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United Kingdom Toy Dog Championship Show 2022

Judge: Mr A Allcock OBE 
BEST OF BREED : 792 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Stepheter constant contact
Dog CC : 792 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Stepheter constant contact
Res Dog CC : 824 O'HERLIHY, Ms Katherine Randalets Celtic Fire
Bitch CC : 833 ROONEY & GREEN, Mr, Mr & Mrs S,J & A Jaschin First Edition
Best Puppy : 799 FARMER, Mr G W Sharlarna Trinity
Best Veteran : 826 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na
Best Special Beginner : 805 HARBRON, Miss S Seafar Secret Liaison

Class 199 SBD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 805 HARBRON, Miss S Seafar Secret Liaison

Class 200 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 826 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na
2nd: 821 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Myojo Morgan shcm
3rd: 777 BOYER, Mr & Mrs P & S Choya Alfie Boe To Ellinghurst
Res: 800 FARMER, Mr G W Sangria Riverdancer

Class 201 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 798 FARMER, Mr G W Sangria Le Rouge
2nd: 830 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Rumour Revealed

Class 202 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 203 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 819 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Corrinwood Peter Piper
2nd: 807 HOLLAND-SMITH, Mrs Susan Angela Kirdanchi Chisana Senshi
3rd: 823 MORGAN, Mrs Judith Elizabeth & GODWIN, Mr William Shardlow Koji

Class 204 PGD (15 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 815 MARTIN, Ms P Sharlarna Trouble maker
2nd: 831 RATTER, Mrs Loraine Anjuli Tank Commander At Seafar
Res: 797 FARMER, Mr G W Sangria Salvador Dali
VHC: 810 JACKSON, Mrs T M Amantra Eiji

Class 205 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 854 WESTWICK/ DAVIDSON, Miss SJ & A Sharlarna Tyson
2nd: 836 ROONEY & GREEN, Mr, Mr & Mrs S,J & A Littletigers innuendo with jaschin JW (imp ita)
3rd: 795 FARMER, Mr G W Sangria War Lord

Class 206 SOD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 824 O'HERLIHY, Ms Katherine Randalets Celtic Fire
2nd: 818 MATCHES, Miss J Love Story Goscinska Przystan At Fochai
3rd: 842 SPEIGHT, mrs Gill Bonniroy Yatsen aka

Class 207 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 792 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Stepheter constant contact
2nd: 796 FARMER, Mr G W Ch Ch Sangria Moon Walk
3rd: 847 THOMAS, Ms J Javalcy The Great Mikado
Res: 804 GROGAN, Mr Lee Am Ch Wysteria Fabel-Mi Celtic Dragon (Imp USA)
VHC: 793 EVANS, Miss M J D Evansly Emoji

Class 208 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 825 PARADISE, Mrs J L Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh.CM VW
2nd: 782 CONSTABLE, Mrs M Arranbrook Imperial Dancer At Mitapip
3rd: 843 SPEIGHT, mrs Gill Bonniroy Yasafii

Class 209 MPB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 799 FARMER, Mr G W Sharlarna Trinity
2nd: 857 Ó NéILL, Mr Robert Jaschin Gucci at Seoidin RAF NAF
3rd: 780 CALVERT, Mr and Mrs Kevin and Gemma Jaschin Fendi with Somergemz
Res: 829 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Queen of D'Nile
VHC: 848 TODD-MCCOID, Mrs Leah & TODD-MCCOID, Mr. Nicholas Rubyanlo Peggy Sue

Class 210 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 814 MARTIN, Ms P Sharlarna Bish bash bosh
2nd: 849 TODD-MCCOID, Mrs Leah & TODD-MCCOID, Mr. Nicholas Rubyanlo Mildred
3rd: 790 CUSHING, Mrs J Spiritisle Fairy Magic
Res: 778 BRADLEY, Miss Louise Jayne Ismirelle I put a spell on you

Class 211 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 781 CLARKE, Ms A Tismechi Yumi
2nd: 788 CUSHING, Mrs J AKI KAORI of Spiritisle
3rd: 820 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Corrinwood pixie dust

