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The Japanese Chin Club Championship Show

Sunday 23rd October 2021

Judge  - Mrs S Vincent

Best in Show

Dog Challenge Certificate

Champion Sharlarna Magician

Best Opposite Sex - Bitch Challenge Certificate

Reserve Best in Show

Champion Swifthocks Paws for Thought

Mr R Rooney & Mr J & Mrs A Green

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate, Best Puppy in  Show & 
Best Red/White in Show

Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli (Naf)

Miss L Lindsay

Best Veteran in Show

Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin

Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann



Veteran Dog or Bitch

Entries 7 – Absentees 0

1 st Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin

2nd Lindsay’s Sleepyhollow Mavis at Anjuli

3rd Farmer’s Sangria Riverdancer

RES Reeves Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Going for Gold


Minor Puppy Dog

Entries 5 – Absentees 1

1st Lindsay’s Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli

2nd Allen’s Sheardream Eric

3 d Holland-Smith’s Kirdanchi Chisana Senshi

RES Somergemz Too Hot To Handle


Puppy Dog

Entries 3 – Absentees 1

1st Partington-Palmer’s Sharlarna Starman

2nd McFarlane’s Corrinwood Peter Piper


Junior Dog

Entries 5 – Absentees 0

1st Jackson’s Amantra Eiji

2nd Anjuli Tank Commander at Seafar

3rd Farmer’s Sangria Salvador Dali

RES Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Armani

VHC McFarlane’s Corrinwood Peter Piper


Yearling Dog – No Entries


Novice Dog

Entries 10 – Absentees 2

1st Anjuli Tank Commander at Seafar

2nd Matche’s Love Story Goscinska Przystan at Fochai

3 rd McFarlane Jesandakai Koi No Yokan

RES Farmer’s Sangria Pamojill Private Eye

VHC Bailey’s Mitapip Gentleman Jack at Aldoricka


Graduate Dog

Entries 8 – Absentees 1

1st Swain’s Cholas Yoshio at Dantalies

2 nd Reeves Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Toffee Sundae

3 rd Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Stop And Paws

RES Schemel’s Bentwood Candide

VHC Bailey’s Mitapip Gentleman Jack At Aldoricka

Post Graduate Dog

7 Entries – 3 Absentees

!st Farmer’s Sangria De Ja Vous

2nd Blair’s Bonniroy Yoshio Aka At Bellflows Cjw17

3rd Calverts Somergemz It’s a Kind of Magic

RES Speight’s Bonniroy Yoto


Mid Limit Dog

3 Entries – 1 Absentees

1st Boyer’s Choya Alfie Boe To Ellinghurst

2nd Speight’s Bonniroy Yoshiki Aka


Limit Dog

7 Entries – 1 Absentees

1st Rooney & Green’s Littletigers Innuendo With Jaschin JW (Imp Ita)

2nd Hampton & Vine’s Sleepyhollow Love Me Sibbai

3rd Calvert’s Sharlarna Touch of Magic Omegaville

RES Blair’s Bellflows Wee Tosh

VHC Hoskins’ Tianshih Tamukeyama Kiyoko With Lukach


Open Dog

5 Entries – 2 Absentees

1st Farmer’s Sangria Moon Walk

2nd Thomas’s Javalcy The Great Mikado


Champion Dog

2 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Young’s Ch. Sharlarna Magician

2nd Lindsay’s Ch. Sleepyhollow Robson JW

Special Novice Dog or Bitch (Red & White)

4 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Lindsay’s Cranvarl Roger At Anjuli Naf

2nd Speight’s Bonniroy Yumiko Aka

3rd Matche’s Love Story Goscinska Przystan At Fochai


Miss E Tovey Memorial Special Open Dog or Bitch (Red & White)

1st Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Pure Gold

2nd O’Herlihy’s Randlet’s Celtic Fire

3rd Speight’s Bonniroy Yumiko Aka

RES Blair’s Bonniroy Yoshio Aka at Bellflows


Eileen Crawford Memorial Special Open Dog or Bitch

2 Entries – 1 Absentees

1 st Schemel’s Chinart Yuuangi


Minor Puppy Bitch

6 Entries – 1 Absentees

1st Crane’s Cranvarl’s Macey Grey

2nd Ure & Blair’s Cavistar Louisa Rose

3rd Holland Smith’s Kirdanchi Madam Butterfly

RES Allen’s Sheardream Molly

VHC Calvert’s Somergemz Dazzle N Grace


Puppy Bitch

3 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Sharlarna Midnight At Alstella Naf

