Betty Schwager Memorial Championship Show

15 October 2016

Judge Mr A Allcock MBE


It was a great honour to judge this unique Championship Breed Club Show which attracted a magnificent 114 entries. I thank the Officers and committee for dedicating this show to ‘Aunty Betty’ and I know she would have been so honoured. The Royal Court Hotel is a great venue at which to stage a special dog show event. The evening Dinner Dance and entertainment which followed will be remembered for many years by all those who attended. Personally, this was a very special show for me with the added bonus of having some lovely dogs to judge. I considered it a special privilege to hand out so many fantastic rosettes, special antique prizes kindly donated by my late aunt’s estate, in addition to many other gifts so generously given by members of the club. My grateful thanks to hard working stewards Ann-Marie Mountcastle, Jayne Tong and Show Manager Mike Rowley. Special thanks to the organiser Linda Flynn and to all of the committee and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this day such a great success.


Veteran 5,1

A really super class containing 4 lovely Veterans

  1. Bailey’s Pochinka Edward Bear. Amazing he is now 11 years old. It seems only yesterday that he topped the Toy Puppy Group at Birmingham National. He has lost none of his charm. Square and compact. His head qualities are outstanding; the skull being broad and rounded, super placed nose, bright round dark eyes with ideal expression adding to the attraction. Short broad muzzle with lovely cushioning. Lovely hare feet. His super construction proved accurate and secure movement. Best Veteran In show.
  2. Steele’s Homerbrent Shirakawa. Another lovely one I have long admired over the years. Now aged 9 years. A lovely size and beautifully balanced on the stand. Super oriental expression in a correct sized head. OK for neck. Body is square and moderately wide, short loins and ideal tail setting. Lovely mover.
  3. Pearce & Hann’s Stepheter Wanna Shout For Rakuchin

Minor Puppy Dog 4

Not an easy class to judge!

  1. Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Ring Master. Promising youngster who can only get better. Lovely square outline, sufficient bone and substance. Secure level back.  His excellent construction showed in his free movement.  Testicles a little tense. Head with super eyes and finish. Lovely width of jaw and cushioning. 
  2. Vincent & Speight’s Bonniroy Yumi Aka at Yama. R/W supporting a most attractive head having super eyes, good width and finish of foreface. Super neck and shoulders. Top line just to settle a tad. Accurate mover but not quite the confidence of 1 at this stage of development.
  3. Steele’s Sharlana Divine at Threadgold

Puppy Dog 5

An extremely strong class which bodes well for the future of the breed.

  1. Vincent’s Yama Teddy Edward. Certainly aristocratic in head qualities. Gorgeous dark eyes which were set wide and supporting a small amount of white as required. Super neck and shoulders. Secure level back and high tail setting. Body was moderately wide in chest with rounded ribs. Straight secure fore legs, nicely angulated hindquarters. In profuse coat which was of ideal silky texture and beautifully presented. Hare feet. Moved fluently. BPD
  2. Farmer’s Sangria War Lord. A fine and dainty attractive youngster.  Round broad skull. Large eyes well set. Lovely muzzle and finish. Super neck and shoulders, secure level back. Not quite the compactness of 1 in profile or coat as yet but certainly very eye catching on the move.
  3. Gillespy & Van Baaren Grob’s Vouges Roiyaru Shoukei at Chinart (Imp Swe)

Junior Dog 7,3

  1. Banks’s Choya Masuyo. Although I have seen this young dog through his stages of development he particularly appealed today. He is upstanding and of a good shape ticking many of the requirements of the breed standard. Notwithstanding the fact that at 14 months he is still a young dog and has maturing to do, he has such an impressive style and presence about him both when standing and on the move. Appealing head, super reach of neck, sufficient length of leg in order to produce the required square outline. This was all covered in a silky textured coat and furnishings.  Whilst this class was at the beginning of the proceedings, he made an early impression. Much later however, in the challenge, his gear moved into overdrive. When asked, he moved with such animated style and deportment, holding his head so proudly, effortlessly gliding around the ring, giving the impression that  he knew he ‘had a chance here’. On this performance he did and was certainly the star performer today. CC & BIS.
  2. Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bugsy Malone. I cannot ever recall seeing this dog before but he certainly captured my attention. His head qualities are outstanding. Gorgeous dark eyes giving the ultimate expression, wide jaw with abundant cushioning overlay; fabulous neck and shoulders, fine bone but with strength. Excellent ribs and secure top line. Quality coat being so silky and straight. He is an extremely accurate mover in all directions. After being called back in the challenge he too, alike 1, gave a fabulous display so was awarded the RCC & RBIS.
  3. Matches’s Denis Goscinska Drzyston at Fochai (Imp PL)

