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Blackpool Championship Show 2023

Judge Mrs J McFarlane 


Dog Challenge Certificate510 - Ch Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli JW (Miss L Lindsay)

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate497 - Ch Sleepyhollow Love Me Sibbai (Ms L, Miss E & Mr D Hampton, Vine & Strange)

Bitch Challenge Certificate491 - Ennistar’s Niagara at Spiritisle (imp) (Mrs J G Cushing)

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate488 - Omegaville Cover Girl (Miss S J Curwood)

Best of Breed510 - Ch Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli JW (Miss L Lindsay)

Best Puppy484 - Cranvarl The Gypsy Princess (Mrs L Crane)

Best Junior480 - Yakedo Irises (Miss T Burns)

Best Veteran516 - Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

Class 179. Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st Place485 - Cranvarl The Student Prince (Mrs L Crane)

2nd Place531 - Spindulys Zephyr at Threadgold (Imp Ltu) (Mrs S E Steele)

3rd Place535 - Cranvarl The Red King of Jakconas (Miss Tong)

Reserve (4th Place)505 - Sharlarna Quintessential (Mr M & Mrs S Leach)


Class 180. Puppy Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 1


Class 181. Junior Dog Entries: 0 Absentees: 0

Class 182. Yearling Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Place503 - Sharlarna Hit Man for Dabrives (Mr D & Mr B Hubble & Summerbell)

Class 183. Post Graduate Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st Place534 - Threadgold Dan Dare at Javalcy (Ms J Thomas)

2nd Place518 - Rakuchin Rumour Revealed (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

3rd Place521 - Ereste's Raffles Exclusive (Ms I Pearson)


Class 184. Limit Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st Place481 - Sharlarna Imperial Comanda (Mr S Cayton)

2nd Place496 - Sharlarna Evolution at Linjato (Mrs L A Flynn)

3rd Place477 - Sharlarna's Chaos at Bellflows (Mrs G Blair)

Reserve (4th Place)525 - Anjuli Tank Commander at Seafar (Mrs L Ratter)

Very Highly Commended (5th Place)498 - Jaschin Stop and Paws (Miss S H Harbron)

Class 185. Open Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1st Place510 - Ch Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli JW (Miss L Lindsay)

2nd Place497 - Ch Sleepyhollow Love Me Sibbai (Ms L, Miss E & Mr D Hampton, Vine & Strange)

3rd Place533 - Ch Javalcy The Great Mikado JW (Ms J Thomas)

Reserve (4th Place)498 - Jaschin Stop and Paws (Miss S H Harbron)

Class 186. Veteran Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Place516 - Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

Class 187. Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Place484 - Cranvarl The Gypsy Princess (Mrs L Crane)

2nd Place540 - Sharlarna Indi for Denain (Miss K & Mrs D Whitehouse)

3rd Place504 - Sharlarna Ginger Ninja (Mr M & Mrs S Leach)

Reserve (4th Place)522 - Adreeam Highland Chincess (Mr R & Mrs J Potts)

Very Highly Commended (5th Place)499 - Stepheter Miss Phoebe (Mrs T L Hindley)

Class 188. Puppy Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 2

1st Place507 - Sharlarna Conchita for Meglind (Mrs S E Lindley)

Class 189. Junior Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st Place480 - Yakedo Irises (Miss T Burns)

2nd Place511 - Jaschin Who’d Have Thought at Anjuli (Miss L Lindsay)

3rd Place478 - Sharlarna Primadonna (Miss L Bradley)

Reserve (4th Place)501 - Kirdanchi Chinny Bang Bang at Lukach (Mrs K & Miss L Hoskins)

Class 190. Yearling Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st Place488 - Omegaville Cover Girl (Miss S J Curwood)

2nd Place523 - Sharlarna Eye Candy JW (Mrs T & Mr A Quinn)

3rd Place493 - Spiritisle Fairy Magic (Mrs J G Cushing)

Reserve (4th Place)501 - Kirdanchi Chinny Bang Bang at Lukach (Mrs K & Miss L Hoskins)

Class 191. Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1st Place483 - Anjuli Margo for Cranvarl (Mrs L Crane)

2nd Place514 - I'm Melody Goscinska Przystan at Fochai (Miss J Matches)

3rd Place500 - Sleepyhollow Cover Girl for Kirdanchi (Mrs S Holland-Smith)

Reserve (4th Place)492 - Spiritisle Angel Delight (Mrs J G Cushing)

Very Highly Commended (5th Place)479 - Sharlarna Vivacious (Miss L Bradley)

Class 192. Limit Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 3

1st Place482 - Sharlarna Temptress (Mr S Cayton)

2nd Place502 - Dabrives Silver Dynasty (Mr D & Mr B Hubble & Summerbell)

3rd Place517 - Rakuchin Queen of D’nile (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

Reserve (4th Place)536 - Cranvarl Maude (Miss J & Mrs L Tong & Crane)

Very Highly Commended (5th Place)486 - Cranvarl's Macey Grey JW (Mrs L Crane)

Class 193. Open Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Place491 - Ennistar’s Niagara at Spiritisle (imp) (Mrs J G Cushing)

2nd Place509 - Anjuli Agatha of Choya (Miss L Lindsay)


Class 194. Veteran Bitch Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Place539 - Denain Sweet Jamine (Miss K & Mrs D Whitehouse)

Utility Group


I would like to say thank you to Blackpool society for the way they looked after me the night before and at arrival at the show

Thanks to exhibitors for taking my placings so sporting which has been lacking in the breed over the last few years; looking at results red and white and sables doing well

I was pleased to receive second highest entry of the year behind Crufts with so many judging also at Blackpool

