St Mary's Hall 

Day : 3rd August

Judge: Mr I Watt


Japanese Chin Club Open Show

03 August 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Japanese Chin Club for inviting me to judge their August Open Show and my special thanks to all exhibitors that entered. It was a pleasure to see so many Japanese Chins. The show was run efficiently, by the Committee, and I really enjoyed the venue, so well done too all in finding a place where we can exhibit our lovely breed – I know that good facilities are hard to find nowadays.  Thank you to my two stewards, who both helped keep the proceedings running smoothly.

I found the breed, in general, to be variable, in many aspects, and I feel that there is lack of depth and breadth of quality at present.  Whilst the Chin’s specific breed characteristics epitomise breed type, construction is also very important, and whilst I found some pleasing heads, with the correct look of astonishment, breeders must keep their eye on construction, as movement, especially in rear assembly, needs to be monitored closely.

I love this breed dearly, and am fanatical on presentation, which overall, was of a very high standard. Whilst for me, this is the icing on the cake; I was disappointed to see some dogs that were dirty and stained. I understand that it can be difficult to keep a white coat clean, but the regal character of the Chin demands it - there is nothing more delightful than a Chin in full flowing, gleaming coat, looking aloof with the correct facial expression, around the ring. 


BIS :  Mr A Allcock MBE- Sleepyhollow Raphael JW ShCM

RBIS : Mr G Farmer -  Sangria Celebrity

BOS  : Mrs A Mason – Sleepyhollow La Calisto
BPIS  : Ms J Thomas -  Javalcy Because I’m Worth It
BVIS  : Mr G Farmer – CH Sangria In Your Dreams

BR&WIS  : Ms J Thomas - Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers


Veteran Dog or Bitch (5, 1 absent)

1.     Farmer’s CH Sangria in Your Dreams

This lady is a credit to her breeder – coming up for 10 years old, only showing her age by the grey coloured coat around her eyes, which did not detract from her beautiful expression. She moved correctly, coming and going, with joie de vivre and style. She still possesses the nature and playfulness of a puppy. Her B&W coat flowed and she was immaculately presented, as is expected from this kennel. A very worthy, majestic veteran, with a compact body, who demanded attention and a Champion Bitch that I have admired for many years – loved her!! Best Veteran in Show 

2.     Thomas’ Lancian Pleasant Ailira at Javalcy

B&W 7 ½ year old male, who was presented in top condition. Lovely masculine head & expression which he used to advantage, as he gazed, adoringly, at his handler. Movement satisfactory, but today, just lacked the drive of 1. Nevertheless, a credit to his owner. Beautifully presented

3.     Boyer’s Amronchi Magic Dust at Ellinghurst

Minor Puppy Dog (2,1 absent)

1.     Matches’ Godheim Imperial Wizard at Fochai
Finely boned B& W young puppy. Expressive eyes, showing characteristic white in the corners.  Coat markings nicely broken up. Not cooperating with his handler today, but managed enough to show his movement, which was fine when settled. Best Puppy Dog 

Puppy Dog (3,2 absent)

1.     Allcock’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow
Small B&W puppy with an excellent head and expressive eyes. Compact, firm body and level topline, he has the foundation to develop into a lovely dog, that oozes breed type. Moved well.  Thought he was going to be my Best Puppy Dog but, unfortunately, in the Best Puppy Dog Challenge, his rear end assembly let him down. I am sure that he will grow out of this, as he learns to control his over enthusiasm. Very promising puppy.
2.     Doran’s Ellinghurst Dark Sorceror

Heavily marked B&W, who has a pretty expression. Unfortunately, he was not settled in the ring and moved with his tail down. Needs to gain more confidence, but his breed type qualities, are very good and once he finds his feet, I am sure he will have a good, future, show career.

