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Three Counties Championship Show 2019

Judge: Mr Ian Watt


BEST OF BREED : ALLCOCK MBE Mr A Ch Littletigers Damage Case At Sleepyhollow (Imp) 
Dog CC : ALLCOCK MBE Mr A Ch Littletigers Damage Case At Sleepyhollow (Imp) 
Res Dog CC : PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na 
Bitch CC : ROONEY, Mr S J & GREEN Mr & Mrs J A Ch Swifthocks Paws For Thought 
Res Bitch CC : FORTH Ms A Yama Miss Saigon Omegaville 
Best Puppy : FARMER Mr G W Sangria Moon Walk 
Best Veteran : PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Choya Takara Of Rakuchin 

MPD (8 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st:  FARMER Mr G W Sangria Moon Walk 
2nd: VINCENT Mrs S C Yama Noritaki Tu 
3rd: LEACH Mrs S & Mr M Omikudzi Kamelot 
Res: BLOW & ALLEN Mr & Mrs D & S Sheardream Costa 
VHC: TWEEDIE Miss S Rysalka Sinbad 

PD (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: BANKS Ms R Midwood Monaco Choya 
2nd: SPEIGHT Mrs G Bonniroy Yoshiki Aka 
3rd: TWEEDIE Miss S Rysalka Geppetto 

 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: TARABAD Mr N Tillashby's Nick Is In A Twist At Frondil 
2nd: THOMAS Ms J Javalcy The Great Mikado 
3rd: MCKENZIE, Mr A & MULDOON Mr K Rakuchin Dangerous Liaison Von Queshian 
Res: MARTIN Ms P Lizamela Marchello 

PGD (11 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: FARMER Mr G W Sangria De Ja Vous 
2nd: BURNS, Miss T & BLACK Miss L Yama Take A Chance 
3rd: LEACH Mrs S & Mr M Daniel Solechyni Angel 
Res: WESTWICK, Miss S & DAVIDSON Mr A W Sharlarna Tyson 
VHC: DORAN Ms M Choya Takahiro With Osakazuki 

LD (12 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: REEVES-SARGANT, Mrs C & DIMENT Mrs S Alstella Pure Gold 
2nd: BANKS Ms R Choya Tadashi 
3rd: FARMER Mr G W Sangria Pamojill Private Eye 
Res: YOUNG Mr C Sharlarna's Magician 
VHC: WALLHEAD Mrs J Sleepyhollow Lester At Merida Sh.CM 

OD (9 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: ALLCOCK MBE Mr A Ch Littletigers Damage Case At Sleepyhollow (Imp) 
2nd: PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na 
3rd: FARMER Mr G W Sangria Midorchi Motivation 
Res: DAVIDSON Mr A W Omikudz Don Juan At Sharlarna (Imp) 
VHC: MARTIN Ms P Ch Lizamela Provocateur At Sharlarna 

 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Slo Ch Choya Kanji Na With Rakuchin Re (Imp) 

MPB (9 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: BROWN-PERCIVAL Mrs S Littletigers Grace By Sandiman [imp Ita ] 
2nd: PARADISE Mrs J L Shardlow Lili Marlene 
3rd: PARADISE Mr A Shardlow Dee Day Darling 
Res: QUINN Mrs T A & Mr A M Harlouville Uptown Girl 
VHC: MAINLAND Mr R Spindulys Lille 

PB (5 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: MAINLAND Mr R Spindulys Lille 
2nd: SPEIGHT Mrs G Bonniroy Yorie Aka 

JB (10 Entries) Abs: 4 
1st: DAVIDSON Mr A W Hin Satori Runa At Sharlarna (Imp Rus) 
2nd: PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Rakuchin Skyes Aria 
3rd: WALLHEAD Mrs J Merida Masquerade 
Res: GEORGE Mrs N Ossidcla Shina At Amronchi 
VHC: WOLFENDEN Mr & Mrs K A & R L Bechinka Minto 

PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Rakuchin Ring Rumour 
2nd: QUINN Mrs T A & Mr A M Sharlarna Japanese Please 
3rd: CRANE Mrs L Cranvarl Truly Scrumptious 
Res: SPEIGHT Mrs G Bonniroy Yumiko Aka 
VHC: CUSHING Mrs J Glendyke Magical Pixie Girl At Spiritisle 