2nd Bradley’s Rossyn Emiko

3rd McFarlane’s Corrinwood Pixie Dust


Junior Bitch

4 Entries – 0 Absentees

1 st Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws For Applause

2nd Young’s Caimrose Touch of Class

3rd Blair’s Bellflows I’m A Survivor

RES Swain’s Dantalies Korkoro Dancer


Yearling Bitch

2 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Paradise’s Shardlow Hersey Kisses

2nd Young’s Caimrose Diamond Devine


Novice Bitch

3 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Crane’s Anjuli Margo For Cranvarl

2nd Grogan’s Peregrine Jp Miyabi Avec Vanistica (imp Japan)(imp)

3rd Speight’s Bonniroy Yuzana


Graduate Bitch

3 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Matches I’m Melody Goscinska Przystan at Fochai Cjw11

2nd Shardlow Dee Day Darling

3rd Swain’s Cholas Keiko at Dantalies


Post Graduate Bitch

3 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Rooney & Green’s Jaschin First Edition

2nd Cayton’s Sharlarna Temptress

3rd Holland Smith’s Sleepyhollow Cover Girl For Kirdanchi


Mid Limit Bitch

4 Entries – 1 Absentees

1st Jackson’s Amantra Yuka

2nd Speight’s Bonniroy Yorie Aka

3rd Matches’ Goldheim Star Spangle Banner at Fochai


Limit Bitch

6 Entries 2 Absentees

1st Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Skyes Aria

2nd Blair’s Bellflows Lunar Eclipse

3rd Speight’s Bonniroy Yumiko Aka

RES Crane’s Cranvarl Ruby Tuesday


Open Bitch

4 Entries – 0 Absentees

1st Forth’s Omegaville Ima Showgirl

2nd Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Well Hello

3rd Smith’s Wyndcatch Constance


Champion Bitch

2 Entries – 0 Absentees

1 st Rooney & Green’s Ch. Swifthocks Paws for Thought

2nd Ch. Harlouville Uptown Girl JW



1st Blair’s Brace

2nd Speight’s Brace


Firstly, I would like to thank and congratulate the club secretary and her committee for their obvious hard work in the planning and running of this truly wonderful event. Everything was organized to perfection and, after the past 18 months with everything we have endured, it was wonderful to meet old friends again and celebrate the breed that we all love so much. Thank you to the exhibitors for my wonderful entry and for accepting my placings with good grace. Also, many thanks must go to my very able stewards who kept me on the right track. Personally, it was a wonderful weekend which I shall never forget.


As I have been in the breed for approx 50 years, obviously things have changed during this time, which is to be expected, but, of late, I have been concerned at the number of Chins who are short in the leg, long in the body and have little spring of rib to give the cobby body required in the standard. However, on the day, I was pleased to find very few of this type or conformation. However, I was disappointed to see some dogs who had obviously not been bathed or groomed prior to the show. Admittedly, this was only in a small number of cases, but to show a dog with stained coat and trousers does nothing to enhance their overall appearance and seriously reduces their chance of being placed.



1st Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair Ar Rakuchin. Lovely dog, well balanced, excellent coat and condition, moved well and with drive.


2nd Miss Lindsay’s Ch Sleepyhollow Mavis At Anjuli JW. Unlucky to meet 1st today. Again, well balanced and in good coat. Nice head and expression.


3rd Mrs Holland-Smith’s Kirsanchi Chrisana Senshi. Pretty dog with pleasing head and expression. Nice rib cage, moved well.



1st Miss Lindsay’s Cranvarl Roger At Anjuli NAF. Lovely red and white Puppy. Well balanced , with good spring of rib. Moved with style and obviously enjoying his day out. I was later delighted to award him with best Puppy in Breed and the Res DCC. Must have a bright future.


2nd Mrs S Allen’s Sheardream Eric. Very promising puppy. Very well balanced, moved and showed well. 


3rd Mrs. S. Holland Smith’s Kirdanchi Chrisana Senshi. Another very nice puppy, well balanced with short back, showed well.



