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26th April 2013


 Japanese Chin – Judge Mrs S Diment (Alstella)


I would like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs.  I had an enjoyable day (apart from the mad dash out of the rain!)

Movement is getting slightly close back and front and width of chest and body will help this.  I like to see a nice coby body which is lacking  a bit. 

Finally one of the simplest thing which finishes the picture is the presentation of the dog,  I was quite amazed how little effort  people put into the presentation.  This is one thing that there is no excuse for.

I am very pleased with my winners and I was pleased to hear my BOB was pulled out in the group.


Class 437 MPD 3 (0)

1st Allcock and Vincents  - Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow

He is a nice square shape with good coby body.  He has a level front with straight legs.  Good expression with nice dark eye, good reach of neck., pretty little boy.

2nd Rushtons  - Nisyros Willie Rushchin

He is larger in type than 1 and very excitable on the day but this didn’t effect how I judged him as this shows confidence. He has a  well rounded chest with good body and nice  large eye.

3rd Jolleys – Elisamay Masaru TAF

Class 438 PD 2 (0)

1st Nishigaki’s – Charnell Koji

A 10 month old boy who is square in shape with a  correct nose placement.  He was lovely and free on  movement with drive, he is very well trained by his young handler who got the best out of him, lovely little boy  BP.

2nd Russells – Sansarc Shiseido of Alnesaire

This boy is square in shape with level front.  He has a good width of head with a good amount of cushioning.  He also has a good turn of stifle.

Class 439 JD 4 (0)

1st Farmers – Sangria Celebrity

This boy is slightly finer in bone but still square in shape and a nice barrel chest.  He has a good width of head leading to correct expression and nose placement.  He moved well coming and has a correct tailset. Very pretty boy.

2nd Banks – Choya Kiosha

He is larger in type than 1 with a good width of chest with straight front legs. He carries a very pretty head with nice eye.  Good turn of stifle. He moved well coming and was presented well.

3rd George’s – Choya Katsuro at Amronchi

Clss 440 PGD 11 (0)

1st Farmers – Sangria Paparazzi

This boy has a nice square outline with a rounded head, correct large dark eye with expression  , He has a level topline with nice free movement.

2nd Jolleys – Jonsville Evan at Dekobras JW

This young man has a nice cobby body with a level topline.  He has a good spring of rib and was nice in movement going.  He carries a good width of head.

3rd Talbots – Dalehouse Coeur de Lion at Silmacs

Class 441 LD 8(1)

1st Birketts – Arranbrook Silver Spirit Windleview SHCM

A nice Square cobby body in lovely coat with correct tailset.  He has a nice eye and moved well.

2nd Steeles – Yama Manoochi at Threadgold

This young man has nice dark large eye with a good nose placement and nice amount of cushioning.  He also carries a good reach of neck.

3rd Dopsons – Jalindri Jonatsu

Class 442 OD 6 (0)

1st Banks – Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya JW

I noticed this young man has he entered from his lovely presentation, he has a nice large head with a good reach of neck. He has a Level topline and good turn of stifle. He carries his tail well and he is in  lovely coat. DCC and BOB

2nd Carter-Davidson’s – Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna

A nice square coby body with a level topline.  He has a nice large eye and good width at front which helps with his movement coming.  RDCC

3rd Rose’s – Fralee Namakiki At Rossyn

Class 443 Good Cit D 1 (0)

1st Quinns – Dekobras Bring me Sunshine

A Square body in good coat with level topline.  He has a nice large head with good amount of cushioning.  Good movement going.


Class 444 MPB 4 (0)

1st Vincents – Yama Josie

A pretty very coby little girl with barrel chest.  She has a pretty head which I see a lot of from this kennel  with nice dark eye

2nd Wainwright and Hodgsons – Arranbrook Esme at Jenan

This little girl has a good width of head with correct nose placement and good cushioning.  She has a level topline and moved well

3rd Thomas’ – Javalcy Because I’m Worth It

Class 445 PB – e 6 abs (0)

1st Rees – Sangria Mosaic

This young lady has a good cobby square body with good width at front.  She has a correct nose placement and nice eye. She moved nice and freely.

2nd Bartlett’s – Pebblecombe Gin Haya

She has a large head with good width giving space for a nice barrel chest

3rd Pearce and Hanns – Rakuchin Lily Chiyan

Class 446 JB 3 (0)

1st Banks – Choya Katsumi

This young lady has good width at front with a nice reach of neck.  She has a level topline and a nice amount of cushioning.  She lacked in coat on this occassion.

2nd Paradises – Shardlow Knickerboka Glory

A nice square body with barrel ribs.  She has a nice width of head with nice eye.

Class 447 PGB 5 (2)

1st Oatridges – Dalehouse Crystal Tips

A young lady who is square in shape with good width at front leading to a nice barrel chest.  She has a level topline and moved well.

2nd Perretts – Dalehouse Crystal Rose

A Square body with good spring of rib was how this young lady was built.  With a nice wide head and a good amount of cushioning.

3rd Smiths – Sidlyn Song of the Wind

Class 448 LB 11 (5)

1st Masons – Sleepyhollow La Calisto

She has good width at front with good spring of rib.  She has large dark eye with a correct nose placement.   Correct ear placement. And she moved well. BCC + BOS

2nd Tongs – Jakconas Pandora

This lady has good width with barrel chest .  Nice large eye and correct ear placement.

3rd Steele’s – Javalcy Chia Doll at Threadgold

Class 449 OB 5 (0)

1st Wainwright and Hodgsons – Jenan Tutti Frutti

This little lady has good width with barrel chest and coby body.  I noticed this as she came in the ring. She has a level topline and moved well.  Her large pretty head shows off her nice dark eye well. RBCC

2nd Caytons – Stepheter Hello Kitty

She was nice and square in shape with a  level topline.  She has  good width which shows in her movement.  She has a pretty large head. I believe she had just had quite a fright before the class but she held her own whilst there.

3rd Dopsons – Fralee Miss Daisy of Jalindri

Class 450 Good Cit B 0

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