Class 212 PGB (9 Entries) Abs: 2
2nd: 786 CRANE, Mrs L Cranvarl's Macey Grey
3rd: 817 MATCHES, Miss J I'm Melody Goscinska Przystan At Fochai CJW11
Res: 787 CUSHING, Mrs J Ennistar's Niagara At Spiritisle
VHC: 783 CONSTABLE, Mrs M Arranbrook Hastobe At Mitapip

Class 213 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
3rd: 827 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Skyes Aria
VHC: 840 SPEIGHT, mrs Gill Bonniroy Yorie Aka

Class 214 SOB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 840 SPEIGHT, mrs Gill Bonniroy Yorie Aka
2nd: 817 MATCHES, Miss J I'm Melody Goscinska Przystan At Fochai CJW11

Class 215 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 1
2nd: 802 GROGAN, Mr Lee Peregrine JP Miyabi Avec Vanistica (Imp)
3rd: 791 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Sharlarna Booty Call
Res: 828 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Well Hello
VHC: 801 FORTH, Ms Alexandra Omegaville Ima Showgirl

It is both a pleasure and an honour to judge one’s ‘own’ breed at such a prestigious show. Not having been around the Chin judging rings very much during the last year or so, I was looking forward to judging this excellent entry but mindful of a number of exhibitors who, through close connections, had opted not to enter. Two of these being my very able stewards, Tracy Burns and Christine Palmer who did a sterling job keeping everything in perfect working order. I was particularly delighted with my eventual line up. I did however, find great difficulty in finding uniformity in size, shape and type. Indeed, if in some classes I appeared somewhat befuddled then I probably was! When assessing virtues, set against demerits, I found these varied considerably from class to class, often necessitating refocus and resetting of my priorities. On the positive side, those that did not feature in the final lineup of their class may very well do so under another judge who will, no doubt, face the same challenges but  is likely to set differing priorities when assessing the variants of type and conformation.

Special Beginners D/B 2,1

  1. Harbron’s Seafar Secret Liaison. Dog. A large boy with a super head and expression. Well textured coat, adequate neck, secure backline and high tail set. Careful mover. Best Special Beginners.

Veteran Dog 4

  1. Pearce & Hann’s Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na. 7 years. His overall shape when standing demonstrates the required silhouette of this breed. In great condition he excels in coat quality, being silky to the touch. Impressive to go over.  Moved superbly and seriously considered in the challenge. Best Veteran In Breed.

In the Veteran Group later, he was on superb form and I was delighted to award him Reserve Best Veteran In Show.

  1. McFarlane’s Myojo Morgan ShCM. 8 years. Absolutely full of himself! Excellent to examine. Cobby body, secure backline, high set tail. Nicely balanced head. Extravagant mover and accurate with it too.

  2. Boyer’s Choya Alfie Boe To Ellingshurst

Minor Puppy Dog 2

  1. Farmer’s Sangria Le Rouge. 6 month, R/W and clearly an absolute baby. Whilst slightly overawed he gave enough movement for the assessment. Lovely head and eyes. Secure level back; high set tail. Nicely bodied for age. At present he is currently well proportioned and hope that as he matures, these ratios do not change.

  2. Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Rumour Revealed. Being more mature and slightly more confident he made a good claim to win the class. This B/W has a beautiful  proportioned head, gentle expression but is still masculine. Super neck and shoulders. Well textured coat. With maturity of body he, like 1, should have a very bright future.

Puppy Dog  - no entries

Junior Dog 3

  1. McFarlane’s Corinwood Peter Piper. 15 months. I particularly liked his head qualities. Nicely proportioned with adequate bone and substance. Held a secure level topline when standing. Correct coat quality. Moved exceptionally well in all directions.

  2. Holland Smith’s Kardanchi Chisana Senshi. 13 months. A rather pretty, dainty male which produces an appealing profile. He carries that impressive head carriage well. Good for neck, topline and high set tail. Steady mover. Just preferred the masculinity and body substance of 1.

  3. Morgan & Godwin’s Shardlow Koji

Post Graduate 15

This numerically large class contained a selection of appealing dogs of differing type, shape and breed attributes, thus presenting a huge challenge to adjudicate.

