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The Japanese Chin Club Open Show

Judge: Mr Derfel Owen (Sirfon)


Best in Show

Harlouville Uptown Girl

Owner: Mr A & Mrs T Quinn

Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex

Anjuli Trevor

Owner Miss L Lindsay

Best Puppy in Show 

Jaschin Paws for Applause 

Owners Mr S Rooney & Mr J & Mrs A Green

Best Veteran in Show

Mattadam Samuari at Sharlarna 

Owners Mr A & Mrs T Quinn 



Best Red & White in Show

Adreeme Rhapsody Royale 

Owners Mrs & Mrs R Potts

Veteran Dog or Bitch     3 Entries

1st  Quinn’s Matterdam Samurai at Sharlana

2nd Beadling’s Sharlarna Taylor Made at Deconbras


Minor Puppy Dog     3 Entries

1st  Partington-Palmer’s Sharlarna Starman

2nd Leach’s Sharlarna’s Rocketman

3rd  Bradley’s Aleemal Dream Come True


Puppy Dog     1 Entry

1st Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Armani


Junior Dog    2 Entries

1st Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Stop and Paws

2nd Calvert’s Somergemz It’s a Kind of Magic


Novice Dog    No Entries 3absent 1 withdrawn


Post Graduate Dog    7 Entries 3 Abs 1 Withdrawn

1st Farmer’s Sangria De Je Vous

2nd Calvert’s Sharlarna Touch of Magic Omegaville

3rd Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Jacobean


Limit Dog    5 Entries   5 Entries 3 Abs

1st Lindsay’s Anjuli Trevor

2nd Farmer’s Sangria


Open Dog    4 Entries 3 Abs

1st Farmer’s Sangria War Lord


Special Open Dog or Bitch (Red & White)    5 Entries 4abs

1st Potts Adream Rhapsody Royale

Best Dog: Anjuli Trevor

Reserve Best Dog: Sangria War Lord 


Minor Puppy Bitch.   1 Entry

1st  Bradley’s Rossyn Emiko


Puppy Bitch.   3 Entries  1 Abs

1st Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws For Applause

2nd Clarke & Nye’s Tismechi Yumi


Junior Bitch. 2 Entries 1 Abs

1st Cayton’s Sharlarna Temptress Taf


Novice Bitch.   4 Entries 3 Abs

1st Baranzeck’s Cholas Naomi



Post Graduate Bitch.   6 Entries 2 Abs

1st Rooney & Green’s Jaschin First Edition

2nd Baranzeck’s Cholas Mei

3rd Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Magnificent Charm

Res. Lindsay’s Anjuli Agatha of Choya


Limit Bitch    2 Entries

1st Quinn’s Harlouville Uptown Girl

2nd Smith’s Wyndcatch Constance


Open Bitch 2 Entries 2 Abs

Best Bitch: Harlouville Uptown Girl

Reserve Best Bitch: Jaschin First Edition


Photo by Jean Wallhead


My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge their open show. I really appreciated the honour and the found some great quality dogs. Overall, I found the exhibits to be in good health and condition, well-constructed and compact. If I had one concern it was about the number of exhibits that lacked the ‘characteristic look of astonishment’, something for breeders to look out for.


BIS was the bitch Quinn’s Harlouville Uptown Girl JW, and she sure was an uptown girl, fulfilling that typical Chin aristocratic and elegant appearance. A smart and compact girl with showmanship and a great temperament, she moved with style and was sound and straight in fore and hindquarters. I loved her head, moderate where needed with a short and cushioned muzzle. I gather she has stepped out into the post-covid show scene with style and great success, and that is very well deserved. RBIS was Lindsay’s Anjuli Trevor a very masculine and eyecatching showman, I was impressed with his soundness and construction, movement was spot on with style and good reach in front but no exaggeration. He’s compact and cobby with profuse coat that gives him the style and elegance one would expect of a Chin. BPIS was Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws for Applause. A very smart and promising young lady, full of energy. Still has some maturing to do, but all the essentials are there, good construction and well placed and carried tail. Her head is typical with slightly rounded skull and good expression.