LB (8 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: FORTH Ms A Yama Miss Saigon Omegaville 
2nd: REEVES-SARGANT, Mrs C & DIMENT Mrs S Alstella Saffron 
3rd: BLOW & ALLEN Mr & Mrs D & S Yama Misty Morning 
Res: BURNS Miss T Sleepyhollow Calamity Jane 
VHC: JACKSON Mrs T M Amantra Yuka 


OB (8 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: ROONEY, Mr S J & GREEN Mr & Mrs J A Ch Swifthocks Paws For Thought 
2nd: REEVES-SARGANT, Mrs C & DIMENT Mrs S Alstella Going For Gold 
3rd: LINDSAY Miss L Anjuli Beryl JW Sh.CM 
Res: OATRIDGE Mrs C M Dalehouse Iponema 
VHC: BANKS Ms R Choya Tomomi 

VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Choya Takara Of Rakuchin 
2nd: LINDSAY Miss L Ch Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva At Anjuli Sh.CM 
3rd: PARADISE Mrs J L Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh.CM 

Dog Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed
Mr A Allcock MBE
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate
Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann
Bitch Challenge Certificate
Mr S Rooney & Mr J & Mrs A Green
Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate
Ms A Forth
Best Puppy
Mr G Farmer
Best Veteran
Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann
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Minor Puppy Dog (8,3)

1. Farmer’s Sangria Moon Walk

Seven month old B&W small male, who oozed quality. Very pretty head and expression, with good ear-set, nice nose placement, with open nostrils and lovely dark, round eye, showing characteristic look of astonishment. Good muzzle cushioning for his age. Front assembly still a little loose at the moment, but time is on his side. Rear action very good, once settled. In profile he is balanced and shows good reach and drive. Correct, silky coat, starting to come in nicely. Very promising, liked him a lot, Best Puppy in Breed.

2.Vincent’s Yama Noritaki Tu Another B&W puppy with a lot of promise. Pleasing head and expression. Nice body shape. Moved well once settled, Tail-set very good.

3..Leach’s Omikudzi Kamelot 


Puppy Dog (4,1)

1. Banks’ Midwood Monaco Choya

Beautifully presented B&W puppy. Pleasing head and expression, with lovely cushioning over foreface. Well-ribbed with good depth of chest. Correct tail-set. Moved well in both directions. Holds himself so well in profile, when on the move. His coat was beautifully presented, in excellent condition. Should have a bright future.

2. Speight’s Bonniroy Yoshiki Aka

Red sable male with pleasing head with good ear-set, showing correct small amount of white in the inner corner of the eye. Decent body shape with good tail-set. Very positive front action. Rear action a little untidy today, but he still has time to develop, as it was satisfactory when he was settled.

3.Tweedie’s Rysalka Geppetto 


Junior Dog (6,2)

1. Tarabad’s Tillashby's Nick Is In A Twist At Frondil 

Fine, small and daintily boned B&W male. Lovely head, eye and good ear-set with nice fringing, with well-cushioned muzzle, giving an overall, exquisite expression. Pleasing body shape, with excellent neck, shoulder placement, short coupled with good tail-set.Moved correctly with style. Beautifully presented coat of correct texture. Delighted to be told that he won his final points for his Junior Warrant (subject to KC confirmation).

2. Thomas’ Javalcy The Great Mikado

Another lovely B&W male, who has much to like. Lovely head with pleasing eyes, cushioning of muzzle and good ear-set, giving an overall, pleasing expression. Relatively short coupled, compact body with good spring of rib with a good tail-set. Standing, in profile, he is an impressive looking dog. Moved relatively well, but just preferred the front action of 1.

3. McKenzie & Muldoon’s Rakuchin Dangerous Liaison Von Queshian


Post Graduate Dog (11,2)

1.Farmer’s Sangria De Ja Vous 

Lightly marked B&W with a lovely head with large round eyes, giving the desired expression. Fine and dainty throughout. Good rib cage and body, with well set on tail. Lovely outline which he holds on the move. Very nice rear action.