Junior Dog (7,0 absent)

1.     Farmer’s Sangria Celebrity
This boy has a wonderful expression, with a lovely head and excellent cushioning. He is small and dainty, with just the correct balance of bone. He has  a compact body and good spring of rib. He is a born aristocrat, and he knows it, who maintains his elegance and balance when moving, which is true coming and going. Level top line, which he maintains on the move, he demands attention as he proudly gaits around the ring. Still quite immature, but this will inevitably come and once it does, he should be a contender for top honours, as for me, he is one of these rare dogs that oozes quality and epitomises breed type. Beautifully presented. Delighted to award him RBIS
2.     Banks’ Choya Kioshi
Excellent expression, he has a lovely head which is proudly carried on his elegant neck. His, heavier marked, B&W coat, of correct texture, is just beginning to come in. Movement is true, both coming and going, striding out with ease, whilst maintaining elegance. Cobby and compact, with a level top line and good tailset.  Overall, he is a quality dog and should have a promising career. Just preferred the overall picture of 1.
3.     Paradise’s Shardlow Eton Mess

Novice Dog (11,3 absent)

1.     Allcock’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow
2.     Paradise’s Shardlow Eton Mess
B&W dog, who is well coated. Nice head which sits upon a proudly carried neck. His movement, today was a little erratic, although his front assembly is good, his rear movement was not as coordinated and true.
3.     Vincent’s Vanistica Short And Sweet at Yama

Post Graduate Dog (7, 2 absent)

1.     Pearce & Hann’s Choya Kanji Na
Larger B&W type male, but oozes quality and is very eye-catching. Exquisite head & expression, with lovely facial cushioning. Square & compact body. Gave his empathetic handler a hard time today, but moved well, once settled, showing his straight front assembly and excellent rear angulation.  Presented beautifully.
2.     Mountcastle’s Holmchin Marry Me Harry
B&W dog of nice type and size. He has a good tailset, with a level topline and moved well around the ring. Coat is developing well.
3.     Williamson’s Choya Rising Sun over Kalamata

Limit Dog (8, 1 absent)

1.     Willis’ Dainichi Riochi
Small, compact B&W dog.  He has a pleasing head with good expression and well cushioned foreface which completes the picture. Compact, cobby body, with good spring of rib, he maintains his level topline on the move. Movement is very good, both coming and going. Lovely shape in profile, which caught my eye in this class. Good length of coat which flowed freely when on the move.
2.     Farmer’s Sangria Paparazzi
Elegant B&W dog, who moves well and carries himself with elegance and importance. He has a pleasing head with expressive eyes. Level topline and compact body shape making a lovely, square outline. Moved well. Lovely coat. Very close decision, but today, just preferred 1. 
3.     Flynn & van Baaren-Grob’s Homerbrent Yuumei Na
Open Dog (9, 3 absent)

1.     Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Raphael JW ShCM
B&W dog who is fine and elegant, without compromising on soundness and structure. His free flowing movement demands attention, as he drives around the ring with purpose, whilst maintaining an aristocratic persona. He has a pleasing head and expression, compact body and good spring of rib. This is a dog who not only looks correct, but once you place your hands on him, all his component parts just fit together perfectly – he is a lovely dog to go over. Coat in full bloom which was presented beautifully. A credit to his Breeder/Owner.  Best Dog and delighted to award him BIS.
2.     Thomas’ Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers
Quality R&W dog, who is an excellent size and shape. He has a good, broad skull with a well cushioned foreface which is carried on an elegant neck. Compact bodied, he shows his elegance, when on the move, maintaining his profile outline in the process. For this boy,” the future is bright and orange”, and a dog I will look forward to observing his show career in the future. Coat beautifully presented. Delighted to award him Best Red & White in Show
3.     Willis’ Dainichi Sunyano

Special Open – Red & White (4, 2 absent)

1.     Thomas’ Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers
2.     Meadows’ Javalcy Starship Trooper at Shamead
Male, who has a pleasing expression. Moved well. Not as balanced as class winner. Coat of correct texture

Minor Puppy Bitch (0 entries)

Puppy Bitch (8, 2 absent)

1.     Thomas’ Javalcy Because I’m Worth It
This young lady grabbed my attention from the moment she entered the ring. B&W with lovely head & expression.  She is lovely to go over and each component part fits together like a precision machine.  Her movement is true in both directions and she maintains her shape in profile.  Beautifully presented in excellent coat. She looks right, she is right, what more can I say – she is definitely worth it! Delighted to award her Best Puppy in Show.
2.     Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow
B&W bitch with lovely head and expression, dark eyes of good size.  Compact body, moved well coming and going with level topline, she is already well bodied with a well-rounded ribcage. Coat coming in nicely and I am sure, as she matures, she will develop into a glamorous girl.
3.     Bank’s Yama Jessica of Choya