Yearling Dog 7,1

  1. Schemel’s Chinart Yuunagi. Attractive young dog who impresses greatly upon examination. Super front and rear angulations. Moderately broad chest which was deep, well placed elbows. Coat was presented in exemplary fashion, superbly conditioned he moved with a careful elegant gait. 
  2. Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo. Beautifully balanced, cobby and nicely put together. Gorgeous eyes and head still to finish. Close call here but was a tad untidy when moving today.
  3. Matches Godheim Stars and Stripes at Fochai

Novice Dog 4,1

  1. Gillespy & Van Baaren Grob’s Vouges Roiyaru Shoukei at Chinart (Imp Swe). S/W This is an ultra-smart little dog with such a happy disposition and being well balanced throughout. Lovely body and tail setting. Straight front legs, sturdy pasterns and ideal rear angulations produced true, effortless and accurate movement in all directions. Lovely textured coat. Best R/W.
  2. Moss’s Tillashby Tanoshi of Delphlands. A very attractive dog. Ideal sized head to balance and loved his dark round eyes. Super neck and shoulders and lovely textured coat. Really attentive to handler. Very close decision.
  3. Burden’s Sangria Starlight of Shenonagh

Post Graduate Dog 8

  1. Mountcastle’s Holmchin Gorgeous George. Lovely character. Bright and intelligent in expression given by well set round dark eyes and has the most beautiful well cushioned cheeks and rounded upper lips which finish the headpiece. Well set on shoulders supporting a very proud head carriage on the move. Tail well set and carried with the required arch. Moved very well and handled to perfection.
  2. Farmer’s Sangria Riverdancer. Lots to admire here. Super head qualities having such an ‘open’ expression. Super neck and shoulders. Not quite as compact as 1 in body. Lovely silky textured coat and furnishings. Stylish mover.
  3. Moss’s Queenslake Billy Bongo of Delphlands ShCM

Mid Limit Dog 7,3

  1. Hubble’s Dabrives Silver Chalice. Most definitely square in outline! Relatively large head, wide cushioning, dark round expressive eyes. Well placed ears. Good width of chest, short strong loins. Well set tail. Coat coming through. Careful steady mover.
  2. Farmer’s Sangria Back to The Future. Excitable character presented in lovely coat. Again I loved the head qualities here especially the well set furnished ears which frames it all so beautifully. Super neck and shoulders, straight front legs with hare shaped feet. Movement not quite as precise as 1 going away.
  3. Ratter’s Thistletop Dick Dasterdley at Seafar

Limit Dog 10,1

A quality class

  1. Matches’s Godheim Imperial Wizard at Fochai. Heads you win! Really lovely oriental expression in those eyes without them being overdone in anyway. Short broad muzzle in a well-shaped head sets it all off. Compact and cobby and looks so well balanced on the stand. Coat coming through well. Moved accurately with front and back legs following the same plane.  Considered for the RCC.
  2. Allen’s Wyndcatch Take It Easy. Very close up on 1.  This dog also has a most impressive head, definitely masculine with that lovely oriental in expression. His body proportions are exactly the ratio of height at withers to length of body to produce his square outline.  Super reach of neck, sturdy level back and excellent rear angulations. Elegant mover. Ideally, just needs those rear featherings to come through to complete the picture.
  3. Boyer’s Choya Alfie Boe

