United Kingdom Toydog Society 2015


28th March 2015

Judged by Jane Thomas


BEST OF BREED : Mr A W Davidson Sharlarna Koyuki

Dog CC  Ms P Martin Am Ch Nisyros Al Pachino

Res Dog CC Mrs K Bartlett Ch Pebblecombe Jinja

Bitch CC Mr A W Davidson Sharlarna Koyuki

Res Bitch CC  Mrs J Jolley Sharlana's Dancing Queen At Dekobras

Best Puppy Mrs S Allen Wyndcatch Take It Easy TAF

Best Veteran Mrs S E Steele Homerbrent Shirakawa



Firstly I would like to thank everyone for entering under me, that was a truly amazing entry, I don’t somehow feel

that I will ever surpass that entry again.  I realise that UK Toy is a must do show for toy exhibitors.

Now down to business, I have to say that I found a large portion of the male classes very disappointing, the bitches

were much better all round.  But what was most surprising was that I have never seen so many yellow stained dogs. 

I can’t believe that people will spend all that money to enter and travel to the show and not have the dog looking

absolutely pristine.  A couple of dogs would have gone further but for the colour of them.  I had a couple of dogs that

looked as though they had just been brought out of the garden to compete.  It has to be the complete picture, not

only good type, (you have to look further than a nice head), but soundness and presentation are of equal importance. 

It’s no good having a super dog and then wasting it because of a lack of presentation skills.

VD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st Mrs S E Steele, Homerbrent Shirakawa.  7yrs. This is a lovely boy, square, well coated and he moved out well,

very confident.  A lovely head, good eyes, and cushioning.  A worthy winner BV

2nd Mrs J & Miss L Mcfarlane, Sleepyhollow All That Jazz at Glendyke.  10yrs.  Slightly smaller than 1 another nice

boy, starting to show his age a little.  Nice and square, with a lovely head, with nice round eyes, well coated.  His

front movement lets him down a little.  

3rd Mr D & Mrs D M Bailey, Pochinka Edward Bear At Aldoricka

MPD (15 Entries) Abs: 4

This class had some very promising puppies, I could have done with more than one first place.

1st Mrs S Allen, Wyndcatch Take It Easy TAF.  This boy took my eye immediately, a very confident puppy.  A beautiful

large head with very dark round expressive eyes, showing a very small amount of white of eye, good cushioning.  A

good reach of neck set on a very short square body.  Lovely coat.  Immaculate condition. A very lively confident boy.  


2nd Miss J Matches, Godheim Little Rock At Fochai.  This was another quality puppy, I think this was his first show and

he was a little unsure at first but gained in confidence as the class went on. Slightly smaller than 1. He was a nice

square shape with a very attractive head, good cushioning and a nice round eye, nice topline, and moved well.  These

first two puppies I’m sure will have a good future ahead of them.

3rd Mr A Allcock MBE, Sleepyhollow Robson.

PD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

This was a somewhat disappointing class.

1st Miss S Tweedie, Rysalka Lord Basil. A little up to size, moved well, confident.  Show preparation not good.

2nd Mrs J & Miss L McFarlane, Sharlarna Hachiro. My word this one was tiny, I’m not sure if mummy knew he had left

the nest.  Very sweet face, so confident for something so small, moved ok.  In need of a lot of bodying up.

3rd Mr N L J & Mrs M A Smith, Sansarc Larger Than Life.

JD (12 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: Ms T & Hann Ms S Pearce, Holmchin Secret Affair With Rakuchin.  A very attractive, very well coated dog, nice

rounded head with well set ears.  Large expressive eyes showing a nice amount of white. A nice square body with a

good reach of neck flowing onto a level topline.

2nd Mrs J E Mcleod, Dunline Oh What A Night. A smaller and daintier dog than 1.  He was very square, nice

furnishings.  A pretty head with a nice eye and a good strong lower jaw, which quite a few dogs now are lacking,

would like to see a bit more pigment here though, which hopefully will come with time.  Moved well.

These were two nice exhibits.

