28stJune 2013

Judges by Mr S Bardwell




V (2) 1 Rose’s Rossyn Rimiko
b/w bitch, well made bitch with good width of ribcage & well set tail, nicely animated on the move & firm hind action. Nice presence to the head with good size of eye & well placed nose. MPD (5) 1 Jolley’s Elisamay Masaru, r/w, large head & well placed nose, nice cushioning & finish to face. Good topline, ribcage & coat & well carried head. Moved very strongly away & full of himself in profile which got through to BP; 2 Matches’ Godheim Imperial Wizard, b/w, very promising 6 months baby, lovely eye & expression, good square body & outline with nice neck & high set tail, not yet the width of rib or the confidence on the move as 1; 3 Day’s Godheim Imperial Emperor at Dorcharday. PD (0). JD (5) 1 Banks’ Choya Kiosha, b/w, beautiful head & expression with lovely crescent to head & cushioning. Pleasing square outline with proud head carriage, good dainty build. I would like him to develop a little more in rib as he matures. Moved quite well both ways & pleasing carriage in profile; 2 McLeod’s Rossyn Hikaru at Dunline, nicely made dog with good coat & well presented, nicely made body with good width of rid while still refined, moved strongly. Attractive head of good size but I preferred the depth of expression of 1; 3 George’s Choya Katsuro at Amronchi. YD (4) 1 Rossyn Hikaru at D; 2 Gillhespy & Van Baaren Grob’s Chinart Michael Pavlovitsj, b/w, impressive upstanding dog with nice crest to neck giving proud head carriage,
well made but carries a little more bone than 1 strongly with nicely animated profile. Expressive large head nice open nostrils & well finished face; 3 Leach’s Queenslake Access Denied. PGD (11) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin, b/w, very square with lovely large head, large expressive eyes & well cushioned face. Moved firmly & nicely animated in profile, good quality coat in good condition; 2 Anderson’sSleepyhollow Bryn Terfel, good size of head & eye with pleasing finish to face & expression, well made body with refined build, pushed hard for the class but could not manage to settle on the move to do himself justice; 3 Benton-Taylor & Benton’s Sansarc Atticus Finch. LD (11) 1 Rose’s Fralee Namakiki at Rossyn, top quality dainty b/w of good build & enough ribcage, well animated with nice neck & proud carriage. Nicely rounded large head with well spaced large eyes, well cushioned & finished face. Moved strongly with a very full of himself profile. RCC; 2 Thomas’ Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers, impressive r/w, correctly refined build with good width of rib & nice neck, very stylish on the move. Good size & shape to head, I liked his expression but not quite as much as 1’s; 3 Flynn & Van Baaren Grob’s Homerbrent Yuumei Na. OD (6) 1 Banks’ Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya, b/w, very square & refined in build, high set tail & well carried head. Impressive head & expression with lovely crescent to skull & cushioning, wide set large eyes & good finish to face. Moved well both ways keeping his lovely compact profile.
CC & BOB; 2 H Samurai Sou at S; 3 Jolley’s Dainichi Sundance over Dekobras. GC (1) 1 Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine, b/w glamorous dog in lovely coat, firm square build with good size to head & eye, & nice cushioning. Moved firmly coming & going.

MPB (2) 1 Willis’ Jonsville Oriana Dainichi, very promising b/w baby with lovely make & shape, very animated standing & moving with proud neck & high set tail moved strongly both ways. Sizeable head, large expressive eyes well cushioned face; 2 Smith’s Wyndcatch Chinderella, nicely made, dainty bitch, nicely rounded head with large expressive eyes & good finish to face. She lacked confidence to settle on the move. PB (4) 1 Jolley’s Sharlana Dancing Queen at Dekobras, quality b/w, lovely make & shape, dainty, & very proud in carriage with good neck & high tailset & nice width to rib. Sizeable head with very expressive eyes & nicely cushioned muzzle. Moved strongly with proud side carriage; 2 Thomas’ Javalcy Because I’m Worth It, b/w, very nice bitch, profusely coated with cobby refined build, proud neck & high set tail. Good size to head with width between expressive eyes. Yet to finish face to match 1. Moved strongly both ways with a pleasing balanced profile; 3 Morgan’s Vanistica Hoshi. JB (4) 1 Banks’ Choya Kamiko, b/w with lovely head shape, good width between large, expressive eyes & nice finish to face. Good neck & high set tail nice width to rib, if still to develop a little in depth, very square outline. Stylish & firm on the move; 2 Flynn’s Linjato Amaya, very nicely shaped bitch with Attractive head well finished face, good width between large eyes & good cushioning. Well made body with good width of rib & nice neck, but not quite as square as 1. Moved strongly both ways with a balanced side action; 3 Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Pixie Dust. YB (3) 1 Brown’s Yama Miss Dior at Rossvale, b/w, excellent compact bitch with lovely rib & cobby refined build, proud neck & high set tail adding to her squareness. Lovely width & crescent to head with large,well spaced eyed, well cushioned & finished face giving lovely expression even though she does not have the most beneficial markings. Moved very well coming & going with a very compact profile. CC; 2 Wallhead’s Fralee Elsie, quality b/w very dainty bitch with a nice bone & build, good rib whilst not quite as impressive as 1. High tailset & good neck, moved very well & in impressive style. Large head, well cushioned
with pleasing eye & expression; 3 McDonald’s Clandonald Kimora. PGB (7) 1 Dopson’s Fralee Tiger Lily of Jalindri, b/w, lovely large rounded head with good width between the eyes nicely, cushioned & finished face. Firmly made body with high tailset & good head carriage. Moved strongly & with a pleasing profile; 2 Perrett’s Dalehouse Diorissimo, lovely bitch, strongly made & without too much bone for size, good reach of neck & well angulated hindquarters. Sizeable head with expressive eyes & well finished face. Moved firmly but without the animation in profile of 1; 3 Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Going For Gold. LB (7) 1 Bailey’s Asmena Tinkerbell at Aldoricka, b/w, dainty & well made with high tailset with enough neck to carry the head proudly. Pleasing large eye, good width of head & well finished face. Moved well both ways & with a lovely animated profile; 2 Doyle’s Queenslake Giggle N’ Wiggle at Mattadam, very attractive b/w with lovely large, well cushioned & finished face & large eye.
Refined solid build with good neck & high set tail, well animated on the move but not as accurate as 1 coming & going; 3 Mason’s Sleepyhollow La Calisto. OB (7) 1 Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Sheeza Lady, quality b/w, profusely coated lady with large rounded head, well cushioned & finished face, with large expressive eyes. Well made body with proud neck carriage, high tailset & nice width of rib. Moved strongly coming & going with a well balanced important profile. RCC; 2 Anderson & Watt’s Nisyros Like A Virchin, b/w glamorous well presented bitch, nice & square, with proud neck
& high set tail. Pleasing head with good width between expressive eyes. Kept her shape well on the move; 3 Smith’s Amronchi Niina with Wyndcatch.



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