2. Burns & Black’s Yama Take A Chance 

Lovely head and expression. Excellent outline with firm top line and tail set. Personally, would prefer a little more white on the body, but nevertheless, his coat was in excellent condition. Moved well.

3. Leach’s Daniel Solechyni Angel

Limit Dog (12,2)

1. Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Pure Gold 

Lovely red sable & white male with an excellent, masculine head, with good cushioning and pleasing expression. Good forechest, cobby body and great topline which he held well on the move.  Moved soundly. boned with good hare feet. He moved true in both directions and looked quite the picture in profile.

2. Banks’ Choya Tadashi 

Very pleasing head, although would prefer a slightly larger eye, nonetheless, a quality B&W male, who am sure will have his day. Beautifully presented, as is expected from this kennel, he has the correct silky texture of coat. Moved and shown to advantage.

3. Farmer’s Sangria Pamojill Private Eye 

Open Dog (9,2) 

A quality class of males and places could change on a different day. Some placings were splitting hairs!! My 5 placings were all beautiful examples of the breed, each having some exceptional qualities, making my decision difficult.

1. Allcock’s Ch Littletigers Damage Case At Sleepyhollow (Imp)

This is an outstanding B&W male, that I was instantly drawn to, as he entered the ring. Loved his head, large eyes, showing just enough white to create the desired look of astonishment, open nostrils and good width of jaw, showing desired cushioning. He is a nice size, with cobby body, good ribs and well filled well-filled chest. Short coupled, with level back and excellent tailset. In good coat, which was presented beautifully. Moved with drive and verve, he is a wonderful showman and for me, gave his all in the challenge. Delighted to award him CC and Best of Breed.

2. Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na 

A very worthy B&W coated champion, who was shown in great condition. Lovely head and expression with dark eye showing the correct white of eye giving the astonished look. He has open nostrils, well balanced with enough padding of foreface. Lovely expression with a. Strong fine bone. Well coupled and correct feet. Moved well. He is a picture on the stand, and I could not deny him the Res CC.

3. Farmer’s Sangria Midorchi Motivation 

Another lovely B&W male. Large dark eye with the correct nose and ear placement, with nice foreface cushioning.  Nice and square, with good tailset.  Short backed and with a wide chest, he has a correct cobby body. In profile, he maintains a level topline. Moved well in both directions. A credit to his owner.

Veteran Dog (1,0)

1. Pearce & Hann‘s Slo Ch Choya Kanji Na With Rakuchin (Re imp) 

Good quality B& W male, who was in excellent condition. Larger type throughout, but this does n t detract from his overall balance. He  has a pleasing head and expression, with good ear placement with fringing his face. Moved well in both directions. He looks a picture in profile. A credit to his owners/breeders.


Minor Puppy Bitch (9,3)

1. Brown-Percival’s Littletigers Grace By Sandiman [imp Ita] 

Lovely headed, B&W bitch with dark eyes giving the desired look of astonishment. Nice overall, body shape., with good tail set. She drives with purpose, but needs to tighten up on movement, but she is young and has plenty of time to settle down. Coat of correct texture coming in nicely.

2. Paradise’s Shardlow Lili Marlene

Slightly larger cast, lightly marked, B&W bitch with a pretty head and expression. Nice balanced, overall shape, tailset ok. Very nice front assembly. Overall, moved well once settled. She has a very cheeky personality and gave her handler a hard time, which I adored.

3. Paradise’s Shardlow Dee Day Darling 

Puppy Bitch (5,3)
1. Mainland’s Spindulys Lille 

Heavy marked little B&W bitch, with a very pleasing head and facial expression. Lovely dark round, dark eye and well cushioned muzzle. Compact body, level topline, with good tailset. Moved ok, but was a little close behind today, but has plenty of time for this to settle, as she matures. Looked nice in profile.

2. Speight’s Bonniroy Yorie Aka 

Red sable bitch, who decided that she was not going to show for her hander today. Pleasing enough head and expression with round eye, good nostrils and wide, well cushioned muzzle. Overall, slightly longer cast that 1. Moved ok, when she settled.


Junior Bitch (10,4)

  1. Davidson’s Hin Satori Runa At Sharlarna (Imp Rus) 

  2. Pearce & Hann‘s Rakuchin Skyes Aria 

Quality, lightly marked, showing good breed characteristics. Very pleasing head and expression, with nice round eye. Good width of head framed by nice ear fringing. Short foreface with good breadth of cushioning. Overall, good body shape, with level topline, just felt she was slightly longer cast that 1. Movement is good.

