Marston Green Parish Hall 

Marston Green Birmingham B37 7BT

Day : 2rd March

Judge: Mr S Cayton



First of all I wish to thank the committee for making this day so special for me, and of course to all the exhibitors that entered their dogs for me to go over and critique. I found the breed to be in a stage of what I can only describe as transition, I found some beautiful heads and expressions on many dogs but many of these fell short on construction, particularly in rear quarters which affected the movement. Generally the level of presentation was excellent , although I was amazed to find a couple of dirty dogs and a couple that had had their tail fringing trimmed very short, I can only imagine that this was to removed stained hair but unfortunately  this spoils the overall balance of the dogs. Finally thanks to my steward for keeping everything running smoothly and on time.

BIS     Mr A Allcock MBE , Sleepyhollow Raphael JW ShCM

RBIS   Mr G  Farmer   Sangria Celebrity

BOS   Ms R Banks    Choya Katsumi 
BPIS   Mr G Farmer  Sangria Celebrity 
BVIS  Ms J Thomas   Lanceian Pleasant Ailira At Javalcy

BR&WIS  Ms J Thomas Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers

Veteran dog/bitch  (6/1)

1 Thomas , Lancian Pleasant Ailira at Javalcy.  7.5yrs Male, compact without being stuffy, in beautiful condition, moved true and held top line well, adorable soft expression. Would of preferred to see more drive when on the move, but I believe this was due to the small ring and the configuration of the mats, was pleased to award this boy BVIS.

2 Farmer , CH Sangria In Your Dreams   10yrs Bitch, in excellent condition, in full coat which was beautifully presented. A delightful head and expression .Moved well but was somewhat hesitant, again I believe this was the configuration of the mats. Held top line on the move, would like to see her in a much larger ring. Just starting to show her age.

3 Bartlett,  Hillrows Machiko of Pebblecombe.

Minor Puppy Dog (2/1)

1 Boyer , Ellinghurst Phantom Majic. Just 6 months and looking the total baby and out of his depth today, but this was to be expected. Settled more as he moved around the ring and held himself more naturally.

Puppy Dog (9/4)

1 Farmer , Sangria Celebrity.  Just coming up to 12 months of age. Smaller type of dog, fine but cobby in appearance, slightly lacking in the coat department but with enough fringing to complete the picture. A classic head with good cushioning, this boy had eyes and expression to die for. He filled my eye completely and I would have taken him home in a heartbeat, had no hesitation in awarding him BPIS and RBIS.

2 Banks, Choya Kiosha.  Approaching 11 months of age, larger type than 1, but nothing was compromised because of this. In fantastic coat for a youngster which was presented with excellence. Moved well, although I believe he would be better suited to a larger ring, where we could really see him drive with purpose. A hard choice for me between him and 1, another day things would be different .

 3 George, Choya Katsuro at Amronchi.


Junior Dog (7/0)

1 Thomas , Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers. I have watched this dog many times from the ringside and when I got my hands on him I have to say he did not disappoint me. Well balanced body with a lovely length of neck, carried well at all times, his head is of good type. He moved well in all direction.was delighted to award him BR&WIS

2 Pearce & Hann , Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin . Of larger type but of obvious quality, in good coat and this was very well presented .Showed a lovely presence in the ring however he was very unsettled on the move, again I feel he would do far better in a bigger ring. Playing up his handler today, maybe forgot he was no longer in the puppy class and should be behaving now

3 Bartlett , Pebblecombe Jinja


Novice Dog (10/2)

1 Gilhespy & Van Baaren,  Chinart Michael Pavlovitsj (Imp Nld) , This boy was much larger than I would normally go for , although he was in good proportion and everything was where it should be. He has a heavy head , with solid features , but this was teamed with good type and expression and a large eye. Moved very well and was totally settled in all directions.

2 Reeves Sargant & Diment , Alstella Catch Me If You Can . Smaller type than 1 , was slightly unsure in the ring which affected his movement , looking now I can see he in only 10months old. Would be very interested to see him as an adult as there was lots to like about him .

3 McFarlane , Amantra Jojo


Postgraduate Dog ( 10/1)

1 Allcock MBE & Hampton , Bonniroy Tasebai Sleepyhollow,   Pleasing masculine head with good pigmentation and nicely cushioned muzzle above large eyes with good expression , good width of chest and square, well ribbed body, moves out well with a level topline, presents an overall attractive picture, although slightly short of furnishings today .

2 Farmer’s Sangria Paparrazzi , similar in type to 1 , moved slightly hesitantly today , have seen him show much better but this did not deter from his obvious qualities. He has a beautiful expression which commands your attention.

