7 MAY 2016

Judge Mr T Balfour-Burgess




I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge two of my favourite breeds, the Japanese Chin & the Shar Pei. The response to the class winners in the Shar Pei, considering they are numerically a much smaller breed was overwhelming. Some of my Jap Chin exhibits came in the ring looking absolutely stunning, dripping in coat & then they move, I implore the breeders to watch movement both coming with regards to wide fronts & toeing in & rear movement where they are so close behind, dome sculls & temperament & dogs stood with their fronts turned out, in saying that there were some lovely dogs present & my dog & bitch CC winners were very much of a type & looked good stood together for the BOB challenge they may not have been overdressed in cloths but they had enough for top honours & both exhibits were so sound & I must say congrats to the DCC winner on handling him so well on a loose lead it was a joy to watch him move.

MPD (5) 1 Thomas’ Isami at Javalcy, I know this was a very raw puppy but it was a minor puppy class, very expressive head with good padding & a good width to the jaw, a strong fine bone, good topline & body, nice tailset & carriage, will watch him as he matures; 2 Robinson’s Suzume Uccellino De Imperium Auri at Midorchi, very pretty exhibit, lovely for shape & size, nice front assembly, good body & topline & nice on the move close between one & two; 3 Jarvis’ Sharlarna Peaky Blinder via Leanzak. PD (7,1) 1 Banks’ Choya Masuyo, very finished for one so young & well dressed, good shape to skull, nicely padded in muzzle, nice neck, good front assembly, nice body & tailset & carriage adequate bone, nice eye & pigment, moving well. BP & pleased to see him take G3 in the puppy group; 2 Robinson’s Suzume Uccellino De Imperium Auri at Midorchi, another very pleasing exhibit unfortunate to come up against my winner on the day, nicely made & good shape & size, moving well; 3 Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bugsy Malone. JD (13,3) 1 Allcock & Tong’s Sleepyhollow Rheingold, what a lovely young man with a bright future & rich colour, super for shape & size, lovely head & expression, nice neck & lovely topline, good body nice front movement, good tailset & carriage, lovely outline when stood, nice eye, shown in good condition, was pleased to award him the RCC; 2 Godbehere’s Tillashby Arubato, another lovely exhibit, nice shape & size, attractive head & eye, nice topline & body, lovely straight front, nice body & moved well. UGD (7,1) 1 Doran’s Shardlow Mikado, lovely chin just my type, pretty head & expression level topline, good body & front, lovely for shape & size, super neck, so sound on the move, strong contender in the challenge; 2 Matches’ Godheim Stars & Stripes at Fochai, another very similar type. Good head & expressive eye, good neck & topline, nice set tail & carriage, nice straight front, good on the move; 3 Williamson’s Tillashby Kane at Kalamta. PGD (10,2) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Riverdancer, what a lovely exhibit full of breed type beautifully presented a lot to like, lovely for shape & size, beautiful head & eye good padding nice body & good front, had to win the class, yes I know there was a problem with his tail but he got there in the end, but excelled in everything else; 2 Hegarty & Merritt’s Sharlarns Hasime, another very smart young man, gorgeous outline, neck & topline, pretty head, good front lovely ear fringing & moving well; 3 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Baroque at Anjuli. LD (14,2) 1 McLeod’s Dunline Oh What A Knight, the Standard calls for elegant & dainty, fine yet strong boned, giving a slender appearance, & stylish movement, exhibiting no weakness behind. This I found in this exhibit, & a joy to watch on the move, square built, good topline, nice body, good tailset & carriage, pretty head, full of expression, nice padding on muzzle, nicely placed ears of good fringing, was pleased to award him the CC & BOB. Probably the best class of the day; 2 Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bit Of Razzle Dazzle, another very lovely exhibit, good head & neck & topline, good front & body, nice neck, nice eye & padding on muzzle, moving well; 3 Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance. OD (7,1) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin, two very nice examples of the breed, difficult between one & two, my winner had a lovely outline when stood, super head & eyes full of expression, good body & nice front, good neck, shown in lovely condition, good shape to scull, nice fringing on ears, felt the handler could have moved faster as the dog wanted to go; 2 Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, another dog of quality that I have always liked, nicely presented, nice outline, lovely head, good topline, correct bone, in a little too much of a hurry; 3 Doran’s Shardlow Mikado. VD (0).

