The Scottish Kennel Club

19th May 2013

Judges by Mrs Joy Jolley




There was a quality entry. General soundness has improved over the years, but too many otherwise well made exhibits were rather narrow in chest therefore lacked the desired cobby appearance. Some were too straight in the shoulder to move with the correct elegant action, some were rather heavy in bone & had round rather than the correct hare feet, & a few had rather flat skull resulting in a coarse appearance. Any of these faults can result in a loss of true breed type. Therefore I was looking for a square, cobby dog with fine bone & correct movement, round typical head & a happy temperament. All my main winners displayed these characteristics & all were in tip-top condition.

PD (4) 1 Jackson’s El Conquistador Beneto Bohemia, 10 months r/w with pleasing head, large well set eyes, fine bone, good neck & shoulder, level back. A little long in leg & well up to size; 2 Dowson’s Anbarees Kung Fu Panda among Blynblay, large round head with expressive eyes, wide open nostrils, well cushioned muzzle. Not making the most of his chances; 3 Bailey’s Queenslake Just William at Aldoricka. JD (3) 1 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Fralee Anthony Sleepyhollow, well proportioned quality dog of nice size, has all the breed characteristics without exaggeration, round head with large eyes & wide nostrils, compact, fine boned with straight legs, level back, high set tail, moved well in both directions; 2 Bank’s Choya Kiosha, well balanced, square outline, classic head with large eyes & correct amount of white showing to give the characteristic look of astonishment, good forehand, well bent stifles, moved with drive, full coat of silky texture all in super condition; 3 El Conquistador B B. PGD (6) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin, well balanced, masculine with large round head & lovely expression, just the right length of neck leading to level back & high set tail, moved well lifting the front legs & with good drive from behind, silky coat with good fringes, all presented in perfection condition; 2 Parry’s Sidlyn Gone With The Wind to Gwynsias, well made square dog, large well placed dark eyes, wide muzzle, large nostrils, good ribcage, moved soundly in both directions; 3 Williamson’s Choya Rising Sun over Kalamata. LD (5) 1 Thomas’ Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers, elegant dainty dog of nice size, fine strong bone, eyes set well apart in round head, well set ears, wide muzzle, well laid shoulders, straight front, broad chest, well turned stifle, stylish positive movement; 2 Flynn & Van Baaren-Grob’s Homerbrent Yuumei Na, cobby dog with classic head & broad muzzle, good front with straight legs & hare feet sporting the desired feathering, moved soundly in both directions; 3 Steele’s Yama Manoochi at Threadgold. OD (6) 1 Carter-Davidson’s Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, elegant & dainty, well balanced dog of nice size, fine strong bone, classic head, large eyes with astonished look, well set ears, well laid shoulder, straight legs, wide chest giving the desired cobby look, level back, high set tail, good angulation, covered the ground well lifting the front legs high & driving well from behind, with a profuse silky coat & head held high he presented an overall picture of oriental elegance. CC, his first, I am sure he will soon gain his crown; 2 Banks’ Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya, very worthy champion, square & compact with classic head & profuse silky coat, presented to perfection as all are from this kennel. RCC; 3 Parry’s Ch Sleepyhollow Caruso with Gwynsias.

PB (5) 1 Thomas’ Javalcy Because I’m Worth It, very sound 9 months bitch with round head, dark eye & pigment, wide well cushioned muzzle, strong slightly arched neck leading to well laid shoulders, wide in chest, good turn of stifle, moved with drive, moved & showed well, well coated for age; 2 Blair’s Toffs Lotus Blossom at Bellflows, well proportioned head with typical expression, large dark eye, open nostrils, handled well on the table with good angulation, level back. Needs time to settle; 3 Simpson & Hubbard’s Katone Truly Scrumptious. JB (4) 1 Banks’ Choya Katsumi, well balanced throughout, square classic head, dark pigment, good ribcage giving width between straight front legs, feet facing to the front, high set tail carried over the back, moved well with good reach & drive. One to watch in the future. RCC; 2 Flynn’s Linjato Amaya, built on the same lines, classic head, wide muzzle, neat mouth, good in front with hare feet. Close up to 1; 3 Hazlehurst’s Rakuchin Willow Moon. PGB (3) 1 Boulcott’s Jonsville Secret Fortune, nice size, compact, pleasing head & expression, well set ears, good neck & shoulder, moved soundly in both directions; 2 Bailey;s Asmena Tinkerbell at Aldoricka, round head, large eyes showing just enough white to give a truly Japanese expression without any exaggeration, goo din front with hare feet & the desired fringes, profuse silky coat, moved & showed well; 3 R Willow Moon. LB (6) 1 Spavin Harrison’s Nisyros Chindy Lauper Sings Sholeen, has everything the Standard calls for without exaggeration & the temperament to show it all off to advantage, nice size, good head, dark eye & Japanese expression, dainty, fine bone with well laid shoulder, broad chest, cobby, profuse silky coat, typical graceful movement lifting the front legs & driving from behind. CC & BOB; 2 Steele’s Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold, well balanced throughout, square with large head & eye, wide nostrils, level back, good angulation, high set tail, correct stylish movement; 3 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva at Anjuli. OB (3) 1 J China Doll at T; 2 Anderson & Watts’ Nisyros Like A Virchin, handled well on the table, square, cobby, good head, large well spaced eyes, good front, hare feet, well laid shoulder. Unfortunately was not happy on the move & would not put her tail up.



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