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Club Championship Show 2023

Judge: Mrs Jean Wallhead

Best in Show

Bitch Challenge Certificate
Best Red & White in Show

Best Bitch

Cranvarl Maude 

Miss Jayne Tong & Mrs Lynn Crane
Mrs L Crane


Dog Challenge Certificate  
Best Opposite Sex


Best Dog

Champion Sharlarna Imperial Comanda

Mr Steve Cayton
Mr A Davidson


Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate

Champion Jaschin Hold That Thought

Owner Breeder
Mr S Rooney, Mr J & Mrs A Green


Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate
Reserve Best in Show


Jaschin Paws for Applause

Owner Breeder
Mr S Rooney, Mr J & Mrs A Green


Best Puppy in Show

Rakuchin Born in the USA NAF TAF

Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann
Mr A & Mrs H Lipp

Best Veteran in Show

Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin
Ms Tina Pearce & Ms Sue HannBreederMiss H & Mrs A Mountcastle


It was unfortunate that due to the extreme weather conditions a number of exhibitors were not able to attend the show. My thanks to all that made it. The lack of puppies entered was surprising. Thank you to the Club for the lovely gift, and a special thank you to my steward Liz Rushton, for all her hard work throughout the day.



Vet (3:1) 

1. Pearce & Hanns Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin 10 years. Well balanced dog, in good coat, correct expression. Moved and showed well.

Best Veteran.

2.Burdens Sangria War Lord. Beautifully presented dog, 8 years, Expressive eyes, level topline.


MPD (1:0)

1. Pearsons Bobby Dazzler Rodnichok Iz Tiger Sada at Ereste. Attractive 71/2 month old. Sturdy body, nice outline, outgoing temperament but need to settle on the move.


PD (2:1)

1. Pearce & Hanns Rakuchin Born in the USA (NAF TAF).  Another raw baby of 8 mths who needs time, moved OK when he settled. Well shaped skull, dark eyes showing correct amount of white. BPIS.

Jnr (3:2)

1. Quinns Sharlarna Swindler. Just out of puppy. Lovely overall balance, nice reach of neck and level topline, well shaped skull and expressive eyes, moved gaily around the ring and showed beautifully.


YD  No entries

Nov D (3:2)

1. Farmers Sangria Rocket Man 14 mths. Very attractive head and expression, well balanced and in good coat. Not too happy but moved well once he got going.

GD (2:0) 

1. Benton-Taylors Sansarc Ashoken Farewell. Smart little dog, cobby and well balanced,  good ribcage, attractive head with large dark eyes. Moved out and showed well.

2. Speights Bonniroy Yoto. Not too happy, pretty head and expression, level topline, needs to settle.

PGD (7:3)

1. Cranes  Cranvarl The Student Prince. Broad skull, appealing expression, large dark eyes and well cushioned muzzle. Good reach of neck, level back. In good coat.

2. Thomas’ Threadgold Dan Dare at Javalcy.  Another very nice dog, lovely typical head, sturdy body, moved and showed beautifully.  A close decision but just preferred the overall balance of winner.

3. Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Ashoken Farewell.

Mid LD (5:2)

1. Benton-Taylors Sansarc Show Must Go On. Small and compact, smart and happy, well shaped skull and good cushioning, a shade heavily marked but moved and showed gaily.

2. Pearsons Ereste Shogun Warrior R/W boy, not too happy but moved OK. Nice head, level topline, in good coat.

3. Speights Bonniroy Yoto.

LD (4:1)

1. Farmers Sangria Salvador Dali. Very attractive dog, compact and smart, good body, well carried tail, nicely shaped head set with appealing dark eyes showing correct amount of white.

2. Sansarc Show Must Go On.

3. Pearsons Ereste’s Raffles Exclusive.

OD. (4:1) 1. Caytons Sharlarna Imperial Commanda. Handsome r/s and white boy. Well shaped head, good cushioning, expressive eyes, level topline, well carried tail.  In full coat he strode round the ring and showed beautifully. Ideally would prefer there to be a bit less of him but on the day could not be denied. CC which I understand is his third.

