Japanese Chin Club Spring Show 2014

28th February 2015

Judged by Mr M Smith




I would like to thank the officers and committee for the invitation to judge the club show and to all those who entered. The overall quality was of a high standard and unfortunately several quality exhibits had to go unplaced.



Veteran: the quality in this class was of a high standard.

1ST Jolley’s: Sleepyhollow Oliver at Dekobras:  Beautiful Red &White male every bit the Champion, Lovely head and expression , good neck into a level topline , well angulated front and rear moved well in both directions , was pleased to award him best veteran in show and best red and white.

2nd Cayton’s: Ch Stepheter Whats It all About: Black and White male of 9 Years who was presented beautifully, pleasing outline, short cobby body, and pleasing head with expressive eyes moved well.

3rd: Farmer’s: Ch Sangria Silver star.

4th  Reeves Sargent & Dimment’s: Ch Alstella Dream Maker of Coshaco

5th Thomas’s:Lanceian pleasant Ailira at Javalcy


Minor puppy dog

1st Smith’s: Sidlyn Whisper in the Wind: Delightful male of just 6 months, pretty head and expression, correct dentition, pleasing outline, stood foursquare and up on his toes moved well in both directions. Full of confidence and well-schooled for age. Was delighted to award him best puppy in show.

2nd:Reeves-Sargant&Dimments: Vogues Roiyaru Kotogara Alstella: This Black and white male has an outstanding head and expression with plenty of cushioning to his muzzle. He looks a picture standing and is nice to go over with everything fitting where it should. Really found myself splitting hairs between one and 2 just not as settled as one on the move but I am sure a bright future awaits this boy.

3rd:Quinn’s: Mattadam Samurai at Sharlarna

4th: Farmer’s: Sangria Lord of The Dance

5th  Robinson’s: Midorchi Magician

Puppy Dog:

1st Banks:Choya Kenichirou: Beautiful Black and white male of exquisite breed type, pleasing eyes and expression with plenty of cushioning to muzzle ,well plumed ears and was presented in excellent condition, was nice to go over, he has a level topline into a neat cobby body and good ribs and depth of chest for his age. Was a little unsettled to begin with but his confidence grew as he started to move.  

2ND Thomas’s Delis Sakura Balkan Susumi At Javalcy: Slightly different in type to one , nice width to skull with good ear set and ears which were well furnished , correct bite , ,pleasing neck and shoulders into firm topline, good angulation moved well just a little longer cast than 1.

3rd: Farmer’s: Sangria Riverdance

4Th : Kilfords: Cazzukii Price Kuris

Junior Dog

1st :Allcock’s:Sleepyhollow Le Figaro: Short cobby  Black &White male with an endearing head  and expression , good ear set and  well-furnished ears, correct dentition and bite , Ample depth of chest and bone for his size , good turn of stifle moved well coming and going with drive from behind , put down in excellent condition as were all dogs from this kennel.

Reserve Best Dog.

2nd Pearce &Hann: Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin: Charming male with a glorious head and pleasing expression every bit the male, good ear furnishings lovely in outline with a neat shape, was nice to go over and moved well. A quality exhibit is a shame these two had to come up against each other.

3rd Smith’s Sharlana Sintaro for Aquilonia

4th Thomas’s: Javalcy Bit of Razzle Dazzle

Novice Dog

1st Farmer’s: Sangria Back To the Future:

Small neat compact male with personality plus, Attractive head and expressive eyes, good muzzle with plenty of cushioning , well-furnished  ears which frame his face, ample bone for size , pleasing neck into good shoulder placement neat short cobby body , and well angulated rear , moved round the ring with drive and with his head held high.

2nd Thomas’s: Javalcy Nik Nak Paddywack: small short cobby male with pleasing head and expression, good furnishing to ears, nice neck and shoulders, level topline, moved well just not as confident as one.

3rd Smith’s: Sharlana Shintaro for Aquilonia

4th Branch’s: Phydeaux Blue Moon

5th Vincent’s: Bonniroy Yasuke at Yama


Post Graduate Dog

1st :Jolley’s: Sharlarna Tailor Made For Dekobras, Black &White male of Correct size , Pretty headed male with a very pleasing expression and good furnishing to ears, correct bite, neat shape , cobby body, pleasant depth of chest and spring of rib , moved well, strongly considered in the challenge.

2nd Moss :Queenslake Billy Bongo Of Delphlands, pleasing male with good head and expression and good ear furnishings similar size to one however a little longer than one. Good turn of stifle moved well.

3rd Obrien’s: Tilashby Yutaka at Nachi

4th Flynn’s: Choya Kanayo Of Linjato

5th Williamson’s: Rakuchin by Design


Limit Dog

1st Bank’s: Choya Kiosha. Handsome male of good breed type, pleasing dark eyes with that look of astonishment, well cushioned muzzle , correct bite, and good furnishing to ears, presented in beautiful condition, Adequate bone for size with pleasing turn of stifle, firm level topline which he kept at all times on the move.

2nd Allcocks: Bonniroy Yasebai Sleepyhollow., shorter faced male with pleasing expression , good ear placement and furnishings, ample bone , slightly bigger set in frame than one and a heavier coat , Firm topline and good tail which was well set and carried closely curved and well plumed.

3rd: Leach’s: Queenslake Access Denied For Ouzlewell


Open Dog:

1st Davidson’s: Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna.  Glorious headed male with a true oriental expression and head with good proportions, good earset and placement with great long ear furnishings, correct bite, and well cushioned muzzle. Pleasing neck and shoulders into a firm topline and good depth of chest, short cobby body and well angulated stifles which gives the most appealing outline. In good coat and condition and put down in immaculate condition. Moved well coming and going and looked a picture in profile. Was thrilled to award him Best dog and more importantly Best in Show.