  1. Martin’s Sharlana Troublemaker. Mature, 3 year old, beautifully presented. I admired his balanced shape, body proportions and reach of neck all contributing to an eye-catching profile. Correct head, well set ears.  OK for eyes. Moved really well.

  2. Ratter’s Anjuli Tank Commander At Seafar. Another masculine dog with bone and substance. A touch longer in loin than 1.  One of the better heads in this class containing dark expressive eyes giving the desired expression. Coat was in first class condition and silky to the touch. Hair splitting decision between two nice dogs.

  3. Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Stop and Paws

Limit Dog 4,1

  1. Westwick & Davidson’s Sharlarna Tyson. This mature 4 year old dog is pleasing  to examine. Body is well ribbed, level back, short loin and correct length of leg, produces a balanced shape. Sound, honest mover. His head proportions containing dark expressive eyes, nose placement and finish made the difference here.

  2. Rooney & Green’s Littletigers Innuendo With Jaschin JW (Imp ITA). Same comments apply here as, alike 1, he is a very well-proportioned mature dog who also demands attention. Excellent sound mover. Secure topline. High set tail and well presented coat.

  3. Farmer’s Sangria War Lord

Special Open Dog 4,1

A quality class.

  1. O’Herlihy’s Randalets Celtic Fire. This 3 year old’s coat  is of superior texture and of a glorious sable colour. Masculine head having a distinct quality about it, containing dark expressive eyes and super finish to the muzzle. Balanced neck above excellent shoulders, clean front legs, hare-shaped feet. Short level back, high set tail. Correct rear angulations. Presented in first class order.  His overall size, balance and accurate movement claimed this well-deserved award in a hotly contested challenge. RCC.

  2. Matches’s Love Story Goscinska Przystan At Fochai. Small dainty boy of 2 years. Another of balanced proportions. Eyes containing the correct expression. Straight front legs and decent hindquarters. Moved far better in this class than previously.

  3. Speight’s Bonniroy Yatsen Aka

Open Dog 6,1

  1. Davidson’s Stepheter Constant Contact. 3 year old and at the zenith of maturity. Excels in head qualities;  has lovely expressive eyes and a very neat finish to the lips. Correct balanced neck, level backline and high set tail. Well ribbed. In profile he is squarish in shape and he just knows how to show off his virtues. Well textured coat. Moved accurately in all directions. CC & BOB and Group Shortlist.

  2. Farmer’s Ch Sangria Moon Walk. Very different in type to 1 but a lot to admire. Fine and dainty but masculine. Well bodied. Textbook head of great size and finish. Dark expressive eyes. Coat was of correct texture being fine and dainty. Moved well. 

  3. Thomas’s Javalcy The Great Mikado

Veteran Bitch 4,1

  1. Paradise’s Knickerboka Glory Sh CM Vw. This 10 year old lady was in superb condition. Great for body proportions having a cobby body, short strong loin, high set tail. Really attractive well shaped head containing lovely eyes. Moved like a youngster.

  2. Constable’s Arranbrook Imperial Dancer At Mitapip. This really happy 7 year old was clearly enjoying it all! Pleasing head, nicely proportioned; moved well. Presented in excellent condition.

  3. Speight’s Bonniroy Yasafii

Minor Puppy Bitch 7,1

Perhaps the most enjoyable class to judge. It contained an array of quality babies which bodes well for the breed. I predict they will each change places many times as they mature. It was a hard task to separate this lovely class.

  1. Farmer’s Sharlarna Trinity. 6 months. Classic feminine head; beautiful eyes and great finish. Good for neck and shoulders.  Well bodied, good for topline and tail set. A mindful individual who gave her handler a challenge but I guess will have a very bright future. BPIB

  2. O’Neill’s Jaschin Gucci At Seoidin TAF NAF. Clearly splitting hairs here. Another dainty young lady who also has a star quality head, super for ribbing, topline and tail set. Produces a lovely silhouette when standing. A very happy soul who will, no doubt, trouble the best in future.

