Windsor 2014



A wonderful entry in one of my most favourite breeds. There was quality in abundance & without exception temperaments were excellent displaying the charming disposition of the breed. I had no concerns from a health point of view. Mostly clear eyes of sensible size without exaggeration, no evidence of extreme brachycephalic features & patella’s have improved enormously. From a show point of view front movement still leaves room for improvement & some exhibits were rather slab sided & lacking substance.

V (4) 1 Dopson’s Kilbarchan Sir Echo of Jalindri, excellent shape & size, well balanced head with expressive eyes & good cushioning, still excellent finish of mouth, dainty sturdy body, moved & showed well; 2 McFarlane’s Sleepyhollow All That Jazz at Glendyke, old favourite of mine, classical shape & carries himself beautifully, well shaped head, dark large eyes with look of astonishment, good reach of neck, firm quarters, shown in excellent coat, age took its toll on dentition which affects finish of mouth; 3 Boyer’s Amronchi Magic Dust at Ellinghurst. MPD (7,2a) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin, true puppy with wonderful carriage & attitude. Balanced head with correct expression & work in it for age, good reach of neck, firm straight topline, sound quarters, showed & moved well; 2 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Mozart, very mature for age, oozing classical breed type, masculine head with good cushioning & broad well rounded skull & excellent profile, good reach of neck, in excellent coat & moved well, not the performance of 1; 3 Grugan’s Jonsville Quartz Jardhu. PD (7,2) 1 Jolley’s Sharlarna Tailor Made for Dekobras, stands out in this class for shape, maturity & performance, large masculine head with wonderful profile, dark expressive eyes, good cushioning & excellent nose placement, good reach on neck, cobby body, sound quarters, shown in excellent coat for age, moved with confidence. BP; 2 Reeves-Sargant& Diment’s Alstella Winter Sunshine, truly dainty s/w, of most appealing classical oriental type, not a large head but beautifully balanced with dark expressive eyes & good cushioning, good angulation & excellent substance for age, moves with excellent lift in front & very pleasing side gait, scored in maturity & performance over 3 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Le Figaro. JD (3,2) 1 Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Ashes To Ashes, a touch up to size but elegant & refined overall picture, large masculine head with decent skull & expressive eyes, fine bone, straight front, firm backend, excellent coat & moved well. YD (4,1) 1 Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow, up to size but in no way course & shown in full bloom. Large masculine head with sufficiently large eye, excellent nose placement, very good cushioning, combines fine bone with good substance, excellent coat texture, moved & showed well; 2 Matches’ Godheim Imperial Wizard at Fochai, sufficiently square, large head with expressive eye & good filling under eye, good substance, moved & showed well, preferred presentation of 1 but scored in substance over 3 Mcfarlane’s Jesandkai Shadow Warrior. PGD (9,2) 1 Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine, mature & shown in full coat, wonderful head with equally masculine & gentle expression, truly cobby but refined, looked good from all angles, coat in abundance & moved & showed well, genuinely considered for highest allocate & simply unfortunate to meet toughest competition; 2 Dopson’s Fralee Harry of Jalindri, larger type, scores on his lovely head with expressive eye of correct size, excellent nose placement, good cushioning, decent bone & substance, moved & showed well, not quite as cobby as 1; 3 Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Ashes To Ashes. LD (8) 1 Bartlett’s Pebblecombe Jinja, r/w of highest quality, beautiful shape& size & shown in full coat of correct texture & most attractive fringing, equally cobby & elegant, large masculine head with good cushioning, eye of sensible size & unexaggerated look of astonishment, moved & shown well, simply unfortunate to meet the winner of open in such excellent form. RCC; 2 Willis’ Dainichi Sunyano, simply classical type of wonderful shape & size, large skull, wonderful profile with excellent nose placement& good turn-up & finish of mouth, good reach of neck & firm topline, excellent coat texture & well presented with so much quality it seems petty to mention the slightly unclear colour of his plume but this was the factor for a proverbial hair splitting decision; 3 Jolley’s Jonsville Evan at Dekobras. OD (7,2) 1 Allcock’s Ch Sleepyhollow Raphael, I gave him a RCC from puppy & he more than fulfilled his early promises. In full bloom he demands instant attention & really comes to his own on the move. Nicely balanced head with decent expression, sensible healthy eyes, good cushioning, dainty but good substance, slender limbs with classical hare feet, well plumed tail, presented in immaculate condition & moved seemingly effortless around the ring with the extra sparkle. CC & BOB, delighted to see him winning a strong group; 2 Rose’s Fralee Namakiki at Rossyn, dainty & cobby, large well rounded skull, eye with non-exaggerated look of astonishment, firm topline, excellent coat, moved well but not the panache of 1 but scored in shape & coat over; 3 Pearce& Hann’s Choya Kanji Na With Rakuchin. GC (2,1) 1 Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine.

