Welsh Kennel Club 2016

Judge Mr T Mather

VD (1) 1 McLeod’s Sleepyhollow Knight And Day at Dunline, shown in first class condition with some muscletone, & a silky coat. Beautifully balanced & compactly built. Fairly fine boned with nicely feathered hare feet. A good showman who made the most of himself on the move. BV & pleased to hear he was 2nd in the Veteran Group to the lovely Havanese. MPD (2) 1 Farmer’s Sangria War Lord, a smart baby with a good sized skull, fairly large eye with look of astonishment & well finished muzzle. Very composed on the table & held himself well on the move with his good tail carriage & steady action. Very promising; 2 Vincent’s Bonniroy Yumi Aka at Yama, a clearly marked r/w with a very pretty head & expression. Large dark eye, decent topline & good tailset. He is still rather raw & babyish as one would expect at this stage but shows promise. PD (4) 1 Vincent’s Yama Teddy Edward, shapely & well balanced with a nicely rounded skull, decent eye, well cushioned muzzle. Good body with short loin & firm topline with high tailset. Once settled went well & he is in good coat for his age; 2 Robinson’s Suzume Uccellino De Imperium Auri at Midorchi, good sized skull, large eyes with look of astonishment, correct mouth, fine strong bone & good body for age. Pleasing balance & he is very stylish on the move; 3 Thomas’ Isami at Javalcy. JD (5,1a) 1 Schemel’s Chinart Yuunagi, absolutely typical & pleasing for size & balance. Broad skull, family large expressive eye & good muzzle. Very satisfying to handle on the table as he has a good breadth of chest & well ribbed body but is in no way coarse. High set, well carried tail. Shown in good coat & condition; 2 George’s Sharlarna The Tempest, less mature in body & coat but he too is a very good prospect with a lovely face & expression. Broad well cushioned muzzle. Short backed & shapely. Moved out well; 3 Banks’ Choya Masuyo. PGD (6) 1 Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo, shapely, cobby & shown in excellent coat & condition, broad skull, good width of muzzle with decent cushioning & has an attractive eye. Finely boned & moved well; 2 Morgan’s Yama Puttin On The Ritz at Mairamel, masculine but with a pretty head & expression, dark fairly large eye & nice finish to muzzle, well ribbed but just a fraction longer in loin than the winner. High set, well carried tail; 3 Mountcastle’s Holmchin Gorgeous George. LD(7,1) 1 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Baroque at Anjuli, shapely & cobby with good width of chest, good body with a high set tail. A good showman who was shown in both good coat & lovely muscletone & this was reflected in his sound easy movement. Masculine head with a good eye & well cushioned muzzle. CC & BOB; 2 George’s Yama I’m Kimi Amronchi, stylish & typy & shown in perfect coat & bloom. Attractive masculine head with a lovely eye. Fine strong bone & good feet. Well bodied & cobby but not quite as short backed as the winner. Sound & stylish on the move & should finish at the top in due course; 3 McLeod’s Dunline Oh What A Night. OD (8,1) 1 Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, very pleasing for size & overall balance, good sized nicely rounded skull, well placed nose & fairly large, expressive eyes. Cobby & well ribbed & this gave him the edge here. Well presented silky coat. In the challenge, I felt the younger dog just had the edge in style & freedom of movement. RCC; 2 Davidson’s Rus Ch Hin Satori Yoko Zolotoy Sneg at Sharlarna, an impressive, quality r/w with a good masculine head, lovely oriental expression with dark expressive eyes & very good pigment. Good quality silky coat. Moved out well. At 2 years of age he is beginning to mature nicely; 3 Steele’s Homerbrent Shirakawa.

VB (2) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Stepheter Wanna Shout for Rakuchin, a soundly made & very typical Chin, very pleasing on the move as she is good behind & has some lift in front which gives her a stylish appearance. Good body. Attractive head with lovely eyes & good cushioning; 2 Burden’s Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh, shown in first class coat & condition & pleasing for both size & balance. Good skull & eyes, sturdy cobby body. Moved soundly. MPB (10,4) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Faberge, pretty, dainty & feminine with a good sized broad skull, lovely eyes & well placed nose. Good body for age, high set tail & good topline. Confident & sound on the move; 2 Thomas’ Demurerchi Little Secret at Javalcy, another with a very pretty head & expression, good cushioning. A useful type of bitch with a good body, decent topline & tailset & well angulated hindquarters. Presents a very pleasing outline when standing & is stylish on the move. Just a little untidy coming back to me at this stage; 3 O’Herlihy’s Axelwood Sensu. PB (6,2) 1 Banks’ Choya Charlotte, I would have happily signed a CC for either of these two puppies, both of them are delightful with compact cobby bodies, fine strong bone & very pretty feminine heads. Both handle well on the table as though neither of them are big, they both have good width of chest & are well ribbed. Sound & lively on the move & full of confidence, I thought Charlotte just had the edge in eye shape & size but I would be pleased to take either of them home with me! RCC; 2 Wallhead’s Choya Carolina; 3 Smith’s Sidlyn Dancing In The Wind. JB (3) Three good bitches. 1 Davidson’s Hin Satori Evita Karmensita at Sharlarna, r/w with a lovely pretty, open face, dark eyes & very good pigmentation. Well balanced & very shapely, her good textured silky coat is developing nicely & on the move she is most impressive. Should easily finish at the top; 2 Willis’ Jonsville Summer Secret at Dainichi, a fraction smaller but so typical & with a beautiful head & expression. Very good body with adequate breadth of chest & some forechest. In first class condition with some muscletone & this was reflected in her very good action both coming & going; 3 Crane’s Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins. PGB (9,2) 1 Burden’s Sangria Celebration of Sheonagh, cobby with good breadth of chest & decent body but still dainty & very pretty. Most attractive head with broad well cushioned muzzle & good sized eyes with definite look of astonishment. Shown in good coat & moved out well; 2 Davidson’s Sharlarna Betty Boo, less finished in coat than the winner but she too is pretty & feminine with a good sized skull, decent eyes & nicely finished muzzle. Well balanced with high set well carried tail. Shows to advantage; 3 Vincent’s Yama Aurora. LB (5) 1 Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika, not quite in the fullest of coats but she is a lovely shape & size with a very attractive open face with fairly large eyes & well cushioned muzzle. Good body with adequate breadth of chest & decent rib. Moved well. Lovely type; 2 Robinson’s Midorchi Make Believe, good for both size, shape & type with a pretty head & good expression, well bodied but just a fraction longer than the winner. High set, well carried tail & shown in very good coat & condition; 3 Pearce & Hann’s Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin. OB (4,1) 1 Grogan’s Ir Ch Axelwood Karmin, dainty & absolutely typical & shown in perfect coat & condition. Really pretty head & expression with fairly large, dark eye complete with look of astonishment. Good body & decent breadth of chest with level topline & high set, well carried tail. Moved soundly & with some style & though she was pushed hard by the precocious puppy she topped the bitch entry to take the CC. Her third – many congratulations; 2 Wallhead & Allcock’s Ch Kochou’s Rita-Hayworth Sleepyhollow, a clearly marked attractive r/w of good quality & type. Perfect size & balance & she presents a lovely outline both standing & moving. Well bodied with a most attractive head & expression. Silky coat. Very stylish in profile action & pleasing hind movement; 3 Steele’s Ch Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold.



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