  3. Calvert’s Jaschin Fendi With Somergemz

Puppy Bitch 4

  1. Martin’s Sharlarna Bish Bash Bosh. An impressive, 10 month old, well proportioned youngster with lovely coat and presented in fabulous condition. Loved her head which contained beautiful eyes, set on lengthy neck above well laid shoulders. Secure level back and high set tail. Super body. Clean front legs and correct feet. Needs to strengthen in hindquarters which prevented me awarding her top honours.

  2. Todd-McCoid’s Rubyanio Mildred. R/W Another 6 month-old raw baby, I liked  a lot. Her owner, showing two litter sisters, had to enter one in this older puppy class. She was therefore, giving a lot away in maturity. She is of a lovely colour; super shape and balance. Handled very sympathetically.

  3. Cushing’s Spiritisle Fairy Magic

Junior Bitch 4,1

  1. Clarke’s Tismechi Yumi. 17 months old. Very impressive size and makeup. Well balanced throughout with correct moderate reach of neck, well laid shoulders and secure backline. Short strong loin. A very true, sound honest young bitch who just needs a little more finish of coat to trouble the best.

  2. Cushing’s Aki Kaori of Spiritisle. Sable 17 months. I admired her head qualities which contained attractive eyes, deep black nose, well set ears and nicely cushioned muzzled.  Neat front and well angulated hindquarters. Not quite as short coupled as 1. Moved well.

  3. McFarlane’s Corrinwood Pixie Dust

Post Graduate Bitch 10,1

  1. Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws For Applause. Mature attractive bitch at 22 months old. Impressed by her size and substance. A happy showgirl who will also be key to any breeding programme.  Admirable head giving a pleasing expression. Clean front legs, secure backline, well set tail. Following the table inspection I had no doubt her build and construction would produce excellent movement. Best mover in the class.  

  2. Crane’s Carnvarl’s Macey Grey. Lovely clear red.  Very similar in stamp to 1. At 13 months  appearing quite mature for her age. Admirable head qualities giving a very cheeky expression. Well bodied and correctly set tail. Moved with style and purpose. Close call.

  3. Matches’s I’m Melody Goscinska Przystan At Fochai Cjw 11

Limit Bitch 7,1

  1. Rooney & Green’s Jaschin First Edition. Very energetic! Smart, appealing 2 year old and feminine. Sound and true on the move, clean front and nicely constructed hindquarters. Cobby body and level backline. Tail is high set and carried well over her back, coat felt soft and silky and she also had sufficient feathering.  Head is so typical with slightly rounded skull, kind eyes; neat finish of muzzle giving typical expression. Pleased to award her the CC (2nd I was told later).

  2. Crane’s Anjuli Margo For Cranvarl. Another nice young bitch. Liked her head qualities, neck, shoulders and ribbing. Touch longer cast than 1. Well presented, nicely textured coat and furnishings.   Accurate mover in all directions.

  3. Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Skyes Aria

Special Open Bitch 2

  1. Speight’s Bonniroy Yorie Aka. 3 years old. Feminine with balanced bone and substance. Produces the ideal shape when standing. She was VHC is a strong limit class when I admired her virtues. Coat OK. Moved very well.

  2. Matches’s I’m Melody Goscinska Przystan At Fochai Cjw 11. Neat and well put together. Excellent ribbing. Admired her eyes and expression. Just preferred the daintiness of 1. Moved accurately in all directions. Close call between two very different types.

Open Bitch 8

  1. Young’s Craimose Touch Of Class. 18 months and clearly a top class bitch. Impressive to examine. Gorgeous head and eyes. Correct height of leg and length of back to produce a perfect square. Super silky coat. She is an accurate mover in all directions. Sympathetically handled as she was clearly not entirely giving her best. This was a pity as she is out of the top drawer and on another occasion could easily have taken the full honours. RCC

  2. Grogran’s Peregrine JP Miyabi Avec Vanistica (Imp Jp). This dainty bitch produces an ideal profile when standing. I note she is imported from Japan where they take great pride in producing rather extreme headpieces. She was impressive to examine. Perhaps little untidy in front when standing but on the move produced an accurate forehand and complimentary parallel rear drive. Coat of pure silk, beautifully presented.

  3. Davidson’s Sharlarna Booty Call

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