MPB (8,1) 1 Banks’ Choya Charlotte, this exhibitor seems to be able to produce the goods, yet another lovely exhibit from this kennel, lovely outline in gorgeous puppy coat, pretty feminine head, adequate neck, nice eye & expression, good tailset & carriage, nice body & square & so sound on the move; 2 Gillhespy, Van Baaren Grob’s Vouges Roiyaru Kimochi, another pretty headed bitch, full of expression, lovely eye, straight front, good neck & topline a real baby, moving well sure to do well; 3 Rose’s Fluffy Fantasy Eiko at Rossyn. PB (3,1) 1 Crane’s Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins, this little girl just won my heart, the prettiest of heads which when she looked at you, you just melted, good padding & width to jaw, eyes full of expression lovely & square in outline, good neck & front assembly nice topline & body, good tailset & carriage, moved as if she owned the ring with good turn of stifle, was pleased to award her the RCC; 2 Oatridge’s Dalehouse Here She Comes, another very nice puppy, just a little longer cast then winner. Pretty head & eyes full of expression, nice body correct bone, moving well. JB (12,2) 1 Davidson’s Hin Satori Evita Karmensita at Sharlarna, two very pretty examples of the breed. Beautiful head & eyes & expression, lovely neck & topline, lovely body, good tailset & carriage, nice front assembly & moving well; 2 Vincent’s Yama Aurora, another lovely example of the breed unfortunate to come up against winner, pretty headed & good pigment, expressive eyes, well constructed head on adequate neck, lovely topline & body, correct tailset & carriage, moving really soundly; 3 Constable’s Arranbrook Imperial Dancer at Mitapip. UGB (3,2) 1 Matches’ Godheim Charlotte at Fochai, pleasing head a little heavily marked & a touch heavy in body not that I can talk, nice bone & moving well. PGB (10,3) 1 Burden’s Sangria Celebration Of Sheonagh, two very nice bitches, the head of my winner was full of expression, lovely shape to outline, nice shape to scull, attractive eye & padding on muzzle, adequate neck correct topline & well bodied, shown in good coat, nice pigment & moving well; 2 Davidson’s Sharlarna Betty Boo, unfortunate to come up against winner, another very nice example of the breed, attractive head, good body & topline, lovely outline when stood & moving well; 3 Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Tikle My Fancy at Merida. LB (9,2) 1 Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika, very pretty bitch, full of breed type, head nicely padded with good expressive eye, correct conformation to head with padding on good neck onto level topline & well bodied, good tailset & carriage, moving well; 2 Vincent’s Yama I'm Katu, another nice bitch with correct head & expression, good eye & nice shape to body & size, well bodied & when she carried her tail she looked the part; 3 Mowatt’s Asmena Hatsu.  OB (5,1) 1 Wallhead & Allcock’s Kochou's Rita-haywooth Sleepyhollow, so nice to have gone over this bitch, head full of breed type, correct shape to scull & padding on muzzle, nice neck & shoulders, good topline & what I said before about fine & dainty & she exhibits it all. Her movement is text book, her coat is soft & silky. yes she may lack a few cloths but what she has she wears well, full of confidence going round the ring, was pleased to award her, her fourth CC I believe; 2 Oatridge’s Sleepyhollow Tea For Two, lovely bitch attractive head with correct cushioning with nice eyes, good for body & topline, correct bone & moving well; 3 Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Going For Gold. VB (1) 1 Burden’s Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh, wat a lovely old girl in pristine condition, attractive head & furnishing on ears lovely for shape & size, good topline nice bone & still showing well.


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