Leeds Championship Dog Show 2013

27th July 2013

Judged by Mrs K Bartlett



The very hot weather did affect some of the dogs more than others & unfortunately did impact on some results.  I always try to rate conformation & movement with equal importance & am looking for a balanced typical dog. The standard calls for a square & compactly built dog with good width of chest , length of body equal to height at withers    I found  quite a number  well-constructed of dogs of  otherwise good breed type were quite short on the leg & had  longer backs. Surprisingly many had missing & or dirty teeth, When it comes to hair splitting decisions tear stained faces & soiled bibs do detract & spoil the overall picture.

MPD (3:1)

 1st Matches Godheim Imperial Wizard . Engaging puppy with a pleasing head & expression. Good proportions nicely marked, well coated & presented. Looks promising.

2/Conor-Hopkins Godheim Imperial Yoshi  Full brother to the winner & not as forward .Heavier marked & tends to plait when he moves, needs time.


1/ Allcock MBE & Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow. Vivacious B/W. Lovely cushioned head, eyes with characteristic look of astonishment. Forward for age & has good coat.  Well constructed with good lay of shoulder, straight front. Good turn of stifle. Full of himself, moves very well when he settles, got a great future. Loved him BPIB

2/ Jolley’s Elisamay Masaru @ Dekobras. Very pleasing R/W . Head just right for age with good expression. Well bodied with good angulation in nice coat & condition. Not as forward as my winner but quality dog of good potential.

3/Jackson’s Tianshih Ressik Kataan


1st Farmers Sangria Celebrity. Quality B/W of excellent proportions & perfect size. Lovely well cushioned head with good expression. Takes the eye as he moves around the ring just needs to grow his adult coat & feathering to complete the picture. Should do very well, easy winner.

2nd Mcleod Rossyn Hikaru @ Dunline Smart compact B/w dog of pleasing type & propotions. Not quite as fluent on the move as my winner but overall a very nice type

3/Banks Choya Kiosha


PGD (8)

Pearce & Hann Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin   Eye-catching if slightly bigger dog than I prefer who has really come together this year. Square, compact & cobby.   Straight front with good rear angulation He has a lovely large in proportion head, well cushioned with good expression. Very exuberant personality which I love  & gives his handler a hard time keeping four feet on the ground but he really can move well . Presented in excellent coat & condition.  Well-deserved winner.

2nd Basings Arranbrook Tai Pan..  Well bodied nicely marked dog with pleasing head & expression. Good proportions & in lovely coat & condition. Steady mover. Showed well.

3rd McLeod Rossyn Hikaru at Dunline

LD (8)

1st Thomas Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers Another quality R/W from this kennel has many of his Champions Sires attributes being of good size & proportion & shown in excellent coat & condition. Broad skull rounded in front short wide well cushioned muzzle, would prefer more symmetrical markings to complete the picture. Very lively fluent mover.

2nd Willis Dainichi Riochi Small compact B/w of good proportions. Another one that has blossomed since I last saw him. Has a pleasing well cushioned head with good expression. Good length of coat, showed well.

3rd Flynn & van Baaren grob Homerbrent Yumei Na

OD (6) 

1st Allcock MBE Sleepyhollow Raphael JW Sh CM.  Quality elegant square & compactly built   dainty, dog of ideal size. Good construction straight front, wide in chest & good rear angulation. His head is pleasing with good expression although there will be subject to some more development having graduated to open at a young age. Shown in excellent full coat & condition. Very stylish mover showing good reach & elevation really stood out from the class which swung the verdict in his favour .delighted to award him what I understand is his crowning 3rd CC & BOB

2nd Banks Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya. Worthy Champion dog I have long admired. A size bigger than my winner without quite as much flowing coat. Most lovely cushioned head. Well constructed, good angulation. Presented in top order showed & moved well, he is schooled to perfection but just seemed to lack a bit of enthusiasm & sparkle, may well have been just too darn hot. Lovely dog RCC

3rd Jolley’s Dainichi Sundance over Dekobras


Veteran Dog (2)

1st McFarlane’s Sleepyhollow All That Jazz B/W 8 years. Nice well cushioned head with good expression. Good proportions & well angulated. . Moved out around the ring like he owned it. Good performance BV

2nd Wolfenden Vanistica Murray Mint   Bigger  8 ½ year dog. Shown in very good coat & condition credit to his owner. Nice head, good body well angulated. Moved steadily.

