Japanese Chin Club Champ Show 2014


4th October 2014


Judged by: Christine Partington-Palmer (NZ)

at St Marys Hall


Although having judged this lovely breed in New Zealand and Australia it has been almost 11 years since I judged the breed in England. Having been involved with the breed for over 35 years, I found, on the whole, size is more uniform; eyes are moderately large and darker. With respect to conformation, some lovely exhibits were disappointing on the move although in general terms movement is not a great concern. I would like to thank the Club members for their confidence in electing me as the judge of this prestigious show and the Club Officers and committee for looking after me so well on the day.  I would also like to thank Mike Rowley and Marcus Baugh for the organisation of the show ring which made my life a lot easier!


Veteran D/B 7,1

  1. Bailey’s Pochinka Edward Bear at Aldorika. Beautifully constructed, super head and expression. At one with his handler and moved very well for his age. In lovely condition.
  2. Jolley’s Ch Sleepyhollow Oliver JW ShCM, R/W in super coat and condition, super head and reach of neck, level  top line. Just the showmanship of 1 separated these two lovely dogs.
  3. Farmer’s Ch Sangria Silver Star

Minor Puppy Dog 4,1

  1. Vincent & Speight’s  Bonniroy Yasuke at Yama. Super looking puppy. Great shape and conformation, lovely round dark eyes and moved very well. Fine bone but beautifully balanced. One for the future.
  2. Steele’s Threadgold Super Mario. 6 month baby. Excels in head and eye. Good size and shape, level back but tail still to settle. Gaining confidence all the time.
  3. Smith’s Sharlana Shintaro for Aquilonia

Puppy Dog 9, 2

  1. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Le Figaro. Stunning Shape. Shortest of backs and super tail setting, Coat coming through nicely. Super construction front and rear. Very impressive on the stand. Expressive dark round eyes and a super showman. BPD
  2. George’s Yama I’m Kimi Amronchi, lovely dog. Super head. In fantastic coat beautifully presented. Good reach of neck, great ribs, level back and perfect tail setting. Just needs to steady in hind movement going away.
  3. Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bit of a Razzle Dazzle

Junior Dog 7, 4

  1. Jolley’s Sharlana’s Tailor Made for Dekobras. Lovely size and shape. Large eyes, great coat. Very good mover. Showed very well.
  2. Branch’s Phydeaux Blue Moon. Another nice dog with excellent body and strong rear angulations. Nice to examine. Impressive head qualities. In good coat. Not as confident mover as 1.
  3. Mountcastle’s Holmchin Blazen Fire

Yearling 5, 1

  1. Matches’s, Goldheim Imperial Wizard at Fochai. Mature for age in lovely coat and fit condition. Lovely shaped head, super cushioning, lovely round dark  eyes. Moved very well.
  2. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Mozart, 12 months old youngster giving a lot away in maturity to1. Lovely head and eye, super reach of neck and level top line. Moved very well in all directions.
  3. Williamsonson’s Rakuchin By Design

Novice Dog 4

  1. Hood’s Sleepyhollow Eduardo With Sharlindan. Lovely young dog just out of puppy. Beautifully coated and impressive to examine on the table. Moved very well in all directions. Liked him a lot.
  2. Vincent & Speight’s  Bonniroy Yasuke at Yama.
  3. Nishigaki’s Charnell Koji

Post Graduate Dog 13,3

This was a really challenging class to adjudicate with a lot of variance in size and shape.

  1. Tong’s Dalehouse Elements of Elgar Jakconas. Larger type but well put together and looked square. Wide full head with big eyes. Really showed well for his owner. Moved well up and back and was always showing.
  2. Godbelere’s  Charnell Kenji at Tillashay. Another nice dog, smaller than 1. Perhaps a tad longer cast. Super head and expression and in lovely coat. Good mover.
  3. Nishigaki’s Charnell Koji

Mid Limit Dog 8,1

  1. Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow JW. A small dog with a big coat. Can appear short of neck but has adequate neck under that big frill. Big head with lots of cushioning. Short and square when standing. Moved OK
  2. Matches’s Godheim Sun of Lionheart at Fochai . Loved the big expressive head on this dog. Beatiful eyes. More bone than 1. Carries a big coat and moved steadily,
  3. Quinn’s Dekobras  Bring Me Sunshine ShCM

Limit Dog 10

  1. Thomas’s Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers. R/W presented in lovely coat and condition. Lovely size and beautifully constructed. Sufficient width of chest and nice strong hindquarters. Great tail setting. Moved really well in the class and the challenge. RBD & RCC
  2. Willis’s Dianichi Sunyano. Another dog that excels in construction. Great hindquarters. Level back with high tail setting. Just a tad longer in the back than 1. Very careful mover and strode out really well.
  3. Quinn’s Dekobras  Bring Me Sunshine ShCM

Open Dog 7,2

  1. Allcock’s Ch Sleepyhollow Raphael JW Sh CM. Perfect size and shape.  Nice expression. Has sufficient bone and substance – deep chest. Lovely lay of shoulders . Level back, high tail set and presented in great coat and condition. Very strong hindquarters well muscled. It is on the move that he produces such a fabulous outline. Pleased to add to his many awards. CC & BIS.
  2. Davidson’s Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlana. Liked the overall size of this dog. Lovely oriental type head, eyes and ear fringing. Good reach of neck. Longer cast than 1. Moved steadily but not with the precision of 1.
  3. Banks’s Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya JW

Special Novice Red & White D/B 5,1

  1. Mountcastle’s  Holmchin Fire Star. Only a young bitch and coming on nicely. Very attractive head with sufficient cushioning. Lovely size for age and moved really well.
  2. Matches’s Godheim Golden Buddha at Fochai. Larger dog than I prefer but well put together. Lots of substance under a big coat. Very masculine head, Moved well.
  3. Nishigaki’s Utsukushi Mandarin Chaos