Junior Bitch (5, 0 absent)

1.     Banks’ Choya Katsumi
Very well constructed girl who is maturing nicely. Confident in movement and showed herself off to her best advantage in the class. Lovely head and expression, she excels in breed type. Coat just coming in and I am sure that when she is fully mature, she will be a major contender for top honours. Beautifully presented, as expected from this kennel.
2.     Flynn’s Linjato Amaya
Pretty bitch with lovely expressive eyes. She is similar in type to 1. She has a very good front assembly but felt, today, that her rear action was not so strong. Lovely coat, she has a good rapport with her handler, which is used to her advantage. Beautifully presented. 
3.     Paradise’s Shardlow Knockerboka Glory

Novice Bitch (8, 5 absent)

1.     Bank’s Choya Kamiko
Compact, feminine B&W bitch with good chest. She moves freely and has a level topline. Lovely head and expression with broad muzzle and cushioning and an excellent ear placement. Once her coat comes in, she will make a lovely picture. Beautifully presented, as is the norm for this kennel.
2.     Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow
3.     Meadows’ Pochinka Saucy Salsa at Shamead

Post Graduate Bitch (6,1 absent)
1.     Mountcastle’s Rakuchin Amazing Grace of Holmchin
B&W, pretty bitch with pleasing facial features and expression. Fine boned with a compact, square  body. Good front and rear angulation, she moved well in both directions, she makes a pleasing outline in profile. Lovely coat which was well presented. Nicely handled to get the best out of her.
2.     Perrett’s Dalehouse Diorissimo

Nice B&W bitch, who is strongly made without being too heavy in bone for her size. Head and expression are ok, although would prefer her nose to be slightly shorter. Pleasing outline in profile, movement is satisfactory.

3.     Paradise’s Shardlow Knockerboka Glory

Limit Bitch (5, 1 absent)

1.     Matches’ Fochai Jasmine
This small B&W bitch has a  very pleasing head with large round eyes showing white in the corners, most certainly giving the look of astonishment. This girl is very square and compactly built with a  good spring of rib. Fine boned, compact with a level topline, she moved well. Her size, shape and expression won her the class, but unfortunately, she lacked coat today. Nonetheless, there is much to like.
2.     Perrett’s Dalehouse Crystal Rose
B&W bitch of nice size. Pretty head, with expressive eyes, showing just the right amount of white. Movement was satisfactory in both directions. Well-presented coat of correct texture.
3.     Flynn’s Choya Eclipse of Linjato

Open Bitch (5, 3 absent)

1.     Mason’s Sleepyhollow Calisto
Mature looking, compact B&W bitch in good coat with flowing ears and tail. Lovely shape with compact body and good spring of rib. Commanded my attention in this class with her free flowing movement. Lovely eyes and overall expression with good cushioning to her short foreface. Handled well to get the best out of her. Lovely presentation. Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex 
2.     Goldie’s Bubblebecca Fuji Snowdrop
B&W bitch who for me, shows too much white in her eyes, which detracts from her overall expression. Slightly longer cast than the class winner. Moved well.

Phil Lewis Memorial Rescue Special Novice (3, 3)

1.     Gillespie & van Baaren’s Chinart Michael Pavlovitsj (Imp Nld)
B&W dog in good coat and condition. Larger type, than I prefer, but, nevertheless, l could not overlook his qualities. Balanced and well-constructed, with the desired cobbiness. Good facial expression with a large head and eyes. Moved well coming and going. Very good hare feet, with the desired feathering, lacking in so many exhibits today.
2.     Goldie’s Arranbrook Star of Shadwell
Smaller type to 1. B&W bitch who moved ok, but seemed to lack drive when going around.  Head and expression satisfactory Lacking in coat today.
3.     Hillrows Manhattan



Ian Watt, Judge 

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