Open Dog 10

  1. Farmer’s Sangria Lord of The Dance. Fantastic head and expression, super neck and shoulders. Well set ears with fabulous feathering. Just lacking a little in body weight. Correctly set tail, held high and well feathered producing the ‘chrysanthemum fall’. Moved with such a beautiful gait demonstrating that light reach of footfall which is synonymous with the breed.
  2. Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bit of Razzle Dazzle. Different in type to 1 but possesses a lot of virtues to admire. Larger in statue but void of coarseness; square in outline and abundant in coat. Tail just a tad flatter. I really admired the head qualities of this beautiful dog. His eyes certainly give that look of astonishment. He moved so accurately but as I moved him several times to compare him with 1, he just did not have the same alertness and animation today.
  3. Pearce & Hann’s  Secret Affair with Rakuchin

Special Novice R/W 7,2

  1. Gillespy & Van Baaren Grob’s Vouges Roiyaru Shoukei at Chinart (Imp Swe).
  2. Schemel’s Hin Satori Terra Kot (Imp RUS). S/W Beautifully presented, nicely put together youngster. Appealing head giving typical expression. Ideal textured coat with ear fringing coming through. Moved extremely well.
  3. Matches’s  Denis Goscinska Drzyston at Fochai (Imp PL)

Miss E M Tovey Memorial Special Open R/W 5,3

  1. O’Herlihy’s Jess’s Heart Of Gold. To be perfectly honest this was my disappointment of the day. This beautiful sable bitch with her feminine expression produced by her gorgeous eyes and black pigmentation is so appealing. However, she just decided to be uncooperative, despite all the gentle coaching by her most patient owner.  I appreciate that she may have been distracted by something outside the ring but nevertheless she won on sheer breed type and construction despite all.
  2. Nishigaki’s Jess’s Omocha Rosi at Utsukushi (Imp). Much larger is size and substantial in bone and therefore void of the refinement of 1.  She is extremely square in outline. Moved very well.

Eileen Crawford Memorial Special Open Stakes 3,1

  1. Pearce & Hann’s Choya Takara of Rakuchin. Well balanced and certainly lively in character. Her outline presents a square appearance. Coat is straight and silky. Head of balanced proportions and supporting a very feminine expression. Stylish in movement she is certainly ‘a goer’!
  2. Moss’s Queenslake Billy Bongo of Delphlands ShCM. Slightly more substantial in structure than 1 and not quite as short coupled. Secure level top line and high tail set. Attractive head.  Moved OK but not with the same daintiness of the winner.

Minor Puppy Bitch 6,1

  1. Paradise’s Shardlow Pavlova. Extremely impressive to handle. Well balanced round head having a wide plateau underneath with abundant cushioning.  Ideal lay of shoulder. Well ribbed. Excellent tail setting. She is well schooled and her movement is free and accurate in all directions. In super coat which was correctly marked. 
  2. Quinn’s Sharlanas Miss Fame At Harlouville Lightly marked, small and compact and a little bundle of dynamite. At 6 months she showed so beautifully and certainly at one with her handler. Such a ‘busy body’ on the move!
  3. Speight’s Bonniroy Yanina Aka

Puppy Bitch 9, 3

  1. Arrowsmith & Magri’s Yama Miss Divine. An appropriate name! 10 months old and so together. She has the perfect balance on the stand having ideal length and height ratios. Gorgeous feminine head with the forehead and muzzle touching the same vertical plane of a right angle.  Ideal length of neck and lay of shoulders with elbows set close in. Strong but relatively fine straight front legs and strong rear angulations supported effortless movement. Gorgeous hare shaped feet. Beautifully presented coat of resilient texture. Her movement was light and stylish with slight aloofness to boot.  A really beautiful geisha girl! CC & BPIS.
  2. Mowatt’s Vouges Roiyaru Tsudzuki to Asmena. Loved her character as she appeared extremely cheeky and full of it! Fine and dainty. Nicely shaped head with appealing eyes and well set ears to frame set on a good reach of neck.  Quality textured coat. On the move she gave the impression she was going places. Unlucky to meet 1.
  3. Smith’s Sidlyn Dancing In The Wind