All but one had astonished look but not over done

Minor puppy dog 5-1 abs

1st cranes cranvarl the student prince lovely boy up to size but moved both ways with confidence lovely head with good open nostrils and dark eyes. He had a lovely level top line carrying tail correctly and should do well in future

2nd steels spindulys zephyr at threadgold (imp ltu)

Another nice pup to watch in future very close between 1st and 2nd good level top line good size head with lovely dark eyes and correct nose placement. He moves very well with a nice happy temperament

3rd tongs cranvarl the red king of jakconas

Puppy dog 1-1 abs

Junior no entry

Yearling dog 1

1 St Hubble and Summerbell sharlarna hit man for Dabrives stood alone but deserved his place well presented in very good coat settled once on the move nice head with dark eyes has good reach of neck and nice topline nice tail placement keeping it up on the move

Post grad 5-2 abs

1thomas threadgold Dan dare at javalcy very nice dog and nicely presented in good condition lovely head with good dark eye and nose placement nice level top line that was kept on the move and moved very well in all directions

2nd Pearce and hann rukuchin rumour revealed another nice boy not as mature as 1st but meatless has a nice head and good reach of neck with a good rib cage and chest sure he do well once matured and shows much promise

3 persons erestes raffles exclusive


Limit 7-1 abs

1st Cayton sharlarna imperial commanda this dog caught my eye as soon he entered the ring lovely sable coat in super condition he had lovely top line with tail set correctly placed beautiful head with open nostrils good deep chest and good turn of stifle allowing him to move well in all directions what super showman presented well credit to owner

2 Flynn sharlarna evolution at linjato unlucky to meet 1st this boy was also excellent in presentation and condition had lovely head with nice dark eyes and expression lovely neck fitting in to nice level top line another dog who moved well

3 Blair's sharlarna chaos at bellflows

Open 6-2 abs

1st Lindsay ch cranvarl Rodger at anjuli jw this lovely boy I seen many times in ring and was pleased to get my hands on and couldn't see or find any fault in him, he was presented and shown in super condition nice level topline nice dark with open nostrils he excelled in head with good expression and required look of astonishment he had good ribcage broad chest he went around the ring as if he owned it moving well in all directions he had good turn of stifle his coat just ooze quality to touch pleased to award cc and bob and see him shortlist in very strong toy group 

2nd Hampton vine strange ch sleepy hollow love me sibbai lovely boy who was little apprehensive to start with but soon came around small and dainty boy with nice reach of neck and good top line with lovely head and expression he move well in both directions pleased to award him rcc

3 Thomas ch javalcy the great Mikado jw

Veteran dog 2-1

Ch rakuchin Kenji na an 8 year who doesn't know it a boy I met in ring many times and wasn't disappointed when I went over him he a well present immaculate coat a nice reach of neck and topline he has beautiful head.with good expression he moved around ring like a youngster I consider him hard for rcc if only I had 2 rcc best veteran in breed

Minor pup bitch 5-0

1 cranes cranvarl the gypsy princess very nice baby in good condition for age she moved well in both directions nice turn stiffle and nice head on good reach of neck she had nice rib cage and carried her tail at all times please to award her bp

2whitehouse sharlarna indi for Denain this is very promising puppy lovely head open nostrils and dark eyes moved well nice turn stiffle good topline unlucky to meet 1

3leach sharlarna ginger ninja

Puppy3-2 abs

1 lindey sharlarna Conchita for Melinda a little nervous at the moment so really didn't make the most of herself on table I saw nice dark eye with correct astonish lookand ncie dark nose sadly on move she let herself down im.sure with more practice she come on

Junior 5-1 abs

1 burns yakedo iris a very small girl who moved very well in both directions ok head with dark eye lovely topline and tail set best junior in breed

2 Lindsay jaschin who'd thought it at anjuli nice sable girl with good head and nice dark eye and nose moved well in all directions close between 1&2

3bradley sharlarna primadonna

Yearling bitch 4-0abs

Lovely class

1 curwoods  omgeville cover girl what can i say about this bitch I have admired since I first saw her a lovely bitch in good coat condition she has super head with dark eye and nose and open nostrils good reach of neck leading to level topline good turn of stifle and move well in all directions keeping her tail up at all times despite another exhibit running up her rear totally at one with her owner pushed hard for cc had to settle for rcc would like to see her shown more at shows

2 Quinn sharlarna eye candy unlucky to meet 1 today good headed bitch with dark eyes and good neck good size bitch with nice rib cage not in full coat today and not sparkle of 1 move well

3chushings spriteisle fairy magic

Post grad7-2 abs

1 cranes anjuli Margo for cranvarl very nice girl with very good body and chest good head with dark eye and nose placement with open nostrils nice neck with good top line moved very well

2 matches I'm crazy melody goscinska przystan at fochai lovely rw in ok coat good reach of neck and level topline moved well both ways

3 hollland and Smith sleepy hollow cover girl for kirdanchi

Limit bitch 8-3 abs

1 Cayton sharlarna temptress nice bitch in good coat and condition nice headed bitch with astonish look good movement and nice turn of stiffle

2 Hubble and Summerbell dabrives silver dynasty another girl I admire before she was in good coat and condition her head was good with dark astonish eye and open nostrils she moved very well but sadly got fed up and dropped her tail

3 Pearce and hann rakuchin queen of dnile

Open 2-0 abs

1 Cushing's ennistars Niagara at spriteisle imp

Up size but very nice sable in good coat presentation She has large head and wide blaze with good dark eye with astonish look and open dark nose lovely neck into good level topline she moved well in all directions owner just needs move her tad faster she has ability to go please to award bcc

2lindsay anjuli Agatha of choya another nice girl nicely headed with dark eye and required astonish look nice nose placement with open nostrils moved well 

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