26 MARCH 2016

Judge Mrs C Reeves-Sargant



Thank you for my lovely entry.

VD (1) 1 Bailey’s Pochinka Edward Bear at Aldoricka, 9 years b/w. I have always loved this little boy who I gave a RCC when he was younger. He still has his lovely head & body. Still enjoying himself, moved & showed very well. MPD (8) 1 Banks’ Choya Masuyo, b/w. Very forward puppy, in lovely coat. Pretty head & expression. Straight front & layback in shoulder. Correct topline, well carried tail, moved & showed with confidence; 2 Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bugsy Malone, b/w, a little boy, very square compact body. Pretty head. Level topline & good tailset. Sound hindquarters. Moved & showed well 3 Jarvis’ Sharlana Peaky Blinder via Leanzak. PD (7) 1 Basing’s Arranbrook Mint Imperial, b/w. Lovely head & expression, neck of correct length leading onto a level topline & a correct placed tail. Good stifles & sound hindquarters. Good width of front & tight elbows. Sound movement. In good coat; 2 Schemel’s Chinart Yuunagi, b/w nearly 1 year. In lovely coat. Slightly longer cast then 1. Pretty head & correct expression. Length of neck & layback good. Good ribcage & carrying the correct weight. Well placed tail another that moved with confidence; 3 Davidson’s Lizamela Provocateur at Sharlana. JD(14,3a) 1 Leach’s Ouzelwell’s Horoki, b/w. He has a lovely large head & showing enough white in eye. Good cushioning. Rounded in all aspects. Length of neck, layback, topline, tailset, width of front & straight front legs all good. Rounded body, good bend of stifle. Sound hindquarters, showed like an expert; 2 Matches’ Godheim Stars And Stripes at Fochai, b/w. Another with a very pretty head & eye. Nice size, make & shape. Good bend of stifle so that he can move well. In lovely coat, showed well; 3 Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo. PGD (14,4) 1 Allen’s Wyndcatch Take It Easy, b/w. Large head, soft kind expression, good cushioning. Square compact body which is level. Good front, tight elbows. Correct width all the way through the body. Sound hindquarters, tight tailset. Straight hocks, moved with plenty of drive & stood foursquare; 2 Farmer’s Sangria Riverdance, b/w. Smaller framed dog. Elegant head & eye, good length of neck. Straight front & moved straight when he comes towards you, moved parallel turn of stifle good sound hindquarters, well placed tail. In good coat; 3 Daly & Robinson’s Midorchi Poetry In Motion. LD (12,4) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance, b/w. This is such an elegant little boy & he knows it. He showed & moved beautifully. Not a big boy but so stylish. Lovely pretty head & correct expression. Good cushioning. Layback correct, plenty of width in front so he moves bang on. Lifts his front legs correctly, not exaggerated just right. Elbows tucked in. Rounded body, sound hindquarters, tight tailset. Good bend of stifle & straight hocks, which stays straight in moving. This was his day & he deserved, so glad to give him his 2nd CC, hope the 3rd soon comes his way. CC, BOB; 2 Williamson’s Rakuchin By Design for Kalamata, b/w. Head & expression correct, good length of neck. Level topline & rounded body. Tight tailset. Straight front, tight elbows. Moved & showed well; 3- Beadling’s Sharlana Tailor Made for Dekobras. Special OD R/W (1) 1 Davidson’s Rus Ch Hin Satori Yoko Zolotoy Sneg at Sharlana, s/w. On his own but this dog has presence & moved round the ring as if he owned it. He stands with such aloof bearing you have to look at him. Gorgeous large head & correct expression. Length of neck, shoulder placement, width of front, tight elbows, straight legs. Leading onto a body that is at the moment still immature but it will come, give him another 18 months & he will be hard to beat. Nothing wrong with his movement. Sound hindquarters, turn of stifle, straight hocks. Topped with a good tailset. Cannot fault him on his attitude of movement & showing. RDCC. So pleased with my dog ticket winners. Different types but both correct. OD (4) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin, b/w. Large rounded head, dark eyes & correct expression. Good width of front, Lovely shape & plenty of substance. Tight tailset & sound hindquarters. Moved & showed well; 2 Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine, b/w. I love this boy, the type I was bought up with. Gorgeous head & large dark eyes. As always in beautiful coat. Good body & shape. Square, tight tailset, he moves straight & soundly & as always shows like a bomb; 3 Burden’s Sangria Amadeus of Sheonagh.