2. Sansarc Show Must Go On.

3. Farmer’s Sangria De Ja Vous.

CH D (3:1) 1. Rooney and Greens Ch Jaschin Hold That Thought. Well balanced dog, large dark eyes and most appealing expression. In good coat and beautifully presented he move soundly around the ring. RCC.

2. Thomas’ Ch Javalcy The Great Mikado.  Another lovely dog, small, sparky and sound.  A close decision between two very worthy Champions.


Sp Nov D/B RW  (2:1)

1. Calverts Somergaze Balenciaga. Pretty little dark r/s and white. Well balanced outline, straight front, level topline, pretty feminine head, moved and showed well.

Miss E M Tovey Memorial Stakes Sp Op D/B RW (3:1)

1. Speights Bonniroy Yorie Aka. Happy little girl, nicely balanced, well set tail, moved and showed gaily.

2. Ereste Shogun Warrior.

Eileen Craig Memorial Stakes Sp Open D/B (2:0)

1. Sansarc Ashoken Farewell. 2. Bonniroy Yorie Aka


VB (1.0)

1. Benton-Taylors Sansarc Magnificent Charta. Sweet 9 year old who strode out well for her young handler.

MPB No entries

PB (2:1)

1. Speights Bonniroy Yanagi. Pretty b/w, just 9 mths. Attractive head, dark eyes showing correct amount of white, well balanced outline, just needs to gain confidence.

JB (5:3)

1. Calverts Somergemz Balenciaga

2. Cranes Cranvarl Gypsy Princess, Pretty dainty little girl who moved well and showed happily.

YB (2:1)

1. Jaschin Thoughts That Count. Dainty b/w who stood alone and would have probably benefitted from company. Nice overall shape, good reach of neck and level topline. Pretty head, dark eyes, just needs more confidence.


NB (1:0)

1. Bonniroy Yanagi

Grad B (2:0)

1. Bradleys Sharlarna Prima Donna. Attractive bitch, beautifully presented in good coat. Dark appealing eyes. Strode out well around the ring.

2. Benton-Taylors Sansarc Buffalo Gal. Pretty, compact girl, sturdy body, alert expression she moved nicely for her young handler.

PGB (3:0)

1. Farmers Sangria Moon Dance. Pretty and alert showgirl. Good front and topline, well angulated rear, appealing head with large dark eyes and well placed ears.

2. Bradleys Sharlarna Vivacious Another very nice girl, showy happy temperament, sweet expression, straight front and well made body. Two very nice bitches.

3. Sansarc Buffalo Gal.

Mid LB (4:3)

1. Sansarc Buffalo Gal.

LB  (5:1)

1. Tong & Cranes Cranvarl Maude. This small glamorous r/w took my eye the moment she entered the ring. In fabulous coat and beautifully presented she moved soundly and showed for all she was worth. Expressive dark eyes, showing correct amount of white at the corners and well placed ears along with her sturdy body and level topline she could not be denied. CC, BOB & BIS.

2. Quinns Sharlarna Eye Candy Another very attractive girl, not dissimilar in type to winner, lovely head, eye and cushioning, large expressive dark eyes, well balanced outline, she showed well but on this occasion had left her coat at home. 

3. Calverts Jaschin Fendi with Somergemz.

OB (6:1)

1. Rooney & Greens Jaschin Paws for Applause. Beautiful b/w girl who my notes say everything where it should be! Well shaped head, large dark eyes with sufficient white at corners, good reach of neck, level topline, well set tail. Moved and showed beautifully. RCC.

2. Caytons Sharlarna Temptress Well coated b/w, pleasing head and expression, sturdy body, nice outline, showed and moved happily.

3. Crane’s Cranvarl Macey Grey.

Ch B (1:0)

1. Rooney and Greens Ch Jaschin First Edition. Stunning girl, sound as a bell, classic head and eye framed by small well fringed ears. Well balanced, sturdy body, level topline and well angulated rear. She was beautifully presented and showed her head off in the class. However, disappointingly, she did not respond well to a change of handler in the challenge.


1. Quinns smart pair of black and whites.

2. Speights red and whites.

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