Veteran Dog or Bitch – 1 Quinn’s Mattadam Samurai at Sharlarna. Good for size and square shape, cobby and compact. Nicely shaped head with correct roundness and dark eyes. Profuse coat with good feathering on her high set and well carried tail. 2 Beadling’s Sharlarna Tailor Made at Decobras. Moved well in profile with good reach in front. Suitably proportioned head with set and well feathered ears.


Minor Puppy Dog 1 Partington-Palmer ‘s Sharlarna Starman taf naf. Square and compact, correctly rounded skull with short and well cushioned muzzle, straight in front and rear both stood and on the move. 2 Leach’s Sharlarna Rocketman. Good for size and compact with  high set and well carried tail. Moved well in profile. 3 Bradley’s Aleemai Dream Come True taf.


Puppy Dog 1 Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Armani. Rather lovely head and expression with high set ears, he moved well in profile with good reach in front and straight front. High set tail that he carried well, curved over his topline.


Junior Dog 1 Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Stop and Paws. Square, cobby and compact with lots of potential. Liked his head, and dark widely set eyes with good expression. I think he has a promising future. 2 Calvert’s Somergemz It’s a Kind of Magic. Compact, soft and straight coat, nicely rounded skull with dark and widely set eyes.


Postgraduate Dog 1 Farmer’s Sangria De Ja Vous. Very pleasing outline on this dog, correct for size and shape and compact, he is well constructed, an elegant mover with good reach in front and he carries his tail well over his back. 2 Calvert’s Sharlarna Touch of Magic to Omegaville. Nicely shaped skull with short muzzle and well set ears, correct for size and shape, he moved well. 3 Benton-Taylor's Sansarc Jacobean.


Limit Dog 1 Lindsay’s Anjuli Trevor. 2 Farmer’s Sangria Moon Walk. A quality male with appealingly correct head proportions and dark eye and pigment. Straight front and rear, he moved soundly.


Open Dog 1 Farmer’s Sangria Warlord. Super quality dog with a lovely, proportionate head and typical expression, short and well cushioned muzzle. Well constructed with straight front and hindquarters, he moved with style and good reach in front. I’m sure he’ll reach the top in short order. RBD.


Special Open Dog or Bitch (Red & White) 1 Potts’ Adreem Rhapsody Royale. Was not enjoying her day out a great deal, probably down the intermittent and extreme heat. Thought she was a very sweet and appealing bitch though with much to like. Well proportioned and compact, good for size with nice coat. Her head is correctly rounded with a short and well cushioned muzzle.


Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Bradley’s Rossyn Emiko. A very fresh faced puppy, sweet and feminine, correct shape, dark eye and well set ears. Straight front and moved well around the ring carrying her tail correctly over her back.


Puppy Bitch 1 Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws for Applause. 2 Clarke’s Tismechi Yumi. Femenine and elegant with nicely proportionate head and dark eyes. Carried her tail well curved over her back.


Junior Bitch 1 Cayton’s Sharlarna Temptress taf. Gorgeous head and typical expression, well proportioned with dark eye. Well constructed, square and cobby, moved well with elegance and carrying her tail well.


Novice Bitch 1 Baranzeck’s Cholas Naomi. Nice expression, short and well cushioned muzzle, dark eye, nicely set and carried tail.


Postgraduate Bitch 1 Rooney & Green’s Jaschin First Edition. Very appealing bitch, feminine, sound and true on the move, straight in front and rear with good elevation. Her tail is high set and carried well over her back, coat in good condition soft and silky with sufficient feathering on her tail. RBB 2 Baranzeck’s Cholas Mei. Correct shape and compact, well set and carried tail, liked her head and dark eyes. 3 Benton-Taylor's Sansarc Magnificent Charm.


Limit Bitch 1 Quinn’s Harlouville Uptown Girl JW. 2 Smith’s Wyndcatch Constance, another that had probably had enough today, the heat was getting quite burdensome by this stage. Thought she was well constructed with an appealing head and dark expressive eyes.

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