Southern Counties 2014

Japanese Chin

My thanks to the exhibitors for such a high quality entry. To judge this lovely breed was a pleasure, temperaments throughout were excellent. All the dogs were beautifully presented & sparkling clean. My thanks to my efficient stewards who expertly protected the little Chins from the ebullient Bull Terriers in the next ring who periodically lunged into the chin ring much to the consternation of some of the exhibitors – not that the little Chins were perturbed – but we could see an accident waiting to happen.

MPD (12,4a) 1 Lubi& Hampton’s Yama I’m Kodi, very smart b/w. Lovely head & expression, good body with firm sturdy legs. Moved & showed well. Excellent hindquarters & good tail carriage. In lovely coat & condition. BP; 2 Jolley’s Sharlarna Tailor Made for Dekobras, another very promising b/w of super type. Good head, neck & shoulder placement. Moved & showed well; 3 George’s Yama I’m Kimi Amronchi. PD (4,1) 1 Branch’s Phydeaux Blue Moon, nice head & expression, moved & showed well; 2 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Mozart, lovely type, super shape & make. Lovely head & expression but he threw his chances away by refusing to move or show correctly. On his day he will be hard to beat; 3 Mountcastle’s Holmchin Blazen Fire. JD (5,2) 1 Tong’s Dalehouse Elements Of Elgar Jakconas, a b/w of excellent type, very smart with level topline & excellent tail carriage, good head & expression. In good coat, moved & showed well; 2 Flynn’s Choya Kanayoof Linjato, another sweet b/w with lovely head& expression. Level topline & good tail carriage, moved & showed well; 3 Day’s Godheim Imperial Emperor at Dorcharday. PGD (11,1) 1 Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow, very well made& balanced throughout with excellent tail carriage. Good head & expression, moved & showed well; 2 Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine, in glamorous coat with excellent body shape. Good head, neck & shoulder placement, very well shown & presented; 3 Dopson’s Fralee Harry of Jalindri. LD (9,1) A very strong class. 1 Bartlett’s Pebblecombe Jinja, beautifully made r/w of excellent type, so well balanced. Lovely head & expression, good front & strong hindquarters. Well bodied with correct tail carriage. Moved & showed steadily. RCC; 2 Dopson’s Homerbrent Kubetu of Jalindri, another lovely exhibit. B/w with good head & correct expression, excellent type. He showed & moved well; 3 Allcock & Hampton’s Bonniroy Yasebai Sleepyhollow. OD (9,2) 1 Allcock’s Ch Sleepyhollow Raphael, exquisite b/w, super size & shape, gorgeous head & expression. So very well balanced all through, has all the attributes required in the Standard which makes him very hard to beat. CC & BOB; 2 Tweedie’s Dan/Bel/Dutch/Rom/Rom Gr Ch Stepheter Jack The Lad at Rysalka, another very lovely sound Chin of excellent shape & type, who moved & showed well; 3 Bartlett’s Vanistica Mahosukai of Pebblecombe. V (3) 1 Boyer’s Amronchi Magic Dust at Ellinghurst, very well presented 9 years in good condition. Lovely coat, good head & expression. Moving& showing well; 2 Burden’s Pucara City Slicker of Sheonagh, 11 years b/w in lovely condition. Showing & moving really well; 3 McFarlane’s Sleepyhollow All That Jazz. GC (1) 1 Doran’s Ellinghurst Dark Sorcerer, a b/w with nice head & sweet expression, good shape. Very typical.

MPB (14,3) I loved this class of very promising puppies. 1 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Miss Bussell, an exquisite cheeky b/w of exquisite type, lovely head & expression. Well made throughout, so well balanced. Correct front & shoulder placement, level topline & strong hindquarters, moved & showed well; 2 Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika, very promising b/w with sweet head & expression. Good body & tailset. Moved & showed well; 3 Mason’s Sangria Showbiz. PB (1) 1 Russell’s Sansarc Lilliana of Alnesaire, stood alone but deserved her place. Petite b/w of lovely size & shape. Just needs time to mature. JB (4) 1 Bartlett’s Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe, beautiful b/w with sweet head & expression. Very well balanced & typical. Good body, level topline, moved & showed well. RCC; 2 Wallhead’s Choya Kinuko at Merida, lovely head & expression. Excellent size & shape, in good coat. Moved & showed well; 3 Quinn’s Sharlarnas Miss Dynamite. PGB (4) 1 Flynn’s Linjato Amaya, an attractive b/w with sweet head & expression. Excellent for size & shape, good tailset. Moved & showed well; 2 Dopson’s Fralee Ellie May at Jalindri, very pretty b/w of correct type. Good head & expression. Nice for size & shape, moved & showed well; 3 Willis’ Jonsville Oriana Dainichi. LB (9,1) 1 Jolley’s Sharlarna’s Dancing Queen at Dekobra’s, very elegant & typical b/w. Ideal size & correct shape, lovely head & expression. Looked a picture both standing & moving; 2 Wallhead’s Fralee Elsie at Merida, lovely size & very typical with sweet head & expression. Good topline with correct tailset. Excellent coat & fringing, moved & showed well; 3 Dopson’s Fralee Tiger Lily of Jalindri. OB (4) 1 Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow, absolutely exquisite b/w with a gorgeous head & expression. Moved & showed so well. Lovely size & shape. CC; 2 Allcock, Lindsay& Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva at Anjuli, very elegant b/w with good head & expression. Excellent fore & hindquarters. Moved very well, good neck & shoulder placement, level topline. In lovely coat & condition; 3 Smith’s Amronchi Niina with Wyndcatch.


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