The Welsh Kennel Club 2015


21st August 2015

 Judge: Mrs J M Wallhead



I was pleased with the quality of the entry but was surprised to see several exhibits with very stained

faces which spoils the overall picture of the dog.


VD 2:0 1. Steele’s Homerbrent Shirakawa 7½ years old, lovely overall shape, cobby body, broad skull,

large dark eye with just enough white. Moved and showed well. 2. Mcfarlane’s Sleepyhollow All

That Jazz At Glendyke. At 10 years old he is still a lively showman who moved with enthusiasm. He

had a sparkling white coat and was obviously enjoying his outing. He is a real credit to his owner.


MPD 4:1 1. Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo. I loved this puppy, 7½ months old. Well balanced sturdy

body, level topline, well shaped head, lovely eyes and expression, straight front, moved soundly. BP.

2. Allcock, & Tong’s Sleepyhollow Rheingold. Sable and white. Very pretty head with expressive dark

eyes. Nicely balanced body, a real little showman. 3. Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Concerto.


PD 6:1 1. Goldie’s Godheim Stars And Stripes. Ideal size, well balanced, fine boned, level topline.

Dark eyes giving the desired expression. Moved and showed well. 2. Daly & Robinson Midorchi

Poetry In Motion. A real live wire who moved soundly when he decided to settle. Well shaped skull

and dark eyes, in nice coat. 3. Doran’s Shardlow Mikado


JD 7:1 1. Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance. Eye catching little dog who commands attention.

Moved soundly with style. Well shaped head, lovely eyes and expression, nice reach of neck flowing

into level topline. At just over a year old his coat is still coming in. 2. Quinn’s Mattadam Samurai At

Sharlarna. Another smart mover who made the most of himself. Cobby and well balanced body, nice

dark eyes with correct amount of white. 3. Smiths & Smith’s Sidlyn Whisper Of The Wind


PGD 11:3 1. Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bit Of Razzle Dazzle. Glamorous boy, beautifully presented

in lovely coat, he really caught my eye striding round the ring and did not disappoint on closer

inspection. Nicely balanced body, appealing expression he moved and showed beautifully. 2.

George’s Yama I'm Kimi Amronchi. Slightly larger dog who was also in full coat. Square cobby body,

good spring of rib, he moved soundly and showed well. 3. Williamson’s Tillashby Kane


LD 7:0 1. Williamson’s Rakuchin By Design For Kalamata. Mature dog in lovely coat, cobby well

balanced body, broad skull, correct expression, he moved and showed beautifully. 2. Pearce &

Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair With Rakuchin. A dog that I have admired from the ringside, dainty

and extrovert with an elegant outline and pleasing head and expression he moved and showed

himself to advantage. Just lacked the maturity and finish of 1. 3. Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me



OD 6:0 1 Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou At Sharlarna. As many will be aware, an old

favourite of mine. Ideal size, compact well ribbed body, level topline. Typical head and expression,

eyes with correct amount of white, well cushioned muzzle. Strode out around the ring and showed

attentively. CC & BOB. 2. Bartlett’s Ch Pebblecombe Jinja. Glamorous r/w in full coat and beautifully

presented. Cobby body, well sprung ribcage and level topline. Moved soundly and showed well RCC.

3. Banks’ Choya Kiosha


VB 1:0 1. Smith’s Amronchi Niina With Wyndcatch. 7½ yrs. In sparkling form and condition today.

She has a lovely feminine head and expression, dark eyes, nicely cushioned muzzle. Well balanced

body, good reach of neck, level topline, correct hare feet. She moved soundly and showed

beautifully. I was pleased to award her a well deserved 3rd CC and BV.


MPB 8:2 1. Matches Godheim Charlotte At Fochai. Very sound bitch, sweet head and expression,

straight front, level topline, in good coat for age. BPB. 2. Vincent’s Yama Paper Lace. Another

promising puppy with appealing head, cobby and compact she moved soundly when she decided to

cooperate with her handler. 3. Mowatt’s Asmena Fairy Tale


PB 6:2 1. Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Mavis At Anjuli. Very pretty dainty little girl with dark eyes

and sweet expression. Well balanced outline, in good coat. Liked her a lot but flagged in the

challenge for BP. 2. Oatridge’s Sleepyhollow Tea For Two. Litter sister to winner and much of above

applies here. Very sound mover and extrovert showgirl. Just preferred the overall balance of winner.

3. Paradise’s Shardlow Yum Yum


JB 3:2 1. Robinson Midorchi Make Believe. Stood alone in this class. Lots to like, well shaped head,

large dark eyes and typical expression, in good coat. Needs to settle on the move.


PGB 4:2 1. Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Mina. A very pretty little bitch who moved and showed

beautifully for her young handler. Cobby and compact with a lovely head with dark eyes and a

sturdy body. I will follow her with interest. 2. Mason’s Sangria Showbiz. Larger girl, longer cast,

good spring of rib and level topline. Well shaped head and eye showing right amount of white.

Would benefit from a shade less weight.


LB 7:1 1. Crane’s Sidlyn Wind Of Change With Cranvarl. Lovely well balanced dual purpose type who

never put a foot wrong. Moved soundly showing off her level topline. Well shaped head, dark eye,

good cushioning. Nothing exaggerated but all there. 2. Davidson’s Sharlarna Koyuki. Liked the

overall outline of this young girl as she strode out round the ring. Very pretty head, dark eyes

showing nice amount of white. Moved and showed well, just lacking a little coat on the day. 3.

Paradise’s Shardlow Knickerboka Glory


OB 7:1 1. Grogan’s Ir Ch Axelwood Karmin. Beautifully constructed little bitch, ideal size and shape.

Presented in full sparking coat and so attuned to her handler. Very feminine head with the darkest

of eyes. Moved proudly around the ring showing off her many charms. RCC. 2. Mason’s Ch

Sleepyhollow La Calisto. Another lovely bitch, in full coat. Slightly larger but so well put together.

Broad skull and appealing expression, dark eyes and well cushioned muzzle. Moved soundly and

showed well. 3. Willis’ Ch Jonsville Oriana Dainichi.


Jean Wallhead


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