Japanese Chin Club Open Show 2016

5th March 2016

Judged by Mrs R Parry


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for Inviting me and giving me the Honour

Of judging the Japanese Chin Club Open Show.

I would also like to thank the exhibitors for a superb entry of quality dogs.

And a big thank you to my very efficient steward.


Best in Show Mr A Allcock MBE Sleepyhollow Robson JW

Res Best in Show Mr G Farmer Sangria Lord of The Dance

Best Op Sex  Mrs L Crane Sidlyn Wind of Change with Cranvarl JW

Best Puppy in Show  Mr A Allcock MBE Sleepyhollow Mimi

Best OP Sex Puppy Ms R Banks Choya Masuyo

Best Red & White Allcock & Miss J Tong Sleepyhollow Rheingold

Best Red & White Puppy Allcock & Hampton Sleepyhollow Moulin Rouge

Best Veteran Mrs Mountcastle Muden Princess Kinsai of Holmchin


VET D or B (4 Ent ) Abs 1

1st Mountcastle Muden Princess Kinsai of Holmchin R/W bitch in lovely condition very pretty head nice eye good topline lovely coat in top condition and handled so well Best Veteran

2nd Burden Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh nice head well cushioned lovely eye good topline just preferred front on winner

3rd Goldie Bubblebecca Fuji Snowdrop


MPD (8 Ent ) Ab 2

1st Banks Choya Masuyo Very promising B/W puppy lovely head nice dark eye well cushioned muzzle he is compact and well balanced with a lovely topline and tailset nice clean mover BPD

2nd Thomas Javalcy Tokyo Jo another promising puppy not as mature as first pretty head with lovely expression nice neck and well laid shoulders moved well

3rd Oatridge Dalehouse Houdini


PD ( 2 Ent )

1st Allcock & Hampton Sleepyhollow Moulin Rouge Reluctant to move at first but when he got going he moved well very pretty head nice neck and shoulders level topline good tailset best Red and White Puppy

2nd Burden Sangria Starlight of Sheonagh Very pretty puppy lovely dark eye good front nice topline but he wasn’t happy today and wouldn’t put his tail up


JD (Ent 10 ) 2 Abs

1st Vincent Yama The Magician B/W lovely type and Coby with lovely head qualities giving a nice soft expression well developed body nice turn of stifle good topline

2nd Matches Godheim Stars and Stripes at Fochai another lovely male nice broad head compact body lovely topline and tailset just preferred coat on first today

3rd Allcock & Tong Sleepyhollow Rheingold


Nd (Ent 9 ) 3 Abs

1st Farmer Sangria Back to The Future B/W very pretty head with nice eye lovely ear set open nostrils good front level topline nice tailset moved well

2nd Vincent Yama The Magician

3rd Matches Godheim Stars and Stripes at Fochai




PGD 9Ent 9 ) 4 Abs

1st Vincent & Speight Bonniroy Yosuke at Yama lovely breed type broad head well cushioned muzzle lovely dark eye well developed body nice coat texture moved clean

2nd Nishigaki Charnell Kovi at Utsukushi another nice breed type with broad head good outline compact body level topline good tailset showed well

3rd Williamson Tillashby Kane at Kalamata


LD (Ent 10 ) 3 Abs

1st Farmers Sangria Lord of The Dance Beautiful type lovely dark eye excellent pigment good front well laid shoulders level topline kept on the move correct tailset silky coat in top condition nice fine strong bone moved with style a credit to his owner Res Dog Res Best in Show

2nd George Yama I’M Kimi Amronchi B/W another Quality male Large broad head nice dark eye good front nice neck and shoulder level topline in lovely coat very sound on the move a credit to his owner just preferred the size of first

3rd Pearce & HannHolmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin


OD ( Ent 8 )

1st Allcock MBE Sleepyhollow Robson B/W I judged him as a puppy and loved him then he has matured to an outstanding dog full of breed type with a stunning head lovely eye showing just the right amount of white lovely open nostrils and perfect level jaw compact body with level topline