Junior Bitch 7,2

  1. Banks’s Choya Charlotte JW. Lovely character. Now approaching the transitional stage between puppy and adulthood but still maintaining all of those charms which contributed to her distinguished puppy career. Appealing head, sufficient body. Schooled to perfection but full of it! Moved well. RCC
  2. Wolfenden’s Bechinka Mozo. A really appealing little package. Smart and alert she has a lovely head and eyes, well set ears, lovely reach of neck and is square in outline. Fine boned but without weakness as she is sturdily built and moves extremely accurately. I found her quite enchanting.
  3. Thomas’s Javalcy A Bit Of Va Va Voom

Yearling Bitch 11,6

  1. Goldie’s Godheim Virginia. This youngster really impressed me. Lovely square outline, fabulous head qualities having round dark eyes giving such an intelligent expression. Super width and depth of chest. Short coupled. Straight front legs and strongl rear angulations. Elegant feet. An extremely accurate mover. I seriously considered her for the RCC but after being shortlisted in the challenge she just lost her concentration.
  2. Vincent’s Yama Paper Lace. Beautiful to examine being cobby and square in outline. Sufficient bone and substance with a ‘leg at each corner’. Accurate on the move and presented in great condition.
  3. Matches’s Godheim Charlotte at Fochai

Novice Bitch 10, 6

  1. Quinn’s Sharlanas Miss Fame Ar Harlouville. 2nd in MPB.
  2. Gillespy & Van Baaren Grob’s Vouges Roiyary Kimonchi at Chinart (Imp Swe). Nicely put together dual purpose youngster who is well grown. Great body and ribs. Sturdy front and chest. Secure level back and good turn of stifle. Excellent mover.
  3. Smith’s Wyndcatch Witchy Woman

Post Graduate Bitch 7,3

  1. Burden’s Sangria Celebration of Sheonagh. Beautifully presented and well bodied. Excels in head qualities especially those large round dark eyes with a look of astonishment. Good width of body and depth of chest. Spirit level top line and well set tail. Moved very well.
  2. George’s Yama Aurora. Attractive head and eyes, lovely neck and shoulders. Secure  top line and high tail setting. Slightly longer cast than 1 and was not quite as precise in movement. Excellent ear fringes and tail furnishings.  
  3. Speight’s Bonniroy Yatsuko

Mid Limit Bitch 6,1

  1. Hubble’s Dabrives Silver Surprise. Square in outline and of good body. Well set tail. Appealing head with a nice finish. Impressive forequarters, strong rear assembly with adequate turn of stifle and strong hocks.  Not surprising therefore, she really came into her own on the move which was impressive.  
  2. Speight’s Bonniro Yasafii. Gorgeous head and eyes. Well bodied and square. Lovely example of the hare shaped foot. Straight front legs, good lay of shoulder and well ribbed. She was well up on 1 but just did make the best of herself today, particularly on the move when she was a tad reluctant so went without the same drive and enthusiasm of the winner.
  3. Paradise’s Shardlow Yum Yum

Limit Bitch 7,3

  1. Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika. Such a pretty girl. Text book head which screams ‘femininity’. Glorious eyes being round dark and illustrious with ideal an amount of white to enhance the expression. Square on the stand she is presented in wonderful condition and coat is of ideal texture. She was a strong contender in the challenge.
  2. Pearce & Hann’s Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin. Lightly marked and unfortunately completely out of coat. Typical head; lovely eyes. She presents a fabulous outline being square and cobby with secure level top line and excellent tail set. Has an impressive forehand reach and lift.
  3. Connor-Hopkins’s Anbarees Dolly Mixture of Brelo

Open Bitch 9,3

  1. Flynn’s Linjato Amaya. Super outline which was particularly visible as she was not supporting the best of coats today. Notwithstanding this she is a beautifully constructed bitch with a text book head and is wonderful to examine. In addition to these attributes, she moved beautifully in all directions so I had no hesitation in awarding her the class.
  2. Steele’s Ch Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold ShCM. So lovely to examine. Appealing head qualities and she is beautifully made. Whilst she was a reluctant showgirl today her accurate movement both out and back coupled with her many breed attributes could not deny her of her place.
  3. Paradise’s Shardlow Knickerboka Glory ShCM

Brace 2,1

  1. Spreight’s Brace. Absolutely to R/W peas in a pod. They moved beautifully together and having similar markings and being of the same size and shape I blinked once or twice as I was certainly seeing double!



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