2nd Willis: Danichi Sunyano. Quality male of good breed type, Pleasing eyes with true look of astonishment, good earset and ears which were well feathered, nice neck into well placed shoulders, and good depth of chest, firm topline, compactly built. In good coat moved well and topped off with a good tail which was well plumed.

3rd Pearce& Hann’s: Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin.

Special Open Red&White.

1st Jolley’s: Ch Sleepyhollow Oliver at Dekobras

2nd Thomas: Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers Male with pleasing head and expression, well cushioned muzzle good earset and ears that were well feathered, good neck and shoulders, firm level topline and cobby body with well-turned stifles, moved well.

3rd Reeves – Sargant & Diment’s: Alstella Truly Scrumptious

4th Nishigaki: Utsukushi Mandarin Chaos


Minor Puppy Bitch.

1st Allcock’s:  Sleppyhollow Miss Bracelet.

Feminine bitch of excellent breed type, large expressive eyes, correct bite, well feathered ears, exquisite outline, good neck and good angulation front and rear topped off with a level topline and neat cobby body. Moved well.

2nd  Bassings:Arranbrook Bedazled; Beautiful bitch full of breed type, the most gentle expression and total look of astonishment, she is beautiful in outline and with an abundance of coat for her age , neat in size with a cobby body and well plumed tail . Moved well coming and going just carrying a little more weight than one.

3rd Oatridge’s: Dalehouse Grace Darling

4th Robinsons Midorchi Make Believe

Puppy Bitch

1st Bassing’s:Arransbrook Bewitched. Litter sister to 2nd in previous class and you could see the same type in both. Gorgeous head and expression, good earset and plenty of ear furnishings, ample bone for size , neat cobby body well coated for age and good angulation , correct  tai lset which was profusely feathered , moved well.

2nd  Pearce &Hann: Rakuchin Kawsin Kayos. Again another quality bitch of beautiful breed type, fine and dainty bone, pretty feminine head and exquisite expression, pleasing outline with good neck, level topline, and short cobby body. Moved well just not the body and coat finish of one.

3rd  Reeves- Sargant &Dimment’s Alstella Nevaeh


Junior Bitch

This for me was an exceptional class of quality bitches and unfortunately several bitches had to go unplaced as there were not enough cards to go round.

1st Vincent’s: Yama I’m Katu. This girl is of a beautiful type and size with a lovely expression , good neck and firm topline, neat cobby body and coat of long straight silky texture, she was a little apprehensive on the table to begin with but soon grew in confidence.

2nd Allcock’s  Sleepyhollow  Cosi Fan Tute. Small neat compact bitch of good breed type, well-furnished ears and good bite, firm topline and well feathered tail which was carried high on level back and well feathered, she was put down in excellent condition with not a hair out of place.

3rd Bank’s: Linjato Khaleesa of choya

4th Thomas’s Javalcy you put a spell on me.

5th Davidsons Sharlarna Koyuki

Novice bitch

1st Vincent’s. Yama I’m Katu

2nd Nishigaki; Utsukushi Mandarin Chaos. Red &White bitch which was taller and slightly longer cast than one. Good ear set and moderately broad skull, moderate neck and shoulders into a firm topline, coat of correct texture.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Allcock’s : Kochov’s Rita-Haywooth sleepyhollow. Red &White bitch of lovely type, glorious expression, good bone, need cobby body and lovely when viewed in outline, moderate broad skull, well feathered ears, moderate neck and shoulders, firm top line, tail was profusely feathered. A little unsettled on the move to begin with but moved well when she got into her stride.

Crane’s; Sidlyn wind of change for Cranvarl: Another quality bitch who was nice to go over , moderate broad skull correct bite and large eyes , well set ears with plenty of ear furnishings , put down in excellent condition and moved well, just not the expression of one.

Limit Bitch

1st Jolley’s: Sharlarna Dancing Queen at Dekobras. Beautiful bitch of exquisite breed type, lovely expressive eyes with total look of astonishment, moderate broad skull with good shaped ear which were long and well feathered, plenty of cushioning to muzzle, she is a lovely in outline and good to go over with everything fitting were it should be all topped off with a good tail set which was well plumed. Moved well in both directions and very attentive to her owner. Was delighted to award her reserve best bitch.

2nd Banks; Choya Katsumi. pretty girl of good breed type with good expression , plenty of cushioning to muzzle, correct bite, ample bone for size , moderate neck , good shoulder placement , firm top line and good tail set , moved adequately just a little longer cast than one.

3rd Oatridge’s: Dalehouse Crystal Jade

4th Basssings:Arranbrook silver Sequins

Open Bitch

1st Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Miss Bussel. Pretty feminine bitch with kind expressive eyes that you could melt into, beautiful head with nothing over exaggerated, moderate broad skull, good shaped ears with plenty of furnishings, correct bite. She is of a nice size with ample bone for her size, she has a neat cobby body and is a picture when viewed in outline, moderate neck into well laid shoulders level firm top line short coupled and topped off with a tail which was plumed over back and well angulated stifles, moved well. Was delighted to award her best bitch Reserve best in show and best opposite sex.

2nd Steele’s: Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold. This girl is so well constructed and it shows in her movement, pleasing head and expression , plenty of cushioning to muzzle and good bite, correct ear set with good feathering , she has a moderate neck into well laid shoulders  a firm level topline, ample bone, moved with drive from behind and good straight front when coming towards. It was a tough decision between both of these bitches but this girl was slightly taller than one but never the less a quality bitch.

3d Willis’s Jonsville Oriana Sanichi

4th Bailey’s; Asmena Tinkerbell at Aldoricka

5th Steele’s: Threadgold Melody Maker.



Judge:  Mr. M. Smith


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