MPB (9) Very good class of exciting youngsters. 1  Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika, baby with truly oriental expression, pretty head, dainty but firm bone, square outline, sound quarters, promising coat, moved well & showed with confidence; 2 Pearce & Hann’s Yama I’m Kirri Rakuchin, scores on her wonderful head with full skull, excellent nose placement & dark expressive eyes, still needs to settle in front, firm back, sound quarters, promising coat, showy temperament, close decision; 3 Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Tikle My Fancy at Merida. PB (7,2) 1 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Miss Bussell, beautifully balanced of classical breed type, equally typical & feminine head & expression, well cushioned muzzle, excellent reach of neck & firm topline, sound hindquarters, excellent coat, free elegant movement; 2 Swanston’s Sangria Showtime of Pamojill, well built but still elegant, lovely feminine head with well cushioned muzzle& expressive eyes, a touch longer in cast but still balanced, promising coat & moved with purpose, lots of quality but not quite as cobby as 1; 3 Rose’s Rossyn Motchko.  JB (6,1) 1 Bartlett’s Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe, equally solid & refined, very pleasing head with classical profile, sufficiently large eyes, very good cushioning, good reach of neck, firm back, sufficiently short loin, super coat, really comes to her own on the move & carries herself beautifully; 2 Quinn’s Sharlanas Miss Dynamite, square outline, classical head with good cushioning, short back, excellent coat, good lift in front, just a touch close behind; 3 Crane’s Sidlyn Wind Of Change with Cranvarl. YB (3,1) 1 Jolley’s Sharlana’s Dancing Queen at Dekobras, eyecatching young bitch of immense quality, combines elegance with a well constructed substantial body, nicely balanced head with expressive eyes, excellent nose placement, well placed ears, strong well arched neck, short level back, shown in full bloom& moved & showed well; 2 S Wind Of Change with C, another promising young bitch, not quite as cobby as 1 but nicely balanced, head with nicely rounded skull, excellent eye & nose-placement, good cushioning, fine slender limbs, moved well. PGB (7) 1 Willis’ Jonsville Oriana Dainichi, lovely size & overall breed type, well shaped head with feminine head & large non exaggerated eye, fine bone, moved well, scored in this class on her level top-line & positive movement; 2 Boyer’s Ellinghurst Mizz Tootzie, square outline & shown in full coat, feminine head with correct size of eye, good nose placement, good reach of neck & sound hindquarters, moved OK but not the drive of 1; 3 Dopson Fralee Ellie May Of Jalindri. LB (8,1) 1 Oatridge’s Dalehouse Crystal Tips, ultra feminine of exquisite type, very pleasing head with plush cushioning, square outline, good reach of neck, very good hind angulation, shown in full coat & moved & showed well; 2 Flynn’s Linjato Amaya, another quality well matured bitch, pleasing head with decent work in it, dark eyes & good cushioning, firm topline, shown in full coat, moved well, not quite as compact than 1; 3 Matches’ Fochai Jasmine. OB (6,1) 1 Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow, most appealing outline & general impression. Wonderful well balanced head with correct gentle oriental expression, dainty but well constructed, firm strong back, well plumed tail. Firm strong hindquarters, shown in full coat, moved with purpose. CC; 2 Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Going For Gold, s/w of excellent overall breed type, large head with excellent dark eye, good cushioning, slender limbs with classical hare feet, firm topline, good hind angulation, shown in full coat, moved well, but not quite the animation of 1. RCC; 3 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva at Anjuli.


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