3rd Mrs N George, Yama I'm Kimi Amronchi.

PGD (13 Entries) Abs: 1

Movement in quite a few of the dogs in this class left a lot to be desired.

1st Mrs L A Flynn, Choya Kanayo Of Linjato. A nice sound dog that moved well, this is what gave him this class.  A

nice head, good round eyes, would like to have seen some white.  Well cushioned.  Level topline, not in full coat at the

moment, would like him a tad shorter in the body.

2nd Mr S Branch, Phydeaux Blue Moon. Another nice dog, with a square outline.  Good head with a large eye, level

topline and good tail set.  Moved OK

3rd Miss J Matches, Godheim Imperial Wizard At Fochai.

LD (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st Ms R Banks, Choya Kiosha Jw. A very glamorous looking dog.  A lovely rounded head with good large eyes, a well

cushioned muzzle.  A good reach of neck that falls onto a level topline and good tail set.  He is square in outline. 

Moved OK 

2nd Miss J Tong, Dalehouse Elements Of Elgar Jakconas. Slightly larger than 1.  An attractive head with large round

eyes showing some white.  Level topline with good tail set.  Moved well.

3rd Mrs J Jolley, Sharlarna Tailor Made For Dekobras JW.

SpOD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st Mrs K Bartlett, Ch Pebblecombe Jinja. A beautiful R/W boy in full coat, he certainly took your attention.  He is very

square in body, sound and moves well.  Large head with big round dark eyes and good ear set.  His tail was

beautifully plumed over a level topline, with.   Although he stood alone, he was a more than worthy winner.  My DRCC


I really wish today I could have given more than one ticket.  I do so like this boy and the ticket winner, it was a hard

decision.   Two males which both fit the breed standard but yet look so completely different.  In the end he was only

piped to the post by the style of the other dogs head.



OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st Ms P Martin, Am Ch Nisyros Al Pachino. Whilst on the table at eye level you really got the full benefit of this

dogs very stylish and showy outline.  His very oriental, aristocratic head has large expressive eyes, he has a good

under jaw that has a slight upturn which gives him that aloof look, this is carried well on a lovely reach of neck that is

carried proudly, this sits well onto a level topline and good body that was well coated, finished off with a beautifully

plumed tail which then dripped over his back. He moved well with a good reach and elevation that helped him flow

along.  I was pleased to give him his third ticket.   DCC

2nd Mr A W Davidson, Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou At Sharlarna.  Another nice boy in full coat.  Slightly smaller than 1. 

Lovely square outline.  A sweet face with nice round eyes showing white in the corner.  He moved well

The dogs were like busses, all the good ones came together. 

3rd Mrs & Miss A & H Mountcastle, Holmchin Marry Me Harry.

VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st Mrs J Wallhead, Dekobras Gold Kard At Merida. 81/2. I haven’t seen this girl for a long time, she was looking

really well today.  She is small, short and square in outline with a good body, level topline. She very confidently

moved well round the ring.  Nice head with a large dark eye.  Ears carried just a little high.

2nd Miss L Mcfarlane, Lanceian Pleasant Chika. 91/2.  Another nice exhibit.  Also small and cobby Lovely head with

nice dark eyes.  She moved well.  Not quite so sure about keeping her tail up today.

3rd Mr & Mrs I & L Burden, Sangria Shakira Of Sheonagh.

MPB (16 Entries) Abs: 4

1st Mrs S Meadows, Shamead Ruddy Tempest. What a lovely R/W girl, she caught my attention straight away.  This

was her first time out and she was a little nervous to start with but as the class progressed she grew in confidence,

when she gets more shows under her belt I’m sure she will be fine.  She had a very pretty feminine head with a lovely

expression and large dark eyes, showing an nice amount of white. A level topline.  Her movement was stylish, she

moved with a good reach and covered the ground well. I think she should do well. 

2nd Miss L & Pipe Mrs C L Lindsay, Sleepyhollow Mavis At Anjuli. This was also a nice youngster.  Small square, very

smart outline, well bodied with a level topline.  Moved well.