  1. Wellhead’s Merida Masquerade 

Post Graduate Bitch (7,2)
1 Pearce & Hann‘s Rakuchin Ring Rumour 

Another lovely bitch from this kennel, Well marked B&W, with coat of excellent, silky quality. Lovely head and expression, with large round eyes, good earset and well cushioned,  short foreface with open nostrils. Nicely arched neck which flows in to a level topline, with good tailset. Movement was very good, and she flowed around the ring with ease. Should have a very bright future.

2. Quinn’s Sharlarna Japanese Please 

Pleasing B&W bitch  of nice size. Feminine  head, with overall, pleasing expression. Enough neck, well placed shoulders, good rib, with a level topline and good tailset.  Moved well in both directions.  In profile she holds herself together and looks so balanced.  Very attentive to her handler, which was a joy to see.


Limit Bitch (8,3) 

1. Forth’s Yama Miss Saigon Omegaville 

Very balanced, feminine B&W bitch, who is definitely out of the top drawer. Lovely head and expression with dark, round eyes, open nostrils, short foreface with excellent cushioning and good underjaw Cobby, balanced body with  excellent forechest, good  shoulder placement , nice rib, short back and good tailset. One of the most consistent movers of the day, with an excellent front and rear assembly.  She never stopped showing for her handler. Pleased to award her RCC.

2. Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Saffron 

Feminine, pretty red sable bitch, typical of this long-established kennel, who excels in type. Very appealing head with dark eyes, showing the desired look astonishment.  Correct nose placement, well cushioned foreface with a  lovely under jaw. This kennel has mastered the desired wide chest and cobby body, whilst retaining fine bone. Moved well in all directions whilst maintaining a level top line leading into a good tailset. Close decision between 1 and 2.

3. Blow & Allen’s Yama Misty Morning 


Open Bitch (8,1)

1. Rooney & Green’s Ch Swifthocks Paws For Thought 

This  B&W bitch caught my eye as she entered the ring and today, Lovely, feminine head with large, round eyes,  good ear placement, excellent nose with open nostrils, short foreface with excellent cushioning. For me, her head is textbook.  Lovely chest and neck, flowing into a well- ribbed, cobby, short backed body, with excellent tailset.  Fine boned, with an excellent front and rear assembly. She flowed around the ring in profile and did not let me down when moving away and coming towards me. A very worthy champion and I could not deny her the CC.

2. Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Alstella Going For Gold 

Lovely red sable and white bitch with excellent head, round eyes, good nose placement and excellent underjaw, with good cushioning of muzzle, giving an overall pleasing expression.  Just shows the right amount of white of eye to give desired look of astonishment. Good width of chest and excellent ribcage, short backed, compact body with level topline and correct tail set.  Fine bone straight leg bone  with slender, well feathered feet. Moved very well in both directions.

3. Lindsay’s Anjuli Beryl JW Sh.CM 

Another lovely bitch. Excels in expression and head features, she has a classic, astonished  expression, due to her large, round eyes, good nose placement with open nostrils, good cushioning to her foreface. Short coupled with excellent spring of the rib, short compact body and good tailset. Moved true in both directions. Excellent coat of correct texture. Let herself down today by not using her tail to her advantage, despite very empathetic handling. Nonetheless ,a very worthy bitch of excellent type whose attribute shine through.


Veteran Bitch (3,0)

1. Pearce & Hann‘s Choya Takara Of Rakuchin 

Lovely ten-and-a-half-year-old B&W bitch in excellent condition for her age.  Pleasing head with good expression. Cobby and compact body with good tailset with excellent full plume. Moved out well with drive and purpose. Coat in excellent condition. Delighted to award her Best Veteran

2. Lindsay’s Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva At Anjuli Sh.CM 

A very worthy B&W champion, who was also in full coat. Pretty head and expression. Good body and ribcage, with good tailset. Well-constructed front and rear assembly, she gave a good account of herself standing and on the move. Just preferred the compactness of 1 today.

3. Paradise‘s Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh.CM 

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