MPB (1)

1st Whitehouse/Whitehouse Cheeky chins Esme 8 month B/w dual purpose type. Nice head & expression. Reasonably well put together Moved & showed well.

PB (8)

1st Willis Jonsville Oriana Dainichi. Very promising Feminine appealing compact B/w with pretty head & good expression. Straight front well bodied with good angulation. Level topline good tailset   Good profile .Very neat stylish mover .BPB

2 nd Allcock MBE Yama Josie Sleepyhollow Litter sister to my best puppy & very similar in type & finish. Very pleasing cushioned head with good expression. well bodied with straight front & good angulation. Good coat for age just did not move & show quite as well as my winner, sure to come with practice. & time she should do very well.

3rd Jolleys Sharlana’s Dancing Queen @ Dekobras

JB (8)

1st Flynn’s Linjato Amaya. Very pretty feminine bitch with a sweet appealing head & good expression. Well laid shoulders, level topline good tailset very balanced both standing & moving where she consistently caught my eye. She is another one who is really developing & coming into herself, She is well marked with enough coat for her age, suspect as she matures & grows more she could do very well, my  eyes kept coming back to her in my line up & today felt it a well-deserved RCC

2nd Paradise Shardlow Knickerbocka Glory   Compact feminine bitch of lovely size. Good conformation, level topline & good tailset, she is well balanced moved nicely. Presented in good order.

3rd Banks Choya Katsumi


PGB ( 9)

1sr Basings Arranbrook Silver Sequins. Small compact very pretty little bitch .   Most appealing well cushioned yet feminine  head . Well bodied compact frame presented a nice outline. Moved steadily, showed well in lovely coat & condition. Feeling the heat by the challenge just would not open her eyes.

2nd Oatridge  Dalehouse Crystal Tips. Another pretty feminine bitch of lovely size & type Good conformation level topline & good tailset. Not as compact as one although she is well balanced & moves stylishly, presented in good order.

3rd Wallhead Fralee Elsie at Merida.

LB (7:1)

1st Brown’s Yama Miss Dior at Rossvale   Very attractive Small compact bitch     . Good head properties well cushioned broad muzzle.  Hands on she is balanced with a straight front, cobby, level topline & good tailset. Very well schooled, moves well. Lovely bitch but unfortunately today her coat was on the blow just made her lose her clean outline.

2nd Steele Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold Compact well bodied balanced bitch of good proportions & size   .Feminine & appealing head just not as broad & cushioned as my winner.    However she is in very good coat & condition She shows & moves stylishly. Well presented.

3rd Grugan Vanistica Mitzsouko Jardhu

OB (6)

1st Wainright & Hodsons Ch Jenan Tutti Frutti Have always admired this Stunning B/w bitch. Lovely  expression ,broad ,well cushioned muzzle. Dainty, yet compact, cobby of lovely size & proportions straight front, level topline good rear angulation, tail set high profuse feathering in excellent silky coat, in top condition absolutely spotless. She moves very soundly. Sweet temperament.  Understandably Just flagged a little in the Challenge .CC.

2nd Anderson & Watt Nisyros Like a Virchin A very nice stylish dual purpose B/w bitch. Asset to any kennel. Smart & compact of good proportion & size, well-schooled moved steadily presented a good outline standing. In good coat. Like several   in this very competitive class she seemed to flag a bit in the midday heat & when called to challenge for consideration   for the RCC.

3rd Flynn’s Choya Eclipse of Linjato





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