The Japanese Chin Club Championship Show

17th October 2015

Held at St Marys Hall Solihull





I was asked to step in at the last minute following a phone call on the Friday before the show by Liz Rushton and I was happy to oblige.


Many new exhibitors would not have been aware of my involvement I had previously had with the Japanese Chin Club in my late teens showing and breeding with the affix Crejule. Unfortunately due to my career it meant that my breeding and showing campaign has taken a back seat.


It was delightful to see so many faces I had not seen for a while and I was quite surprised at the change over the last 15 years in quality of our Japanese Chin. I extend my thanks for the hard work of the committee and also to the exhibitors who gave me this opportunity.


Special Award Junior (A)


1st Matches’ Godheim Charlotte at Fochai (B) (No 79)


Very pretty and stylish little girl, cobby, with profuse coat and nice head. Very showy and moved like a train.


2nd Godbehere’s Tillashby Arubato (D) (No 63)


An absolutely gorgeous baby boy, who was very happy and held his own with those older than him. Would have liked a slightly larger eye but he will be one to watch for the future.


3rd Hazelhurst’s Ellshimmer Rigel (No 67)


Res Goldie’s Godheim Virginia (No 65)


VHC Meadows’ Shamead Ruddy Tempest (No 85)




Special Award Post Graduate (B)


1st Lindsay’s Sleepyhollow Baroque At Anjuli (D) (No 75)


Nice boy with superb coat and moved with style.



2nd Goldie’s Godheim Georgia (B) (NO 64)


Sweet little girl who was very shy but was happy on the move.



Special Award Open (C)


1st Crane’s Sidlyn Wind of Change with Cranvarl JW (B) (NO 35)


Pretty head with the desired look of astonishment. Moved well and with grace.


2nd Meadows’ Javalcy Starship Trooper at Shamead (D) (NO 84)


A very well presented boy who had nice cushioning and head. Just would have preferred him to be a bit daintier.


Julie Rose (CREJULE)

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