The Scottish Kennel Club 2014


 24th August 2014



Thank you everyone for your entry. The dogs were well presented and on the majority showed well. Thank you for your patience with me regarding me asking you to move quite a bit. It is my pet hate I cannot abide or forgive unsoundness. And as we have all seen examples of this of late I wanted to make sure that my winners were all sound. And I am pleased to say I only found 1 exhibit that was unsound.
A couple of things you must watch when you next breed a litter. Slab sides, they must be a barrel shape (rounded in body). Short coupled. Straight stifles this can result in bad or even unsound movement. And also restricts the drive from the hindquarters, giving short steps. Necks must be moderate not short, once again can bring a problem with the movement of the neck. With age and coat if the neck is to short it will disappear and give a peke appearance.
Puppy dog 9 ( 2abs)
Wish there was a separate m. pup class as the difference was very obvious between the pups
1  -  Jolley Sharlana Tailor Maid for Dekobras. 11mths. Pretty boy. Broad head with the right expression. Correct length of neck leading onto a flat topline and well placed tail. Lovely size, square body. Good front with elbows tucked in. Stifle correct and turn of hocks. Standing fore square on the floor. In good coat and moved and showed very well. BP & RDCC
2  -  Pearce & Hann Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin. 9mths. And it showed between these two. Has a lovely wide head with large dark eyes. Lovely length of neck and good lay back of shoulders. Flat topline leading onto a well placed tail keeping it tight when moving. Good front, plenty of width. Good angulation of hindquarters and plenty of drive. Just not so short coupled as 1.
3  -  Flynn Linjato Kiyoto.
Junior dog 4 (1abs)
1  -  Flynn Choya Kanayo of Linjato. Nice rounded head, broad in appearance with good cushioning. Large dark eyes. Good length of neck, correct shoulders. Tight elbows and good width of front. Straight feet. Cobby body and level topline. Tail carried well standing and on the move. Plenty of width in movement. Showed well. Inbetween coats at the moment
2  -  Robinson. Midorchi Magnum. Lovely size and shape. Lovely head and well set large dark eyes.  Good width of front, standing true on the front legs. Level topline, well placed tail. Good bend of stifle and moved with plenty of drive. Moved and showed well
3  -  Martin. Sharlanas Yoshi
P Grad dog 5 (3abs)
1  -  Matches Godheim Imperial Wizard at Fochai. Broad open head, with dark eyes showing the whites in the eye. Lovely length of neck. Correct layback, tight elbows, good front. Barrell chest, plenty of substance. Level topline, well placed tail. Bend of stifle giving plenty of drive in the hind action. Moved and showed well.
2  -  Robinson. Midorchi Magnum
Limit dog 4 (1abs)
1  -  Quinn. Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine, Mature male, Large open head and eye. Lovely square body and substance. Rounded body, level, Profuse tail. Good front, straight legs and good feet. Moved well and showed beautifully.
2  -  Blair. Tillashby Michi at Bellflows. Lovely shape, level, with rounded body. Correct length of neck, well carried. layback of shoulders good. Good front. Pretty head wide and with dark expressive eyes. Plenty of bend of stifle, giving him lovely straight movement in the rear.
3  -  Matches. Godheim Golden Buddha at Fochai
Open 4 (1abs)
1  -  Davidson. Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlana. Lovely shaped dog. Plenty of substance on him with rounded ribcage. Level topline and good tailset which was kept on the move. He has a oriental head, plenty of width with large expressive eyes. Plenty of cushioning. Correct length of neck and sweepdown to back. Correct layback of shoulders giving him plenty of free movement in the front. Correct width of front with straight legs and correct feet. His hind movement has plenty of drive with correct bend of stifle and straight hocks.  I know I was hard on this dog re the moving of him but I found no sign of unsoundness. His hindquarters were sound to the touch patellas standing solid. In lovely coat. So pleased to give him his crown which has been long overdue. CC & BOB and shorlisted
2  -  Pearce & Hann. Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin. Lovely head, wide and open. Large dark eyes. Good length of neck leading onto a level topline. Well carried tail. Inbetween coats. Moved straight and with plenty of drive. Good front with tight elbows.
3  -  Matches.  Godheim Sun of Lionheart at Fochai
Veteran dog 0
Puppy bitch 10 (1abs)
Have to congratulate the exhibitors for managing to keep your pups happy and showing after the alarms went of and we had to vacate the hall. Well done.
1 --  Jackson. Tianshih Lemon Yum Yum. 6mths baby. L/W Gorgeous. Has a beautiful head for one so young. Large and wide. Large dark eyes. Lovely length of neck which lead onto a level topline Well placed tail. Straight front and front legs. Good body coming. She kept her topline on the move. Everything needs to tighten but has all the essentials of being very promising. She showed and moved beautifully. BPB
2  -  Allitt. Tillashby Kimika. Smaller young lady and so very close up to 1. Different type, so also very promising. Pretty head with large dark eyes.  Level topline, has a lovely rounded body with good tailset. Good width throughout her body. Very good bend of stifle and plenty of drive from behind. Will watch these 2 with interest.
3  -  Swanston. Sangria Showtime of Pamojill
Junior bitch 2
1  -  Mason. Sangria Showbiz. Got herself together in this class and showed and moved well. Pretty head with dark expressive eyes. Very good body, level and with correct tailset. Sound hindquarters and good bend of stifle making her move with drive. In lovely coat.
2  -  Gillhesby & Van Baaren. Chinart Setsuko (Imp Ned) Lovely type of bitch, with large wide open face. Dark eyes. Correct length of neck and level topline. carried tail well. Plenty of substance, sound movement and hindquarters. Standing straight front and back.
P Grad bitches 2
1  -  Whitehouse. Cheekychins Esme for Denain. Pretty head open, very expressive eyes . Lovely length of neck, leading onto a level topline with a well carried tail. Rounded body and straight front and legs. Plenty of stifle and straight hocks .Sound hindquarters and movement.  Moved and showed very well. In between coats
2  -  Crane. Sidlyn Wind of Change for Cranvarl. Very similar to 1 . Pretty head and large eye. Correct length of neck. Plenty of width in front with tight elbows. Rounded body and sound hindquarters. Moved and showed well.
Limit bitch 4
1  -  Boulcott. Jonsville Secret Fortune Lovely. Square, compact, gorgeous level topline with correct tail. Has the most pleasing head kind and gentle. Expressive eyes. Length of neck good layback. Correct width of front. Good turn of stifle and sound hindquarters. Her hind movement is lovely, keeping hocks straight. get the weight of and she will make everyones head turn. Gorgeous coat but leave those trousers alone please.
2  -  Flynn Linjato Amaya Lovely little girl, Lovely body rounded. square and compact. Pretty head with lovely kind dark eyes. Large and expressive. Plenty of width in front, tight elbows, moving straight. Good shoulders. Sound and solid hindquarters with bend of stifle giving her plenty of drive on movement. Keeping hocks straight. In lovely coat moved and showed well.
3  -  Jolley. Sharlanas Dancing Queen at Dekobras
Open bitch 4 (3)
1  -  Mason. Sleepyhollow La Calisto. Lovely type of bitch. Pretty head, Open with dark expressive eyes. Correct length of neck leading onto a body with plenty of substance. Rounded with a very good ribcage. Level, Well carried tail. Sound hindquarters with sound patellas. Good stifle giving her really good sound movement. Hocks straight on move and standing. Really good front with straight front legs and tight elbows. Shoulder layback gives her straight and correct front movement. In lovely coat and showed and moved well really asked for her 2nd CC which I was more then pleased to give. BCC.
Chris Reeves-Sargant Judge.

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