Miss E M Tovey Memorial Special Open R/W D/B 6.1

  1. Thomas’s Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers
  2. Bartlett’s Pebblecombe Jinja. Really lovely dog and presented in super coat and condition. Beautiful head, nice neck and well balanced. Seemed a little unsettled in this class which was the decider.
  3. Jolley’s Ch Sleepyhollow Oliver JW ShCM

Eileen Crawford Special Open Memorial Stakes 6

  1. Matches’s Godheim Sun of Lionheart at Fochai
  2. Crane’s Sidlyn Wind of Change for Cranvarl JW. Nice bitch lovely shape expression in head moved very well. Just gave away to the dog on length and finish of coat.
  3. Blair’s Tillashby Michi at Bellflows

Minor Puppy Bitch 6,1

  1. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Cosi Fan Tutte. 8 month old small dainty bitch with lovely construction throughout. Short level back and very strong rear angulations. Beautiful head expressive eyes. Moved beautifully. RCC  & BPIS. I note she is half sister to the Bitch CC winner.
  2. Banks’s  Linjato Khaleesha of Choya. Larger 8 month old puppy will be a great asset to any breeding  programme.   In good coat and beautifully presented. Loved her cushioning and eye expression but preferred the overall proportions of 1.
  3. Davidson’s Sharlana Koyuki

Puppy Bitch 8

  1. Davidson’s Choya Kikuka at Sharlana. Won a nice class of promising puppies. Liked the eyes and expression. Moved very well in all directions and a confident showgirl.
  2. Vincent’s Yam I’m Katu. Lovely head and expression. In good coat. Winner just had the edge of movement but this was an extremely close call. Will exchange places many times.
  3. Johnson’s Javalcy Put A Spell on Me.

Junior Bitch 7

  1. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Miss Bussell. Just out of puppy. Beautiful outline. Compact throughout. Good eyes and finish of face. Super reach of neck. Great coat for age. Very showy but in the challenge was just a bit too enthusiastic. First class bitch.
  2. Swanston’s Sangria Showtime of Pamogill. Lovely head shape, eye and expression. Not the coat of winner. Moved very well in all directions.
  3. Nishigaki’s Utsukushi Mandarin Choas

Yearling Bitch 9,2

  1. Vincent’s Yam I’m Katu
  2. Swanston’s Sangria Showtime of Pamojill.
  3. Mowatt’s Asmena Hatsuko

Novice Bitch

1. Bartlett Simsalachin Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecome (Imp Germany). Nicely put together you lady. Well balanced throughout.
Sweet Expression. Moved very well in all directions. Coat coming through nicely.
2. Crane Sidlyn Wind of Change for Cranvarl JW. Another very nice young bitch, lovely body, reach of neck and topline. Moved extremely well. Close decision here, but opted for the slightly smaller of the two.
3.Mason Sangria Showbiz.



Post Graduate Bitch 8,3

This was a very challenging class to judge.

  1. Swanston’s Grianan Delightful Gem of Pamojill. Good size, feminine head, and very careful movement. In good condition.
  2. Steele’s Threadgold Melody Maker. Impressive head with lovely finish of muzzle and eye. Good reach of neck and width throughout. Lost out on movement to 1.
  3. Oatridge’s Dalehouse Crystal Jade

Mid Limit 4,2

  1. Matches’s Fochai Jasmine. Pretty bitch of small proportions with lovely head and eyes. Good shoulder and tail placement. Level short back. Dainty mover and was accurate.
  2. Chambers & Young’s Sleephyollow Phydeux Moonlight. Really beautiful  head with sweet expression and lovely eyes. Nice size and shape. Could carry more weight and lost out in movement to 1.

Limit Bitch 9,3

  1. Bank’s Choya Satsumi. Won a strong a class and all three of these will change places. Liked her head and expression, reach of neck and overall length of leg. In good coat and beautifully presented.
  2. Jolley’s Sharlana’s Dancing Queen at Dekobras, Another with lovely head expression and long feathered ears to appeal.  Fine boned and in good body. Moved very well but not the compact shape of winner.
  3. Willis’s Jonsville Oriana Dainichi JW

Open Bitch 6

  1. Ch Yama Josie Sleepyhollow JW. Stunning bitch of lovely proportions. Sweetest of expressions. In fabulous condition. Moved superbly and stood like a statue using her lovely reach of neck to advantage and has a fab level top line to help. Super coat and amazingly still not 2 years old. CC & after careful deliberation just missed out by a whisker to the Dog CC for BIS. RBIS.
  2. Pearce & Hann’s Choya Takara of Racuchin. Very nice head and eye. Lovely size and shape. Just a little soft in top line today but moved very well in both directions. Beautifully presented.
  3. Oatridge’s Dalehouse Crystal Tips

Brace 5,1

  1. Mountcastle’s Brace – very uniform and moved very well together. These young R/W pair were beautifully presented and show great promise.  Lovely expressions. 11 months old.
  2. Talbot’s Brace – Much more mature and well matched in type but much larger couple than winners. Moved well together.
  3. Swanston’s Brace

Progeny 2

1.       Yama’s Secret Service. Congratulations to this sire who produced both the CC & RCC Bitch winners today and it was most impressive to see his extended family in the ring. Congratukations to the breeder.

2.       Nishigaki’s Arranbrook Silver Celeste at Uksukushi. Very nice bitch, producer of some very successful dogs today. Well done.

Christine Partington-Palmer (NZ) - Judge






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