1st Mrs.C. Partingtn Palmer’s Sharlarna Starman. In lovely coat and condition with good topline, moved well. 


2nd Mrs & Miss McFarlane’s Corrinwood Peter Piper. Pretty dog, moved well.



1st Mrs T Jacksn’s Amantra Eiji. Cobby little dog in excellent coat and condition. Moved well.


2nd Mrs.L.Ratter’s Anjuli Tank Commander at Seafar. Another very nice dog in good coat, slightly longer than 1st place but moved well.


3rd Mr G Farmer’s Sangria Salvador Dali. Well balanced dog, moved well.



1st Mrs L . RATTERS ANJULI TANK COMMANDER AT SEAFAR. Previous comments apply.


2nd Miss J . MATCHES LOVE STORY GOSCINKA PRZYSTAN AT FOCHAI. Another nice dog, slightly larger than 1 but moved well.


3rd Miss & MRS MCFARLANES JESANDAKAI KOI NO YOKAN. Well balanced , moved well.



1st MR & MRS SWAINS CHOLAS YOSHIE AT DATALLES. Very attractive young dog with lovely head and expression. Well balanced , moved well .


2nd MRS REEVES SARGENT & DIMENT ALSTELLA TOFFEE SUNDAE. Very nice red and white, with good head & eye , nice top line moved well.


3rd ROONEY & GREEN'S JASCHIN STOP AND PAWS. Nice dog, excellent coat and condition, moved well.



1st MR G FARMERS SANGRIA DE JA VOUS. Very pretty dog , excellent condition , moved well.


2nd Mrs G BLAIRS BONNIROY YOSHIO AKA AT BELLFLOWS. Red & White in good coat , moved well.


3rd MR & MRS CALVERTS SOMERGEMZ ITS A KIND OF MAGIC. Pretty dog , slightly long in back but in good coat and condition.



1st MR & MRS BOYERS CHOYA ALFIE BOE TO ELLING HURST. Lovely dog, well balanced with good topline. Excellent condition, moved well.


2nd MRS G SPEIGHTS BONNIROY YOSHIKI AKA. Attractive red and white. Moved well. 



1st : ROONEY & GREENS LITTLETIGERS INNUENDO WITH JASCHIN (IMP Italy). An attractive dog with pleasing head and expression. Good coat , moved well.


2nd HAMPTON & VINES SLEEPYHOLLOW LOVE ME SIBBAI. Very pretty dog moved well .


3rd MR & MRS CALVERTS SHARLANA TOUCH Of MAGIC. Attractive dog, moved well.



Very strong class

1st MR G FARMERS SANGRIA MOON WALK. Very glamourous dog , in lovely coat and condition.

Good head and expression , moved well when settled.


2nd Ms. J THOMAS'S JAVALCY THE GREAT MIKADO. Another very good example of the breed, lovely

condition , moved well .


3rd MRS S . ALLEN'S SHERDREAM COSTA. Although well up to size, this dog has everything in the right place. Very good head and eye, in excellent coat and condition.



1st MR C YOUNG’S Ch SHARLARNA’S. I have often admired this dog from the ringside and was not disappointed in going over him. Very well balanced, in lovely coat and condition. He moved well and with drive. I had no hesitation In awarding him the Dog CC and later, BEST IN SHOW.


2nd Miss L Lindsay’ CH SLEEPYHOLLOW ROBSON JW SH CH. An old favorite of mine, but now slightly showing his age. Nevertheless, he stepped out in style, and was presented in fine form. 


Special Novice Dog Or Bitch (Red and White)

1st Miss LINDSAY'S CRANVARL ROGER AT AN JULI ( NAF ). My previous notes apply







1st MRS . C REEVES SARGENT a DIMENT ALSTELLA PURE GOLD. Beautiful red and white with lovely head and overall balance. Excellent spring of rib , moved well.


2nd O’ HERLIHY MS. K RANDALETS CELTIC FIRE. Another very nice dog , moved well.





1st : DR, A SCHMEL'S CHINNART YOU NAGI. Very attractive dog in excellent coat and condition .

Moved well.


Minor Puppy BITCH

1st Mrs L CRANE'S CRANVARL MACEY GREY. Very well balanced lemon and white bitch, lovely coat and condition , moved well.


