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Three Counties Championship Show 2022

Judge: Mrs C Reeves-Sargant 

BEST OF BREED : 963 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Stepheter constant contact
Dog CC : 963 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Stepheter constant contact
Res Dog CC : 966 FARMER, Mr George Ch Sangria Moon Walk
Bitch CC : 979 INSTONE, Miss Emily Mae Omikudzi Bohemia
Res Bitch CC : 962 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Sharlarna Booty Call
Best Puppy : 968 FARMER, Mr George Sharlarna Trinity
Best Veteran :

Class 363 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 965 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Sharlarna gigolo

Class 364 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 996 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Rumour Revealed

Class 365 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 951 ALLEN, Mrs Sue Sheardream Eric
2nd: 990 MORGAN, Mrs Judith Elizabeth & GODWIN, Mr William Shardlow Koji
3rd: 977 HOLLAND-SMITH, Mrs Susan Angela Kirdanchi Chisana Senshi

Class 366 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 964 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Sharlarna Imperial Commander
2nd: 967 FARMER, Mr George Salvador Dali by Sangria
3rd: 985 MATCHES, Miss J Love Story Goscinska Przystan At Fochai
Res: 1004 VINCENT, Mrs S C Cholas Yasu At Yama
VHC: 986 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Corrinwood Peter Piper

Class 367 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
2nd: 1005 WESTWICK/ DAVIDSON, Miss SJ & A Sharlarna Tyson
3rd: 988 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Jesandakai koi no yokan
Res: 1001 SPEIGHT, mrs Gill Bonniroy Yoto

Class 368 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 963 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Stepheter constant contact
2nd: 966 FARMER, Mr George Ch Sangria Moon Walk
3rd: 950 ALLEN, Mrs Sue Sheardream Costa

Class 369 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 992 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na
2nd: 989 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Myojo Morgan shcm

Class 370 MPB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 968 FARMER, Mr George Sharlarna Trinity
2nd: 997 QUINN, Mrs T & Mr A Sharlarna Eye Candy TAF
3rd: 960 CUSHING, Mrs J Spiritisle Angel Delight
Res: 952 BRADLEY, Miss Louise Jayne Sharlarna vivacious

Class 371 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 953 CALVERT, Mr and Mrs Kevin and Gemma Jaschin Fendi with Somergemz
2nd: 995 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Queen of D'Nile
3rd: 961 CUSHING, Mrs J Spiritisle Fairy Magic

Class 372 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 956 CRANE, Mrs L Cranvarl's Macey Grey

Class 373 PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 954 CAYTON, Mr S Sharlarna Temptress
2nd: 976 HOLLAND-SMITH, Mrs Susan Angela Sleepyhollow Cover Girl for Kirdanchi
Res: 984 MATCHES, Miss J I'm Melody Goscinska Przystan At Fochai CJW11
VHC: 987 MCFARLANE, Miss & Mrs L & J Corrinwood pixie dust

Class 374 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 979 INSTONE, Miss Emily Mae Omikudzi Bohemia
2nd: 978 HUBBLE & SUMMERBELL, Mr D & b Dabrives Silver Dynasty
3rd: 983 MATCHES, Miss J Godheim Star Spangle Banner At Fochai
Res: 959 CUSHING, Mrs J AKI KAORI of Spiritisle
VHC: 993 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Skyes Aria

Class 375 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 962 DAVIDSON, Mr A W Sharlarna Booty Call
3rd: 998 QUINN, Mrs T & Mr A Ch Harlouville Uptown Girl JW
Res: 994 PEARCE, Ms T Marguerita & HANN, Ms S Rakuchin Well Hello
VHC: 957 CUSHING, Mrs J Ennistar's Niagara At Spiritisle

Class 376 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1006 WHITEHOUSE, Miss Kay & WHITEHOUSE, Mrs Denise Denain Sweet Jasmine
2nd: 1003 VINCENT, Mrs S C Yama Paper Lace

  Thankyou everyone for your lovely entry. Most importantly I must thank my steward who did a brilliant job. Especially when we had to move inside, because of the rain


       On the whole presentation was good. The majority of the dogs had the correct silky coats. Movement also on the whole was sound and true. Some of the dogs could do with carrying more weight, as this improves the width and movement. Heads and eyes were mainly very pleasing. Our standard calls for a large head compared with the body, some the younger ones who haven't finished growing had rather small heads, which I don't think will get large. On the otherhand nose placement was correct with no problems of the nairs being to small, and didn't find any with having problems in breathing.


