Japanese Chin Club Open Show 2016

5th March 2016

Judged by Mrs R Parry


Best In Show & Best Dog

Sleepyhollow Robson

Mr A Allcock MBE 


Reserve Best In Show & Reserve Best Dog

Sangria Lord OF The Dance

Mr G Farmer



Best Opposite Sex Puppy & Best Puppy Dog

Choya Masuyo

Ms R Banks


 Best Opposite Sex & Best Bitch

Sidlyn Wind Of Change with Cranvarl JW

Mrs L Crane


Best Puppy In Show & Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch 

Sleepyhollow Mimi

Mr A Allcock MBE


Best Red & White

Sleepyhollow Rheingold

Mr A Allcock MBE & Miss J Tong


Best Red & White Puppy

Sleepyhollow Moulin Rouge

Mrs B S Allcock & Ms L Hampton


Best Veteran 

Muden Princess Kinsai of Holmchin

Mrrs H & A Mountcastle



Veteran Dog or Bitch Entered 4 Absent 1
1 Muden Princess Kinsai of Holmchin
2 Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh
3 Bubbleebecca Fuji Snowdrop
Minor Puppy Dog Entered 8 Absent 3
1 Choya Masuyo 
2 Javalcy Tokyo Jo
3 Dalehouse Houdini
Res Arranbrook Mint Imperial 
VHC Javalcy Right Said Fred
Puppy Dog Enteted 2
1 Sleepyhollow Moulin Rouge
2 Sangria Starlight of Sheonagh
Junior Dog  Entered 10 Absent 2
1 Yama The Magician
2 Godheim Stars and Stripes at Fochai
3 Sleeyhollow Rheingold
Res Rakuchin Concerto
VHC Tillashby Arubato
Novice Dog Entered 9 Absent 3
1 Sangria Back to the Future
2 Yama The Magician
3 Godheim Stars and Stripes at Fochai
Res Choya Alfie Boe
VHC Shardlow Oshkosh B'Gosh
Post Grad Dog Entered 9 Absent 4
1 Bonniroy Yosuke at Yama
2 Charnell Kovi at Utsukushi
3 Tillashby Kane at Kalamata
Res Yama I'M Kodi
VHC Sleepyhollow Barnum for Anabree
Limit Dog Entered 10 Absent 3
1 Sangria Lord Of The Dance
2 Yama I'M Kimi Amronchi
3 Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin
Res Charnell Kenji at Tillashby
VHC Sangria Riverdancer
Open Dog Entered 8 Absent 0
1 Sleepyhollow Robson
2 Ch Choya Kiosha JW
3 Sangria Amadeus of Sheonagh
Res Choya Kanji Na With Rakuchin
VHC Dainichi Sunyano
Special Open Red & White Dog or Bitch Entered 3 Absent 2
1 Rosehavens Lemon Qqaush with Ellinghurst (Imp Dnk)


Minor Puppy Bitch Entered 10 Absent 6
1 Choya Charlotte
2 Dalehouse Here She Comes
3 Javlacy A Bit Of Va Va Voom
Res Choya Masashi At Aylnam
Puppy Bitch Entered 4 Absent 1
1 Sleepyhollow Mimi
2 Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins
3 Choya Miyako
Junior Bitch  Entered 15 Absent 5
1 Jonsville Summer Secret at Dainichi
2 Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin
3 Godheim Charlotte at Fochai 
Res Shardlow Yum Yum
VHC Yama Paper Lace
Novice Bitch Entered 11 Absent 5
1 Jonsville Summer Secret at Dainichi
2 Sleepyhollow Maggie May
3 Godheim Charlotte at Fochai
Res Yama Hellow Dolly from Rakuchin
VHC Yama Aurora
Post Grad Bitch  Entered 7 Absent 0
1 Arranbrook Bedazzled
2 Sangria Etian of Sheonagh
3 Sangria Celebration of Sheonash
Res Cheekychins Esme for Denain
VHC Dunline Glory Hallelujah Shardlow
Limit Bitch  Entered 5 Absent 1
1 Yama I'M Katu
2 Dalehouse Crystal Jade
3 Fochai Jasmine
Res Sleepyhollow Lullaby with Shardlow
Open Bitch  Entered 7 Absent 1
1 Sidlyn Wind of Change with Cranvarl JW
2 Linjato Khaleesa of Choya
3 Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh CM
Res Nisyros Like A Virchin
VHC Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh




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