South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show

9 October 2016


Judge Mr Andrew Brace


Japanese Chin

MPD (3) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Ring Master, 6 months b/w of ideal size & shape, attractive head & typical expression, firm backline, well bodied with excellent angulation. Showed confidently, just needs to tighten in front & second testicle to settle; 2 Vincent & Speight’s Bonniroy Yumi Aka at Yama, 8 months r/w not the confidence of 1, longer coupled & not so settled in topline. Pleasing head type, well bodied, moved reasonably; 3 Steele’s Sharlarna Divine at Threadgold. PD (4) 1 Farmer’s Sangria War Lord, 10 months b/w very well schooled & so poised. Excellent head type if a darker eye would be the icing on the cake. Balanced outline with level topline, correct angulation & well set & carried tail. Moved smartly hand typically, just needs to body up. BPD; 2 Vincent’s Yama Teddy Edward, 10 months b/w who was a little unsettled on the table & he too would benefit from a little more bodyweight. Lovely head & eye, needs to fill out in front but has excellent basic shape & moved steadily; 3 Thomas’ Isami at Javalcy. JD (3) 1 Banks’ Choya Masuyo, 14 months b/w, so well balanced & light on his feet. Makes a very attractive overall picture & is full of quality. Pleasing head type but head could be larger. Needs to body up but has the basic framework; 2 Matches’ Denis Goscinska Przystan at Fochai, 12 months r/w cobby & well made. Slightly different head type to 1 & muzzle needs to cushion up. When he settled moved confidently & typically; 3 George’s Sharlarna The Tempest. PGD (3) 1 Fry’s Amantra Shoji, b/w of excellent type & having the best head type in the class even if his eye could be a shade darker. Nicely balanced outline, well bodied & in good coat. When he decided to get going moved quite well; 2 Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo, b/w, very well bodied, cobby & all of a piece. Not the muzzle width & cushioning of 1 but has a quite good eye. Moved steadily; 3 Matches’ Godheim Stars And Stripes at Fochai. LD (3) 1 McLeod’s Dunline Oh What A Night, b/w of quality who performed beautifully & was in excellent coat & body condition. Excellent basic head type, very well constructed all through, such a light & typical mover. Slightly longer cast than the CC winner but well deserved the RCC & would be a worthy champion; 2 George’ Yama Im Kimi Amronchi, heavier built b/w a little longer cast & definitely heavier headed. Solidly made, well bodied & moved steadily; 3 Robinson’s Midorchi Magnum. OD (4) 1 Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, b/w of superb overall type, shape & size. Glorious head & expression, cobby body with optimum weight. Very well constructed & moved accordingly. Coat could have been in better condition but stood away for the CC & BOB; 2 Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance, b/w in pristine condition but lacking a little bodyweight. A little longer cast than 1 but has excellent head type & expression. Moved smartly; 3 Burden’s Sangria Amadeus of Sheonagh. VD (1) 1 McLeod’s Sleepyhollow Knight And Day at Dunline, 7 years b/w, cobby & essentially typical, quality head, good overall balance & in excellent condition for his age, still moving with enthusiasm.

MPB (5) 1 Davidson’s Utsukushi Lady Monserrat at Sharlarna, 6 months b/w baby on her toes & full of confidence. Small but perfectly balanced, exquisite head & expression, flawless topline & excellent construction all through. Such a smart & typical mover, just needs to body up with maturity; 2 Quinn’s Sharlarna Misss Fame at Harlouville, 6 months baby with so much confidence. Not so heavily marked as 1 & so feminine all through. Not the eye & expression of 1 or as true coming on but otherwise she pushed very hard & has enormous promise; 3 Paradise’s Shardlow Pavlova. PB (4) 1 Magri & Arrowsmith’s Yama Miss Divine Rozamie, 9½ months b/w, so composed & a real showgirl. Charming head with typical expression, excellent neck & topline but looks a little leggy at the moment as she still needs to drop into her frame. Wonderful angulation front & back. Moves with style & type, just needs to tighten in front. In gleaming condition. Did enough to win the RCC & later won PG2 under Pam Blay; 2 Smith’s Sidlyn Dancing In The Wind, 11 months b/w, solidly made, essentially typical but a shade longer cast than 1 & not quite her lightness of foot. Excellent head type, the sort to breed something good; 3 S Pavlova. JB (3) 1 Davidson’s Hin Satori Evita Karmensita at Sharlarna, 17 months sable, small, feminine yet amazingly well bodied. Beautiful head type, such a sound & steady mover with great style. Not in full coat but he has nothing to hide. CC, her second apparently; 2 Banks’ Choya Charlotte, 13 months b/w, very composed & well schooled. Feminine head, good basic construction but a little longer coupled than 1 & not quite as well bodied; 3 Wallhead’s Choya Carolina. PGB (3) 1 Davidson’s Sharlarna Betty Boo, b/w of exquisite type, shape & size. Glorious head & expression, well bodied with perfect balance of outline & good spring of rib. Moved smartly & typically. Not in full coat but has so much to like. Should make up; 2 Burden’s Sangria Celebration of Sheonagh, b/w not quite the head qualities of 1 but she too is solidly made, well constructed if a little longer cast than 1. Moved steadily & was very well bodied; 3 Vincent’s Yama Aurora. LB (4) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin, b/w in her underclothes but she has nothing to hide. Strong head, typical eye, cobby body, excellent angulation, firm topline. Moves stylishly with typical lift holding her outline well; 2 Rowley & Wallhead’s Sleeepyhollow Tickle My Fancy at Merida, b/w, again not in full coat but with a look of quality. Not as strong in underjaw as 1 & on the move she doesn’t have the same carriage as she tends to ‘poke’ a little. Nicely bodied with good overall construction; 3 Paradise’s Shardlow Yum Yum. OB (2) 1 Paradise’s Shardlow Knickerbocka, mature b/w in full coat, good basic type, extremely well bodied (almost too much so!) & big ribbed. Pleasing head & expression, moves with enthusiasm but comes on rather generously; 2 Steele’s Ch Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold, feminine b/w who could have pushed harder had she used her tail more. More heavily marked than 1 but handles well & has decent head type. VB (2) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Stepheter Wanna Shout for Rakuchin, 8 years b/w on her toes & showing with enthusiasm. Not in full coat but beautifully conditioned, perfectly balanced with a very typical head & expression, moving steadily; 2 Burden’s Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh, 9 years b/w in much fuller coat but rather long in body & now finding it hard to hide her tongue. Good overall type nonetheless.



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