       Type and body balance is the one thing that has to be watched. The correct type is changing. Our standard calls for a cobby breed with a square, balanced body. Fine bone, now these two words are the ones that are open to misinterpretation. Fine compared to build, not bone to fit a chihuaua. The wide spring of rib, carrying enough weight, square, equal length from shoulders(withers) to base of tail. We now have some being bred and shown lacking in all of this. Lack of spring of rib gives the dog appearance of being to long. It also effects the movement front and back. Please study the pedigrees of the dogs or bitches you are using for breeding. The Chin is a complete breed not a head breed, so everything is important in its makeup.


       Now more seriously I found a dog with a real problem. Popping hocks. This is when the hock moves back and forward, not sideways. Sometimes associated with straight stifles. It can be hereditary so should not be bred from.


       After saying all this I was really pleased with my final line up of both dog and bitches. All as near to type as I could get. I am not counting the puppies as they all have time to mature. All 4 of my ticket winners displayed the best there is in the English Chin World. Pleased that both BOB and BP were pulled out in the final 8 in both groups. 


MPD 3 (2)

1st. Davidson Mr A. Sharlarna Gigolo.Just 6mths b/w baby D. Very promising, Beautiful large rounded head. Well positioned nose placement and good cushioning. Large dark eyes with white showing. Correct length of neck,width of front, straight front legs with tight elbows. Level topline, good spring of rib for age. Square. Good bend of stifles and tail placement. Moved soundly and straight. Good bend of stifle and standing hocks kept straight standing and moving. Happy little boy for his first time.


PD 2 (1)

1st. Pearce an Hann. M & S. Rakuchin Rumour Revealed. B/W. Roubnded head with correct ear placement. Large dark eyes. Straight front and tight elbows. Mod neck, level topline well set tail. Moved soundly keeping topline on the move. Could be squarer .


JD 4 (1)

1st. Allen S. Sheardream Eric b/w. Pretty boy with loads of coat. Large rounded head with dark expressive eyes. Correct nose placement, Good cushioning. Plenty of width throught the body, square and compact. He stands foresquare. Level topline,tail set, stifle and sound hindquarters. Moved and showed very well.


2nd. Morgan & Godwin J E & W. Shardlow Koji. Larger type. Very nice large head, rounded whichever way you look at it. He has large expressive eyes with white showing. Mod neck leading  onto a level topline, square an good ribcage giving a balanced appearance. Well set tail, in good coat. Moved very well and sound.


3rd. Holland-Smith S. Kirdanchi Chisana Senshi. 1.5yr b/w m


PGD 8 (2)

1st. Davidson A. Sharlarna Imperial Commander. Sable/White. He has a really lovely large rounded head. Dark eyes, very good cushioning. Well set ears. Mod neck on a level topline leading to well laid shoulders. Plenty of ribcage. Good width of front with straight legs. Width through out the body , short and balanced. Good bend of stifles and sound hindquarters. Standing straight hocks and kept topline on the move. In good coat of a lovely texture. Movement sound. showed well.


2nd Farmer G. Salvador Dali by Sangria. b/w Pretty boy. large head with dark expressive eyes. Plenty of cushioning, correct nose placement. Level topline. Good straight front, tight elbows. Correct ribcage and well balanced. Sound hindquarters. Moved straight and true, Showed well. In lovely coat.