3Jolley’s Jonsville Evan at Dekobras

Limit Dog (8/2)

1 Bartlett’s Vanisitica Mahosukai of Pebblecombe.  I really liked this dog; the best way I can think to describe him is as honest. A typical head with excellent cushioning under large dark eyes, he is put together well and moved with drive and purpose. Slightly lacking in furnishings, which would give him an overall move finished appearance, which would have put him in contention for top honours. Felt that he would be better on a looser lead .

2  Vincent’s  Yama Seccret service .heavier set boy than 1 , a beautiful masculine head , with large eyes and typical expression, he didn’t seem too happy in the ring today , giving his handler a hard time to coax him around , but he got there in his own time. Was shown in an absolutely massive coat which was presented with excellence, although I felt that the huge coat could maybe give the impression that he is stuffy in construction which he isn’t.

3 Willis Dainichi Riochi

Open Dog  (1)

1 Allcock MBE , Sleepyhollow Raphael JW.ShCM.  Stood alone in the class, I have seen this boy before and he has never really caught my attention, once hands were on, I loved him!  Very pleasing to the eye in outline, moved well with purpose and drive although slightly fidgety once stood. He has a beautiful head which he caries well on a neck of good length , was very pleased to award him BIS

Special Open , Red&White (4)

1 Thomas Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers

2 Reeves-Sargant & Diment  , Alstella Raphael , slightly smaller and finer in type , beautifully proportioned and sound on the move . slightly lacking in furnishings today .

3 Meadows , Javalcy Starship Trooper at Shamead

Minor Puppy Bitch (7/1)

1 Reeves-Sarant & Diment , Alstella Pixie Dust , I found this young lady to be absolutely adorable . Small, cobby , compact her proportions were perfect. A good chest and strong front, she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and gave me the defiant look. I hope as she grows on she will keep her proportions, certainly one to watch for the future.

2 Farmer’s Sangria Mosaic. Lovely young bitch, felt she was slightly over awed in the class, but moved around the ring with drive. Her proportions were perfect, pleasing head with a good length of neck , furnishings well on their way

3 Allcock MBE , Sleepyhollow Don Elvira

Puppy Bitch (5/2)

1 Banks, Choya Kamiko , pleasing young bitch , again well proportioned, with a nice expression. Moved freely around the ring and showed great confidence. Had that look at me quality.

2 Reeves- Sargant & Diment ,Alstella Going For Gold . red and white , lovely type , pleasing head and expression , though not showing such confidence as 1 on the move but settled well towards the end of the class . Would prefer a tighter tail but I do think this was down to the hall and the noise.

3 Flynn , Linjato Amaya

Junior Bitch (2/1)

1 Vincent’s  Jonsville Secret Fortune .stood alone . very nicely proportioned young lady , beautiful head with large dark eyes giving a typical expression. She obviously didn’t like the hall, as she was slightly hesitant on the move , would love to see her move in a larger outdoor ring.


Novice Bitch (7/3)

1 Banks , Choya Katsumi , only 10months and showed like she had been doing it for years . Very well put together, compact, cobby without being heavy . Everything was where I expected it to be on this girl. She caught my eye as she walked in the ring. Moved around the ring with purpose and drive, was amazed to find that she had muscle on her hindquarters. I absolutely loved her. Was amazed to find out afterwards , it was her first show. What a great start for her as I awarded her BOS

2 Reeves- Sargant & Diment , Alstella Olympic Dream . Another young lady making her debut, slightly larger than 1, but again very well put together, slightly lacking in furnishings but her age will account for that. Felt she was slightly over awed by it all.

3 Vincent’s Yama Legacy


Postgraduate Bitch ( 7/2)

1 Smiths Sidlyn Song of the Wind .Compact bitch of 19months of age, extremely well cushioned under large eyes, nice spring of rib , strong hindquarters , allowing her to move freely with purpose. Slightly lacking in ear fringing which I felt would give a more completed picture.RBB

2 Mason,s Sleepyhollow La Calisto . equal to 1 in most qualities , moved freely with drive and purpose , lacking in coat today , although still carrying magnificent ear and tail furnishings.

3 Oatridge , Dalehouse Crystal Tips

Limit Bitch (4/2)

Flynn’s Choya Eclipse of Linjato  . A dainty and extremely pretty sable bitch of 2 years, she gives an overall pleasing image , although gives me the impression she could give more .would love to see her move more freely . presented with excellence , her ear fringes were amazing framing her pretty head and huge dark eyes .

Boyers , Ellinghurst Paige Three

Open Bitch (3)

1 Hine’s Sleepyhollow Hello  Dolly for Swifthocks JW. ShCM, 2 years old , another honest bitch, everything was where it needs to be, presented well , and in great condition. She moved well but could move more positively .2 Reeves-Sargant & Diment , Alstella Sheez a Lady . larger type , didn’t seem to be on top form today. Beautiful head and fantastic eyes .

3 McFarlanes  Lanceian Pleasant Chika


Steve Cayton (Stepheter)


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