideal proportions with good angulation, level topline and correct tailset.. He is wide in chest  and well ribbed.  Most attractive head properties. Moved and showed to perfection, a lovely dog that I was pleased to honor with Best Dog

2nd Miss J Tong - Sleepyhollow Rheingold Another very smart R/W dog that really challenged the class winner. Very similar in  type to my winner with an attractive well cushioned head and good expression.  Cobby, well ribbed broad chest, well angulated rear, sound positive movement.  Presented in good order and shown to advantage pleased to award Reserve Best Dog and Best Red and White in Show.

3rd Mr G Farmer - Sanria Midorchi Motivation


Special Open Dog or Bitch (Red and White) (3.1)

1st Dr A Schemel - Hin Sotori Terra Kot (Imp)A true “Red Head” as stubborn as I used to be when I had red hair. Presents a good outline being  square and compact with level topline and high tailset. Shown in good  condition

2nd Ms I  Pearson - Ereste Shogun Warrior an young baby of good balanced proportion. Good head shape and size loved his overall shape but not happy to move much today but I am sure it will come with maturity. Best Red and White Puppy in Show.


Minor Puppy Bitch (5.2)

1st Mrs T Quinn - Harlouville Uptown Girl,  This pretty girl is small, fine and dainty. Well-proportioned throughout. She has an exquisite expression and very much a mind of her own full of jumping beans.  Well-padded muzzle and neat finish. A correct length of neck to carry her head proudly when on the move. Moved to perfection for one so young it was my greatest pleasure to award this full of character girl Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Mr and Mrs T Bateman - Shardlow Lili Marlene Dainty young bitch. Appealing head with nice expression , ideal shape and size. Not as forward as the winner but  she moved well and is also a very promising type.

3rd Mrs L Crane - Cranvarl Ruby Tuesday


Puppy Bitch (3.0)

1st Mrs S Brown-Percival - Littletigers Grace by Sandiman (Imp It) Very promising young B/W puppy. Attractive head  with good expression. Well proportioned compact, level topline, correct tailset.  Showed herself to advantage and coped with ring surface really well she moved  out confidently at one with her handler

2nd Mrs T Quinn - Harlouville Funny Girl. Another little Bobby dazzler from this kennel. Really put her handler to the test. Promising bitch with really  appealing head with astonished  expression. Well angulated, she has a level  topline, and high tailset. Lively personality who moved out stylishly,  presented in good order, just out matured in this class

3rd Ms A Clarke - Tismechi Lady Orchid


Junior Bitch  (5.3)

1st Dr A Schemel - Hin Satori Raissa. Petite feminine bitch with a sweet head with good  expression. Well proportioned with level topline and high tailset. Good  outline. Happy temperament, moved stylishly.

2nd Mrs S Brown-Percival - Littletiger Fancy Dancer at Saniman (Imp It) A 11 month old baby girl who held her own in this class. Lovely feminine head and expression, ears well set, dark eyes, good topline and tail well set, correct bone, well balanced moved soundly, just lost out today on maturity.


Novice Bitch (2.0)

1st Ms A Forth - Omegaville Ima Showgirl This young lady had her first day out today but this did not faze her at all. Stunning head. Broad well cushioned muzzle  has dark pigment and expressive eyes framed with well feathered ears. Compact  and cobby well angulated body, level topline and high tailset. Moves stylishly.

2nd Dr A Schemel - Sharlarna Deja Voo Another young lady having her first day out too.  Another one who is maturing into a real quality contender.She is also compact , broad and very well put  together. Really scores in outline and on the move. Immaculate presentation.


Post Graduate Bitch (7.1)

1st Mr and Mrs T George - Ossidcla Shina at Amronchi. Loved this girl as soon as came in the ring, ultra feminine head with round dark eyes, such a well made bitch, good topline and body shape, hare feet, tail well set moved soundly and with style lovely temperament. In full coat and presented in excellent condition. Very pleased to award Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Mrs J  Smith and Mrs J D Smith - Wyndcatch Constance. Very attractive young lady with an exquisite  head, broad and well cushioned with lovely expression.. Compact  well angulated with level topline, correct tailset. Good coat well presented and moved  positively.

3rd Mrs T Quinn -  Sharlarna Japanses Please


Limit Bitch (2.1)

1st Ms A Forth - Yama Miss Saigon Omegaville A cobby girl with a pleasing head, for me was carrying too much weight today, moved soundly with a level topline. Compact outline and moved with great attitude.


Open Bitch (2.0)

1st Mr and Mrs D and S Blow and Allen - Yama Misty Morning. What a show stopper I struggled to take my eyes off this young lady loved her in every way and could have quite easily taken her home. Top quality elegant bitch who scores in type. Beautiful head, well cushioned with characteristic real 'japanese'  expression. Straight broad front, well laid shoulders firm topline good turn of  stifle, high tailset. Presented in top order, stylish movement. Loved her handled it was my greatest pleasure to award Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2nd Mrs L Crane - Cranvarl Le Mistral JW. Another lovely bitch with excellent head and dark eyes, moved soundly today but was out of coat. Such a lovely type, but I can only judge on the day.

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