3rd. Matches J. Love Story Goscinska Przystan at Fochai. 3yrs. r/w



 LD 5 (1)

This was a hard decision as both lovely dogs.


1st.  Hampton, Vine, Strange. L. E. D.  Sleepyhollow Love Me Sibai. 2.5yrs b/w. Very pretty head  with large dark eyes with enough white showing. Correct nose placement. With plenty of cushioning. Mod length of neck, good width of front with straight legs.  Square and compact good ribs. sound hindquarters, good bend of stifle. Moves very soundly back and front. and stands foresquare. In lovely coat of correct texture. Showed well.


2nd. Westwick/Davidson S & A. Sharlarna Tyson. 5yrs b/w. Different type head to 1st, but large  head, rounded, large eyes, plenty of cushioning. Another in lovely silky coat. Has plenty of good features, I couldn't fault him, Excellent in bodyshape, sound, really good at moveing and showing.


3rd. McFarlane L & J. Jesandaki Koi No Yokan. 3.5yrs b/w



OD 3 (0)

1st.  Davidson A. Stepheter Constant Contact b/w a really beautiful dog that fits the standard as near as can be. He has a gorgeous classic head of good proportions. Large dark kind eye. He has a mod neck leading to a level topline, which is kept on the move. with well set tail. He has plenty of width from front to back. Excellent ribcage, plenty of heartroom. Sound stifles. Straight hocks.In lovely coat of silky texture. You cant question his movement, sound, free and true. Showed well. CC an BOB.


2nd. Farmer G. Ch . Sangria Moon Walk. b/w. Another lovely dog of correct type. Very well coated. Large head with dark eye Good front and straight legs, tight elbows. Level topline. Square and well balanced. Correct ribcage. Well carried tail. Moved soundly and showed very well. RCC.


3rd. Allen S. Sheardream Costa 4yrs b/w


Vet.D. 2.

1st  Pearce & Hann M & S. Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na. 7yrs b/w. Well known Ch. Large rounded head and dark eyes. Good nose placement and plenty of cushioning. In lovely coat. Square and compact well balanced. Good width of ribcage. Well set tail. He moves with his usual exuberance  soundly and and stands foursquare. Shows very well.


2nd. McFarlane L & J. Myojo Morgan Shcm. 9yrs b/w. In lovely coat. Large head and eye. Square and well balanced. Plenty of width throughout body. Good tailset and moves soundly. showed well.


MPB 4 (0)

1st. Farmer G. Sharlarna Trinity. 8mths b/w. Lovely size and forward for her age. Pretty head with large dark eyes. Good earset. Correct nose placement and cushioning. Mod neck, width throughout body. She has well laid shoulders and level topline. Good tailset. Square and compact. Sound hindquarters. In lovely coat. She excels in front movement and plenty of drive from the rear. Very showy little girl. BP


2nd. Quinn T & A Sharlarna Eye Candy Taf. Just 6mths. Smaller and less mature then 1. Its all there waiting to mature. Very pretty head and eye. Cushioning is coming. She has a sound front and rear hindquarters. Body to develop. Level topline and good tailset. Good bend of stifle. which she uses when she moves with plenty of drive for one so young. Coat still to come in. Showed well.


3rd. Cushing J. Spiritisles Angel Delight. nearly 9mths. Lemon/White


PB 3 (0)

1st. Calvert K & G. Jaschin Fendi of Somergenz. 10mths b/w. Lovely size. Large head with large eyes. good ear and nose placement. Plenty of cushioning. Good front straight legs and tight elbows. Level topline well placed tail. Mod neck. Moved and showed well.


2nd. Pearce & Hann. M & S. Rakuchin Queen of D'Nile. 11mths b/w. Similar in type to 1. rounded head and dark eye. Good cushioning round correct nose placement. Mod neck onto level topline. Sound front. Stands true and moves well up and down and in profile. Needs more ribcage. which hopefully will come in time.