And correct tailset he is in full coat which feels like silk and in immaculate condition he doesn’t put a foot wrong on the move it’s a pleasure to watch him go around the ring handled to perfection BD Best in Show

2nd Banks Ch Choya Kiosha JW Another Lovely B/W male with a fabulous head nice neck and good front moderate neck good shoulders nice topline and tailset in lovely coat and top condition shown to perfection as always from this kennel

3rd Burden Sangria Amadeus of Sheonagh


SO Red & White D B ( Ent 3 ) 2 Ab

1st Boyer Roseheaven’s Lemon Qquash with LLinghurst ( Imp Dnk ) R/W not very happy on the table at first but did settle and hopefully will gain his confidence as he was happy enough on the floor very nice head and eye good front and topline


MPB ( Ent 10 ) 6 Ab

1st Banks Choya Charlotte just 6 months B/W what a beautiful girl so full of attitude came into the ring like she owned it sweetest of heads lovely straight front level topline short back lovely tailset and a super little mover I will watch her progress with Interest  

2nd Oatridge Dalehouse Here She Comes another pretty B/W girl with a lovely personality sweetest of heads with nice proportions smart in outline strong fine bone coming into coat

3rd Thomas Javalcy A Bit of Va Va Voom


PB ( Ent 4 )

1st Allcock MBE Sleepyhollow Mimi lovely quality B/W bitch she is so feminine with the correct eye giving her that look of astonishment she is so smart in outline with a compact body she has strong fine bone super topline lovely tailset and such a sound stylish mover one you can’t take your eyes off she is a credit to her owner in top condition Res Bitch Best Puppy in Show

2nd Crane Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins litter sister to winner very pretty and much of a type lovely topline and very smart lovely mover but not as mature as her sister

3rd Banks Choya Miyako


JB ( Ent 15 ) 5 Abs

1st Willis Jonsville Summer Secret at Dainichi Another pretty quality bitch with a lovely eye just the right amount of white sweet head and smart outline strong fine bone lovely sound mover

2nd Pearce & Hann Yama Moonlight Over Rakuchin pleasing head with dark eyes Coby body lovely topline good front maturing nicely 

3rd Matches Godheim Charlotte at Fochan


NB ( Ent 11 ) 4 Abs

1st Willis Jonsville Summer Secret at Dainichi

2nd Allcock MBE Sleepyhollow Maggie May another pretty bitch from this kennel smart outline good topline nice front preferred eye on winner

3rd Matches Godheim Charlotte at Fochan


PGB ( Ent 7 )

1st Basing Arranbrook Bedazzled nice breed type coby broad head well cushioned nice eye strong fine bone lovely coat

2nd Burden Sangria Etian of Sheonagh another pretty bitch with good head proportions level back nice feet moved with style

3rd  Burden Sangria Celebration of Sheonagh


LB ( Ent 5 ) 1 Abs

1st Vincent Yama I’M Katu this bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring she is breed type through and through pretty head well cushioned nice dark eye lovely front level back super tailset and sound mover she let herself down in the challenge

2nd Oatridge Dalehouse Ctystal Jade another nice quality bitch with a pretty head coby body short back level topline moved with style

3rd Matches Fochai Jasmine


OB ( Ent 7 ) 1 Abs

1st Crane Sidlyn Wind of Change With Cranvarl JW B/W bitch I have admired from the ring side and today I wasn’t disappointed such a pretty head that was well cushioned strong fine bone nice body with perfect topline nicely marked in good silky coat in top condition lovely sound moving bitch Best Bitch Best opposite Sex

2nd Banks Linjato Khaleesa of Choya this is another Quality B/W bitch with a lovely head and dark eye super topline strong fine bone and such a sound mover she was out of coat today

3rd Paradise Mr A Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh Cm


Raye Parry





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