General Championship Show Results 


* Subject to KC Confirmation

  • Judge: Mr Lee Grogan
  • Judge: Mrs Jane Lilley
  • Judge: Dr Andreas Schemel
  • UK Toy Dog Ch. Show
    Mr Stuart Payne
    Mr Gary Thomas
  • Birmingham National Ch. Show
    Mr John Steele
  • SKC (May)
    Mr Nigel Marsh
  • Bath Ch. Show
    Mr Robert Rushton
  • Southern Counties Ch. Show
    Dr Annuka Paloheimo
  • Three Counties Ch. Show
    Mr Albert Easdon
  • Border Union Ch. Show
    Mrs Lorraine Ratter
  • Blackpool Ch. Show
    Mr George Farmer
  • Windsor Ch. Show
    Mrs Julie Sparrow
  • East of England Ch. Show
    Mrs Sandra Boyer
  • Leeds Ch. Show
    Mr Stephen Cayton
  • Paignton Ch. Show
    To be announced 
  • Bournemouth Ch. Show
    Mr Andrew D Stewart 
  • Welsh Kennel Club
    Miss Leila Tarabad
  • SKC (August)
    Heading 6
  • City of Birmingham Ch. Show
    Mrs L Fitt-Savage 
  • Richmond Ch. Show
    Heading 6
  • Darlington Ch Show
    Mrs Liz Rushton
  • Driffield Ch. Show
    Mr Tim Ball
  • South Wales Ch. Show
    Mrs Linda Benton-Taylor
  • Midland Counties Ch. Show
    Mrs Lorraine Gillhespy
  • LKA
    Mrs Val Blore

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