3rd. Cushing J. Spiritisle Fairy Magic. 9mths. Sable/white


JB 1 

1st. Crane L. Cranvarl's Macey Grey. 15mths r/w. Bigger type with large open face. Large exp eyes. Rounded and well cushioned. Good earset. Plenty of width in the front and throughout the body. Correct ribcage. Well bent stifles letting her move with drive. Level topline and well carried tail. moved soundly and showed well.


PGB 8 (2)

1st.  Cayton S. Sharlarna Temptrees. 2yrs b/w. Lovely size and well balanced throughout. Pleasing head and eye. Mod neck, level topline and good cobby body. Sound hindquarters. and well carried tail. She moves with plenty of drive. Has well laid shoulders and tight elbows. Square, good bend of stifle. In lovely coat and showed very well


2nd Holland-Smith S. Sleepyhollow Cover Girl for Kirdanchi. 2.5yrs b/w. Small and very square. Well balanced with a good cobby body. Very pretty head and eye. Nose placement good with plenty of cushioning. Holds her topline on the move which is sound and true. She was in lovely coat of a silky texture. She moved soundly and true. Showed her little head of.


3rd. Crane L. Anjuli Margo for Cranvarl. 1 3/4yrs b/w


LB 8 (2)

1st. Instone E. Omikudzi Bohemia. 5yrs lemon/white. Have never seen this little girl before and what a lovely surprise. The prettiest of heads large and well cushioned. Large dark expressive eyes showing correct amount of white. That show  up against her pretty coat colour. She is well balanced with correct ribcage, cobby body. width through out, Sound straight front . mod neck. Level topline. Well set tail. Sound hindquarters. Correct stifles which allow her to move with drive and so sound. Straight hock when viewed from behind. Looks lovely in profile on the move just floats. Sound coming to and going away. In beautiful silky coat. My huge pleasure in giving her her first CC. I hope the other two soon follow.


2nd. Hubble & Somerville D & B. Dabrives Silver Dynasty. 3.5yrs. b/w. I have always loved this little girl she did not disappoint. There is nothing to dislike about her. She has type and balance. Large head and eye. Good nose placement and cushioning. Correct bodyshape , Sound hindquarters. Good stifles. She moves with drive and very sound. Good tailset, in lovely coat. Looks lovely in profile. Showed well


3rd. Matches J. GodheimStar Spangle Banner at Fochai. . 5yrs. b/w


OB 6 (0)

1st. Davidson A. Ch Sharlarna Booty Call. 3yrs b/w. Has the most beautiful wide open face, fits the standard totally. Her head is faultless. She has the correct cobby body required. Mod neck level topline. Sound in front and hindquarters. She stands foursquare. with well carried tail. good turn of stifle which allows her to move soundly and with drive. Viewed from behind her hocks are straight. Shows very well. Such a tough decision between two really lovely bitches. RCC.


2nd. Rooney & Green. S.J & A. Ch Jaschin First Edition. 2.5yrs. b/w. Different type then one, finer and not so cobby. She has a pretty head An eye. Well cushioned and good nose placement. Sound front with straight legs. Square and balanced. Good turn of stifle. Level topline with correct tailset. Sound hindquarters. In lovely coat. Moves very well and shows very well.


3rd. Quinn T. Ch Harlouvillen Uptown Girl. 2.5yrs b/w


VB 2

1st. Whitehouse & Whitehouse. K& D. Denain Sweet Jasmin. 7yrs b/w Who doesn't look half her age. Type beautiful, cobby body and balanced. She has a large head with dark large eyes. plenty of cushioning, correct nose placement. mod neck onto a level topline. Sound front with good width of ribcage. Sound hindquarters and turn of stifle. In lovely coat, Moved soundly back and front. Showed beautifully. Shame there wasn't a best Vet.


2nd Vincent S. Yama Paper Lace, 8yrs b/w. Smaller then 1. Pretty head. In lovely coat. Square and cobby. Level topline good tailset. Moved soundly and kept her topline on the move. Showed very well.

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