VB (2,1) 1 Burden’s Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh, b/w 9 years. In fantastic coat. Lovely condition, Pretty head, level topline which she held on the move. Good tailset. Looked like she enjoyed her day out. Moved & showed well. MPB (13,4) 1 Banks’ Choya Charlotte, tiny little girl. Very compact, cobby body for one so small. Good width of front & tight elbows. Sound hindquarters & good tailset. Cocky little madam that really took the ring over. She showed as if she has been doing it for years & not at her very first show. She said look at me & everyone did to the point that she pleased the BIS judge & ended up BPIS. BP, she deserved it; 2 Wolfenden’s Bechinka Mozo, b/w, another little girl, very pretty, lovely shape, compact, sound, topline & tailset all correct. Good width right the way through for one so little. Good bend of stifle. Moved soundly & showed well; 3 Steele’s Threadgold Empress Wu. PB(5,1) 1 Davidson’s Hin Satori Evita Karmensita at Sharlana, s/w, so pretty. Lovely head, large for her size, dark expressive eyes. Her make & shape is lovely. Good tailset & gorgeous straight movement totally parallel, good stifle. She showed as if she had been doing it all her life. Such a hard decision between the MP & her, but this little one will be hard to beat later on; 2 Crane’s Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins, b/b. Good head & eye. Plenty of cushioning, Make & shape very good. Plenty of substance. Correct length of neck, leading onto a level topline. Correct tailset, moved & showed well; 3 Steele’s Threadgold Ava Maria. JB (12,3) 1 Vincent’s Yama Paper Lace, b/w. Nice size, square & compact. Pretty head & soft expressive eyes. Good front, layback of shoulders, tight elbows, tight tailset, good turn of stifle, in lovely coat for age. Moved & showed well; 2 Constable’s Arranbrook Imperial Dancer at Mitapip, b/w. Square & compact little girl. Nice size, lovely head & large eyes. Good front & moves straight coming towards you. Tight tailset & sound hindquarters. Moving totally parallel. In lovely coat; 3 Esposito’s Sharlana Cho. PGB (12,2) 1 Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika, b/w. Another little girl, square & compact, plenty of substance for one so small. She has a lovely head & soft dark expressive eyes. Good front, straight front legs, good turn of stifle, which means she moves very well with plenty of drive. Straight hocks which she holds on the move. Tight tailset & in lovely coat, Showed like a little trouper. Pleased to give her the RCC; 2 Burden’s Sangria Celebration of Sheonagh, b/w. Another that shows like a dream. Pretty head, good cushioning, correct expression. Balanced body, everything fits in the right place. Compact, correct tailset & sound hindquarters. In lovely coat. Moved & showed well; 3 Whitehouse’s Cheekychins Esme for Denain. LB (4,1) 1 Crane’s Sidlyn Wind Of Change with Cranvarl, b/w. Nice size bitch for showing & breeding. She has a very pretty head & dark eye. Filled in under the eye with plenty of cushioning. She has the correct upturn of the bottom jaw, which give the 3 impression from the side view. Correct length of neck, layback & width of front. Tight elbows which means she moves straight & purposeful. Square compact body with plenty of substance. Good ribcage. Tight tailset. Stifle correct so moves with plenty of drive which is straight. Hocks standing & moving straight. Showed very well Coat now coming in & she looked lovely. Pleased to award her, her crown, & going by the crowd so were they. CC; 2 Banks’ Linjato Khaleesa of Choya, b/w. Same size as 1, not to be outdone by winner, she is a very pretty girl, lovely head & eye, good width of front, moved & showed beautifully. Level topline, cobby body, tight tailset, moved well fore & aft. In lovely coat; 3 Vincent’s Yama I’m Katu. Special OB R/W (0). OB (3,2) 1 Oatridge’s Ch Dalehouse Crystal Tips, b/w. Lovely shape, small & compact, good ribcage. Very pretty head & expressive eyes. Plenty of cushioning. Good width of front & tight elbows. So she moved & reached very well with her front legs. Tight tailset & sound hindquarters, correct stifle & straight hocks. In lovely coat. Moved & showed very well.


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