Windsor Championship Dog Show  2015

5th July 2015


Judge: Mrs S Diment 


Japanese Chin – Judge Mrs S Diment (Alstella)

I would like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs.  I had a very enjoyable day with such a lovely backdrop of Windsor castle.

From my last judging appointment I found that bodies overall have improved with more width of the chest.  I do like a nice strong well bodied dog with a good reach of neck with driving free movement.  Movement is still something which needs working on, there are a lot of dogs which move very well one way but are very close the other. 

I am very pleased with my winners and I was pleased to hear my BOB was shortlisted in the group.


Veteran D/B 3 (1)

1st  Mrs Steele’s Homerbrent Shirakawa .  Nice large head with great cushioning,  lovely outline, square in shape with a level topline. Moved well coming. BV

2nd McFarlane’s Sleepyhollow all that Jazz at Glendyke.  10 year old boy in a lovely coat.  Good width of chest with spring of rib.  Still in lovely coat and still going strong for his age

MPD 3(0)

1st Banks’ Choya Alfie Boe.  9 month old boy of a larger type but very content and mature for his age.  Nice head with correct nose placement, correct expression showing white of eye.  Moved well coming.

2nd Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo. 6 month old of a smaller type than 1.  Nicely rounded head with a lovely expression. Square cobby body , straight front with a good turn of stifle.  Rather nervous on the move, still very young and was easily distracted still.

3rd Vincent’s Yama the Magician

PD 6(0)

1st Quinn’s Mattadam Samurai at Sharlana.  This young man has a rounded head with a correctly placed nose. He has a very good outline with good width to his chest and nice barrel ribs, this gives for good movement coming and going.  Very well behaved and a contender for BP. 

2nd G Farmer’s Sangria Lord of the Dance. This boy is slightly finer in bone but still square in shape and nicely compact.  He has a good width of head leading to correct expression and nose placement. 

3rd Hegarty and Merritt’s Sharlana Hasime



JD 4(1)

1st Flynn’s Linjato Kiyoto.  He is a nice square shape not losing his elegance.  He has a level front with straight legs.  Large head with a good expression with nice dark eye, good reach of neck. Nice tail placement with dramatic plumage.

2nd Farmers Sangria Riverdancer.  This young man carries a good width of head, large dark eye and great cushioning.  He has a nice cobby body with a level topline.  He was spooked near the end of judging but still deserved his placing.

3rd Banks’ Choya Kenichirou

YD 3 (1)

1st Williamson’s Tillashby Kane.  This boy has a nice square outline with good width of chest and cobby body. Good each of neck leading to a nice large head. He is carrying a lovely coat and has a good turn of stifle.

2nd Rushton’s Jurojin Remember Me.  Nice young man, large than 1.  Carries a level topline with nice large head and eye.

PGD 14 (0)

1st Curwood’s Nisyros Frank Chinatra.  This was a very large class but this young man showed very well from start to finish.  He has a nice cobby body with good width of chest and a level topline.  He moved well coming and going.  He carries a good width of head with nice cushioning. Much deserved  RCC

2nd Quinn’s Dekobras Bring me Sunshine Sh Cm.  This was a close call between 1st and 2nd in this class.  This boy is a heavier type but that certainly should not take away anything .  He has a lovely large head with good width leading to nice cushioning.  He has great width with a great spring of rib.  He has a good turn of stifle and moved very well , with drive, coming and going and carries an amazing  huge coat.

3rd Branch’s Phydeaux Blue Moon

LD 11 (0)

1st Parry’s Sidlyn Gone with the Wind to Gwynsias.  A nice square coby body with a level topline.  He has a nice large head with dark expressive eyes.   Stunning length of fringing on a well set tail.  He has good width and moved very well.

2nd Jolley’s Sharlarna Tailor Made for Dekobras Jw Sh Cm.  A Square body with level topline.  He moved well coming and going.  A very exciteable young man on the day.

3rd Thomas’ Delis sakura Susumi at Javalcy (imp)




OD 6 (1)

1st Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Saurai Sou at sharlarna.  I do like this boy and have given him a reserve cc in the past.  He has great width to his head with nice dark large eyes.  This leads to a good reach of neck.  He is square with a nice cobby body and a good spring of rib.  The width he has leads to super driving movement which makes him looks like he floats around the ring. He is such a happy young man! Very pleased to award him DCC and BOB, was very pleased to hear he was shortlisted in the group.

2nd Marcinkowski Yama Joshua.  Nice square body with a level topline in good coat.  Lovely large head with nice cushioning with dark expressive eyes

3rd Pearce and Hann’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin

GC D/B 1 (0)

1st Curwood’s Nisyros Frank Chinatra.   As PG

MPB 7 (0)

1st Matches’ Godheim Charlotte at Fochai.  I loved this little girl when she walked in.  Reminded me very much of the type I have been brought up with a square, cobby body with great width but still elegant and dainty.  Lovely free movement. She has a pretty little face with nice dark eye and good cushioning.  I do hope she does well in her show career.  Very pleased to award her BP

2nd Vincent’s Yama Aurora.  Pretty little lady, nice and square.  Lovely large dark very expressive eyes with the correct squint.

3rd Davidson’s Hin Satori Yunitsa Zolotaja Lyitsa sharlarna (imp)

PB 3 (0)

1st Burden’s Sangria Celebration of sheonagh NAF.  A smaller type young lady who had a very apt name, Happy, which she certainly leant to.  She had nice large eye, had a square outline with a level topline.  She moved well coming and going, she certainly looked like she enjoyed herself.

2nd Smith’s Wyndcatch Witchy Woman.  This lady was a larger type than 1 with a lovely large head with good width.  She moved well going.

JB 4 (1)

1st Burden’s Sangria Etian of sheonagh NAF.  A nice and dainty lady with fine strong bone, she had large dark eye with great ‘surprised’ expression.  She moved well going.

2nd Banks’ Linjato Khaleesa of Choya.  This lady has a nice cobby body with good spring of rib, good tail set and super feathering.  Lovely large pretty head.

3rd Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Kawsin Kayos

YB 1 (0)

1st Vincent’s Yama I’m Katu.  This young lady has a good cobby square body with good width at front.  Nice spring of rib which helps with her free driving movement. 

PGB 4 (2)

1st Crane’s Sidlyn wind of change with Cranvarl JW.  This lady caught my eye as she came in,  she has a lovely outline staying dainty, elegant but still with strong bone.  She carries a large head with a large nose with open nostrils. Another with great tail fringing. She moved well with drive and determination. Pleased to award the BCC

2nd Leach’s Sharlarnas Regal Lady.  This young lady has good width at front with a nice reach of neck.  She has a level topline and a nice amount of cushioning. She moved well going. Not in the happiest of moods today which was a shame

LB 7 (1)

1st Flynn’s Linjato Amaya.  She has good width at front with good spring of rib.  She has large rounded head with dark eye and correct nose placement.  A very happy little girl  and now a proud of owner of the RCC

2nd Jolley’s Sharlanas Dancing Queen at Dekobras.  This lady has a nice square outline with a level topline.   Well set tail and super lovely tail feathering. Nice large eye and correct ear placement with super ear fringing.

3rd Bartlett’s Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe (imp)

OB 4 (3)

1st Bailey’s Asmena Tinkerbell at Aldoricka.  She was nice and square in shape with a  level topline.  Nice fine strong bone with good tail set and super feathering.   She has a pretty large head and eye and good nose placement with open nostrils.

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