Paignton & District 2014


 5th August 2014

Judge: Mrs M Bunce


PD (7,3a) 1 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Le Figaro, 7 month baby with super head, good breadth of skull, kind eye & well cushioned muzzle. Level back & correct tailset. Sound positive mover. Beautiful coat & condition. Just lovely to go over; 2 Pearch & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin, stylish baby with head developing well. Kind alert eye. Level back. Well ribbed & correct tail carriage. Sound mover; 3 George’s Yama I’m Kimi Amronchi. JD (0). PGD (1) 1 Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow, very stylish lad with pleasing head, broad skull & well placed ears. Plushy muzzle. Cobby & compact. Beautiful silky coat. Unfortunately was a touch sluggish on the move. Sound throughout & presented in mint condition. OD(5,2) 1 Allcock’s Sh Sleepyhollow Raphael, this stunningly handsome dog is a joy to go over. Broad skull, well developed nostrils & very good cushioning to muzzle. Strong fine bone & correct feet. Well bodied with level topline & correct high set tail. Beautiful coat & condition. He went around the ring in superb style, showing just how well he is put together. BOB & delighted to see him go G2; 2 Bartlett’s Pebblecombe Jinja, very stylish r/w. Broad skull & well cushioned muzzle. Not quite as cobby as winner, but still well balanced & sound. Fine bone & good feet. Excellent coat & condition; 3 Pearce & Hann’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin.

PB (4,2) 1 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Miss Bussell. Lovely feminine baby. Head developing well with pleasing expression & dark lustrous eyes. Excellent cushioning to muzzle. Good feet & fine bone. Well bodied for age. Level topline & correct tailset. Coat coming well & of silky texture. Very sound movement. BP; 2 Vincent’s Yama I’m Katu, lovely type & sound throughout. Pleasing head & expression. Cobby with level topline. Fine bone & good feet. Clean, silky coat. Moving a tad close behind. JB (3,1) 1 Bartlett’s Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe, lovely bitch with balanced head & broad skull. Superb expression. Well ribbed & level topline. Fine bone. Sound mover. Presented in mint coat & condition; 2 Quinn’s Sharlanas Miss Dynamite, pretty bitch with broad skull & plushy muzzle. Fine bone & cobby body. Lovely silky coat. Unfortunately her rear movement let her down. She was close behind & crossing over. PGB (0). OB (1) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Choya Takara of Rakuchin, most feminine lady with pretty head & flirtatious nature. Beautiful dark eyes. Broad skull & plushy muzzle. Level topline & super tail carriage. Fine bone & correct feet. Presented in beautiful coat & condition. Sound throughout. Moved round the ring in style. RBOB.



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