South Wales Kennel Association


Judged by:  Mr M Rowley

13th October 2013


SWKA – Japanese Chin 2013


I enjoyed my first appointment at Ch show level.  It was noticeable that a number of exhibits were out of coat and some were upset by some of the larger dogs in the nearby rings.  I am sure this had an impact on the performance of some and did affect the final positions on the day.


MPD (3-1) 1. Williamson’s Rakuchin by Design for Kalamata.  An eye-catching youngster.  Square and cobby with level topline and well set tail which provided a pleasing outline.   In lovely coat, moved soundly.

2. Tong’s Dalehouse Elements of Elgar Jakconas.  Another smart puppy which I really liked and it was a case of splitting hairs.  Compact with level topline and in excellent coat which provided a pleasing profile.  Moved soundly both ways.


PD (2-0)  . 1. Oatridge’s Dalehouse Emperor Eiji.  A promising 8 month puppy. Large round head with large eye and well placed nose.  In glamorous coat he provided a pleasing outline on the move.

 2.   O'Hearlihy’s Axelwood Sakura.   In profuse coat, small and a nice overall shape, he has a well shaped head, nicely cushioned muzzle, level topline and well-set tail. Moved confidently.


JD (6 -2)  An excellent class which bodes well for the breed in the future.  1. Farmer‘s Sangria Celebrity.    Dainty young dog, small and cobby, he has a well shaped head, nicely cushioned muzzle with desired dark eyes and look of astonishment. Moved and showed well.  When he matures I am sure he will take some beating.

2.  Banks’ Choya Kiosha.   Another quality youngster, slightly larger than one.  A beautiful shape with a good reach of neck supporting an attractive head.  Moved and showed with purpose.

3. Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow.


 PGD (3-0) 1. Mountcastle’s Holmchin Marry me Harry.    Larger dog, large head with excellent cushioning, a well set nose and dark eye.  He moved with confidence around the ring and was expertly presented by his young handler.

2. Mcfarlane’s Amantra Jojo.  Lovely head and expression.  Well shaped body with good spring of rib, he was well presented by his experienced handler.

 3. Williamson’s Choya Rising Sun over Kalamata.


LD (9-2) 1. Bartlett’s Pebblecombe Jinja.   A mature r/w dog who is an ideal shape and size.   He has a large head, dark eyes and excellent cushioning.  He has a good reach of neck which flows into and ideal cobby shape, level back with correct tailset.   Moved accurately in a confident performance.  Pushed hard for top honours but was just lacking a little in coat compared to the major winners.

2. Hann & Pearce’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin.  Larger type, lovely head and expression with well-cushioned muzzle. A really well-balanced dog in lovely coat he moved & showed beautifully. The size of 1 gave greater appeal.

3.  Willis’ Dainichi Riochi.


OD (6-1) A strong class.  1. Banks’ Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya JW.  I judged this dog as a puppy and awarded him BD and BPIS at JCC Open show 2 years ago and am pleased to see him fulfilling the promise he showed then.   A real eye-catching dog, he has large dark eyes and well cushioned muzzle, square body, with an elegant neck providing a lovely outline.  In profuse coat which was immaculately presented, he moved elegantly around the ring.  DCC and BOB.

 2. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Raphael JW SChM.  Another eye-catching dog who provides a very smart outline.  He has a beautiful head with a typical expression.  In good coat he simply flowed around the ring.   RCC

3. Davidson & Carter-Davidson’s Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna.


VD (1-0) 1.  Mcfarlane’s Sleepyhollow All That Jazz at Glendyke.    At 8½years old, lovely type & size, still looks good for his age and was clearly enjoying his day.  Cobby with large head and well-placed nose.  Moved around the ring well.


MPB (5-0) 1. Quinn’s Sharlana’s Miss Dynamite.   Really attractive 6 mth old puppy who was making her debut today. Dainty and very feminine with very attractive head with dark eyes.  Short level back and well set tail she provided a lovely outline both standing and on the move.

2. Steele’s Threadgold Lulu.   Another pretty puppy making her show debut.  Square and compact with well-set tail.   She has a pretty head and large dark eye and good cushioning. Moved well in front.

 3. Bartlett’s Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe.


PB (2-0) 1. Grogan’s Axlewood Karmin.   Dainty 10 mth puppy.  Smart and square with a pretty head with large dark eyes and desired look of astonishment.  She was in excellent coat and moved with confidence around the ring.  Delighted to award her best puppy.

2. Quinn’s Sharlana’s Miss Dynamite.

JB (8 -1). The class of the day with real quality throughout.    1. Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow.  This little lady filled my eye as she walked into the ring.   A pretty head with good cushioning well placed ears and lovely dark eyes providing the desired look of astonishment.  Dainty, short level back, fine bone with correct hare feet and silky coat. She moved and showed with style and looked a picture in profile both standing and on the move.  BCC - her second.

2. Willis’ Jonsville Oriana Danichi.  Pretty, small and dainty little bitch.  Very pretty head, well cushioned muzzle, expressive dark eyes, attractive outline, & very showy.  Moved confidently to complete a pleasing picture.

3. Paradise’s Shardlow Knickabocka Glory.


PGB (5-3)  1. Paradise’s Shardlow Knickabocka Glory.  Happy, well balanced youngster who has a pretty feminine head, small high set ears, correct expression. Level topline. Moved well.
2.  O 'Hearlihy’s Axelwood Stella.   Slightly larger bitch with attractive head, good cushioning and dark eyes providing a pleasing expression.  Moved confidently and with style.


LB (3-1) 1. Oatridge’s Dalehouse Crystal Tips.   Pretty, small and compact.  Attractive head well cushioned muzzle and expressive dark eyes.  Square with a level topline and correct set tail.  Moved confidently.

2.  Flynn’s Choya Eclipse of Linjato.   Sable bitch with a lovely rich colour.  Very feminine head, with dark eyes and well-placed nose.  Square in profuse silky coat, she moved around the ring with style.


OB (8 -3) 1.  O'Hearlihy’s Jesse’s Heart of Gold.   A lovely r/w dainty bitch who really took the eye, smart & square, she has a very pretty head, with dark eyes & well-cushioned muzzle.  She had lovely feathering on correct hare feet. She moved and showed with style. RCC

2.  Steele’s Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold.   Nicely made, beautifully presented bitch, with a clear outline, well balanced head, dark eye and level topline. Moved soundly and was unlucky to meet the winner.

3.  Smith’s Amronchi Nina at Wyndcatch.



Mike Rowley (Judge)

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