Scottish Kennel Club


Judged by:  DR F YEOH (YEOSINGA)

24th August 2013


I had an entry of 40 dogs with only a few absentees. There were many good exhibits, which enabled me to choose line-ups of dogs & bitches that were excellent representatives of this elegant & charming breed. Temperaments were generally satisfactory but two exhibits refused to be handled on the table & consequently the exhibitors elected to withdraw them. My BOB is the captivating r/w bitch Jesse’s Heart Of Gold; DCC is a very handsome worthy ch Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya; his son, Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin, won RCC from the limit class; RBCC is the elegant & dainty b/w Vanistica Mitzsouko Jardhu & BP is Javalcy Because I’m Worth It.

JD (4) 1 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Fralee Anthony Sleepyhollow, head & body coat markings contribute to the overall appeal in a Japanese Chin & this young dog illustrates the value of good balanced markings, scores in expression & head features, excellent silky coat, balanced & cobby, moves confidently; 2 Banks’ Choya Kiosha, typical head & expression, pleasing make & shape, showed & moved well; 3 Jackson-Hind & Atkinson’s Sparkling Prince. PGD (3) 1 Gillhespy & Van Baaren’s Chinart Michael Pavlovitsj, excellent make & shape, superb expression & head features, cobby, presenting a typical outline, moves & shows well; 2 Pettigrew’s Grianan Ama Stunner of Damaron, fine boned, typical head features. Tad nervous on the table & not as convincing in movement as 1. LD (8) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin, super expression, having that look of astonishment, excellent coat, balanced in head features, good make & shape, moving very well both going & coming, presenting a typical outline. RCC; 2 Grugan’s Jardhu’s The Dragon Lord, another strong contender, typical head features, correct silky coat, square & compactly built, therefore balanced outline, moves & shows very well; 3 Thomas’ Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers. OD (4) 1 Banks’ Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya, a most worthy ch, in beautiful condition, typical silky coat, superbly balanced in outline, excellent make & shape, moved true & showed very confidently. CC; 2 Carter-Davidson & Davidson’s Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, another of excellent quality with all the requisite features in head, coat & body ensuring a balanced outline, moves & shows confidently; 3 Steele’s Homerbrent Shirakawa.

PB (5) 1 Thomas’ Javalcy Because I’m Worth It, balanced markings on head & typical features ensuring an excellent expression, typical make & shape, moves confidently & showing exciting promise. BP; 2 Gillhespy’s Sharlarna’s Etsuko, typical head & expression, good make & shape but not as good in coat as 1. Lots of personality & moves very well; 3 Goldie’s Arranbrook Star of Shadwell. JB (4) 1 A Star of S, attractive b/w with pleasing head features, typical make & shape, excellent silky coat, superb temperament, moves well generally but slightly erratic in hind action; 2 Flynn’s Linjato Amaya, another with pleasing head features, good make & shape, moves with confidence but not as good in coat as 1. PGB (2) 1 O’Herlihy’s Axelwood Stella, typical head features but her uneven coat markings distracted visually, nevertheless won this class on her good showmanship, movement & balanced outline; 2 Hazlehurst’s Rakuchin Joy To The World, pleasing head features, make & shape & movement but 1 was better in coat & outline. LB (5) 1 Grugan’s Vanistica Mitzsouko Jardhu, RCC winner deserving of this award due to her excellent expression enhanced by correct head properties, typical outline, excellent movement & superb temperament; 2 Boulcott’s Jonsville Secret Fortune, another excellent bitch that fully pleased with her excellent head features, make & shape, excellent coat & movement; 3 Steele’s Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold. OB (5) 1 O’Herlihy Jesse’s Heart Of Gold, this quality r/w lady captured my attention the moment she came into the ring & closer examination confirms my first impression, her head & expression, cobby body, typical coat of silky texture topped by excellent temperament & movement totally convinces me of her excellence & I eagerly await news of her further successes. CC & BOB; 2 Anderson & Watt’s Nisyros Like A Virchin, another from the top drawer, b/w with her excellent silky coat, good make & shape, fabulous temperament, deserving her placing with her showmanship & excellent movement; 3 Pipe & Lindsay’s Ch Sleepyhollow Maria Callas at Anjuli.

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