2nd MRS VINE + BLAIRS CAVISTAR LOUISA ROSE. Small, but very well formed . Well balanced. Moved well.


3rd MR S HOLLAND - SMITH KIRDANCHI MADAM BUTTERFLY. Pretty bitch with nice head and expression - moved well .


Puppy BITCH 

1st Mesdames Reeves - Sargent & Diment SHARLARNA MIDNIGHT AT ALSTELLA( NAF )

Lovely puppy with personality plus! Small but beautifully balanced. Stepped out in style. In lovely coat and condition.


2nd Miss L. BRADLEY'S ROSSYN Emiko. Another very nice puppy. Longer cast, but moved well.


3rd MRS J. MCFARLANE'S CORRINWOOD PIXIE DUST A little nervous today which I am Sure will improve on another day.



1st ROONEY & GREENS JASCHIN PAWS FOR APPLAUSE. Promising bitch puppy with excellent spring of rib , moved well.


2nd MR C YOUNGS CRAIMOSE TOUCH OF CLASS. Tiny bitch that I felt would benefit from more weight. A little out & coat but very attractive overall.


3rd Miss A BLAIRS BELLFLOWS I'M A SURVIVOR. Nice bitch - good rib - pretty head - moved well. 



1st MR A PARADISE'S SHARDLOW HERSHEY KISSES. Confident little bitch , well balanced , moved well.


2nd MR C YOUNGS CRAIMROSE DIAMOND DIVINE. Lovely bitch In good coat and condition but a little nervous today.



1st MRs . L .CRANE’S ANJULI MARGO FOR CRANVARL. Well balanced bitch in good coat and condition. Moved well- pretty head.


2nd Mr L  GROGAN’S PEREGRINE JP MIYABI AVEV VANISTIC (IMP JAPAN). Glamorous bitch in good coat & condition. Longer cast than 1- slightly nervous today.


3rd MRS . G . SPEIGHTS BONNIROY YUZANA. Pretty bitch but very nervous today.



1st Miss. J. Matches I’M MELODY GOSCINSKA PRZYSTANAT FOCHAI. Very attractive red and white. Lovely spring of rib. Well balanced, moved well.


2nd MR A PARADISE SHARDLOW DEE DAY DARLINE. Pretty bitch, nice rib, good coat.


3rd  MR & MRS SWAINS CHOLAS KEIKO AT DANTALIES. Pretty bitch but rather overcome by the occasion. Moved ok.


POST GRADUATE BITCH - Nice class of quality bitches

1st ROONEY & GREEN'S JASCHIN 1ST EDITION. Pretty bitch, nicely balanced, good rib , moved well.


2nd Mr S . CAYTON'S SHARLANA TEMPTRESS. Pretty bitch in good coat. Moved well when settled.





1st MRS . T JACKSON'S AMANTRA YUKA. Very pretty bitch, in lovely coat and condition. Nice top line.

Moved well.


2nd MRS G SPEIGHTS BONNIROY YORIE AKA. Red & White - pretty head - moved well.


3rd MISS J MATCHES GOLDHEIM STAR SPANGLE BANNER AT FOCHAI. Good type of bitch but didn't move well today.



1st RAKUCHIN SKYES ARIA - Mesdames Hann & Pearce. Pretty bitch with good overall balance. Good coat and condition, moved well.


2nd Miss A BLAIR'S BELL FLOWS LUNAR ECLIPSE. Another pretty bitch . Well balanced, moved well.





1st Ms A FORTH'S OMEGAVILLE IMA SHOWGIRL. Glamorous bitch in excellent coat and condition.

Pretty head and expression ,mowed well.


2nd Ms PEARCE & HANN'S RAKUCHIN WELL HELLO. Another very nice bitch. Lovely coat and condition. Nice expression, moved well.


3rd MRS . J . SMITHS WYNDCATCH CONSTANCE. Cobby bitch with lovely head and expression. Well balanced.



1st ROONEY & GREENS CH SWIFTHOCKS PAWS FOR THOUGHT ( JW ). Very pretty bitch who I have often admired from the ringside. Lovely reach of neck , level topline , moved well and with drive.


2nd Mr & MRS QUINN'S CH HARLOUVILLE UPTOWN GIRL ( JW ). Another really lovely bitch which one would expect from a champion class. Pretty head, lovely balance moved well.

Mr C Young

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