3rd Miss D J Robinson, Midorchi Make Believe.

PB (7 Entries) Abs: 2

Strangley like puppy dog I wasn’t really happy with the exhibits in this class.

1st Mrs M Constable, Arranbrook Meant To Be At Mitapip.  A pretty girl with nice eyes and good expression, with a

nice coat coming through.  Moved well.  Felt she was let down by being a little short in the leg this did not give her the

required square outline.

2nd Mitchell Mr J C & Phillips Mr M, Sleepyhollow Miss Bracelet TAF. An attactive girl with a nice reach of neck and

level topline.  Much as I like to see white of eye which gives the breed it’s required look of astonishment I did feel hers

was perhaps a little extreme.  Movement only ok

3rd Pearce, Ms T & Hann Ms S, Rakuchin Kawsin Kayos.

JB (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st Mr A W Davidson, Sharlarna Koyuki. The minute I saw this girl I really liked her.  Like the male I chose, she also

had a very oriental aloof look and had an exquisite expression in the head, she had good eyes, and a well cushioned

muzzle.  She was very square in the body, moved well with confidence.  Her coat is just coming through, I’m sure

when it arrives to complete the picture she will be stunning.  BCC & BOB

2nd Mrs S C Vincent, Yama I'm Katu. Very unlucky to come up against 1 as this was also another very nice bitch  with

all the right requirements.  Small, square, lovely head, and also moved well, she has a good coat coming through.  As

always whenever I get my hands on dogs from this kennel they are always well toned and fit.

2 fabulous dogs, both a pleasure to go over.

3rd Ms R Banks, Linjato Khaleesa Of Choya 

PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st Mrs G M Swanston, Sangria Showtime Of Pamojill.   A very good exhibit, with everything you would want,  square

in outline, a lovely rounded head with nice eyes showing white, well cushioned muzzel. Nice reach of neck and level

topline, good tail set.  Moved well.

2nd Mrs K Bartlett, Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe (Imp) A well bodied nicely shaped girl who moved

very well.  Pleasing head with good large eyes.   Well furnished body.

3rd Mrs A Mason, Sangria Showbiz

LB (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st Mrs L A Flynn, Linjato Amaya.  This was a nice girl, very pleasing outline, with a lovely head.  Good big eyes. 

Moved soundly and confidently.

2nd Mr M D Boulcott, Jonsville Secret Fortune Sh.CM. A small dainty exhibit. She was very pretty, and in full coat. 

Nice head and expression, good neck and topline.  I just preferred the movement of 1.  

3rd Ms R Banks, Choya Katsumi.

SpOD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st Mrs L A Flynn, Choya Eclipse Of Linjato. Red Sable.  Always very pretty this girl, such a lovely colour, I have to say

that she really looked lovely today, she is well bodied with a lovely square outline.  An attractive head, with nice large

dark expressive eyes. A good neck that flowed onto a level topline.  She moved OK. 

2nd Miss K O'Herlihy, Jesse's Heart of Gold. Another Red Sable.  I have always liked this girl, she always looks so

pretty and feminine, like a piece of porcelain.  A lovely head with large expressive eyes.  She has a lovely coat, nice

body and moves well.  Unfortunately today she was not happy in the show ring.

3rd Mrs J Wallhead, Dekobras Gold Kard At Merida.

OB (9 Entries) Abs: 0

This was a tough class as I really liked the first two exhibits, but could only put one first, it really was a case of

splitting hairs. 

1st Mrs J Jolley, Sharlana's Dancing Queen At Dekobras.  Small and a very pretty feminine head, with good eyes

showing white with extremely well furnished ears to complete the picture.  Square in outline, level topline, moved

well. RBCC

2nd Mr A Allcock MBE, Sleepyhollow Miss Bussell JW. Another very nice girl, small and compact, with a lovely although

slightly different type head to 1, nice eyes and good cushioning, level topline moved well. 

3rd Mrs L Crane, Sidlyn Wind Of Change With Cranvarl JW.

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