Driffield Dog Show 2014


21st September 2014

Judge: Mr David Hubble 



I Would like to thank the officers and committee of Driffield champ show for inviting me to judge the Japanese chin breed, i was very pleased with my entry and all exhibits, on the whole i think the breed has a bright future, there are some really nice young dogs coming through, which bodes well for the future breeding of the chins.


MPD 7 (4 ABS)

1ST Ms Rhodes &Mr & Mrs  Vincent , Javalcy bit of a razze dazzle,    what a super puppy,  nice broad head, lge dark eye, nice length of neck, level topline and a good tail set, good coat, moved  really well coming and going for one so young, pushed really hard for the cc, was really pleased to award him the res CC and BEST PUPPY in BREED, shall watch his future with interest, one i would of happily taken home. WELL DONE.

2nd  Ms  J Thomas`s   Javalcy nik nak paddywack, litter brother to my winner, similar remarks apply, just preferred the showmanship and movement of my winner, another one that should have a bright future

3rd Mrs A smith`s, Sharlanas shintaro for aquilonia


PD  7  (ABS 1)

Pearce & hann`s   Holmchin secret affair with rakuchin     nice head with lge dark  eye, good front and a nice level topline and tight tail set on move, nicely marked, moved really well with good drive, unlucky to come up against my mpd winner.

2nd, MRS  & Ms A Mountcastle`s   Holmchin gorgeous George,  litter brother to my winner, smaller compact dog, nice head and eye, good coat, preferred  the style and showmanship of his brother.

3rd, Mrs J  jolly`s Sharlarna tailor maid for dekobras


JD 5 (2 ABS)

1ST   Mrs  J Obrien`s   Tillashby yutaka at nachi,   slightly larger dog, nice head and eye, good length of neck, level topline, nicely marked moved and showed well,

2nd  Mr S Branch ,  Phydeaux blue moon,  similar in size to my winner, same remarks apply, just preferred the movement of the winner

3rd  Miss E C Jackson`s   Holmchin fire cracker


YD  3

1ST   MRS M Williamson,  Rakuchin by design for kalamata,  larger type dog  more heavily marked with a good coat, nice head and eye,  moved and showed well.

2nd  mrs j matches,  Godheim imperial wizard at fochai,  nice broad head with dark eye, level  topline , nice tail set, just preferred movement of  winner

3rd  Miss d Robinson,  Midorchi  magnum


PGD  5  ( ABS  1)

1ST  MS J Godbehere,  Charnel  kenji  at  tillashby,  very nice small compact cobby dog, well deserved winner, good head and eye,  level topline standing and on the move, nice tail set, one i considered for the res cc.

2nd Miss M Moss,  Queenslake billy bongo at delphlands,  similar size to my winner, same remarks , just preferred the the overall picture and movement of my winner.

3rd   Miss D Robinson    Midorchi  magnum



LD  10  (ABS 1 )

Mr G Farmer,   Sangria  celebrity,   another nice small type dog from this kennel, very compact with a nice head and dark eye, level topline nice tail set, very stylish mover, carries his self really well, another one i considered for the res cc

2nd  Ms R Banks  Choya  kiosha jw  another really nice dog, similar remarks apply, these 2 could change places, another dog who carries his self really well.

3rd  Mrs J Jolley,   Jonsville evan at dekobras jw



OD  7  ( 2 ABS )

Mrs K Bartlett,   Pebblecombe  jinja,    my star of the day, what a cracking red/white dog, one i have admired  before, very nice broad head , good eye, nice neck into good laid shoulders, leading to a nice level topline and good tail set, good width of chest, good coat,  good mover coming and going, pleased to award him his 3rd cc  and best of breed.

2nd  Ms R Banks  CH Homerbrent kotaishi of choya jw,   a really worthy champion, very nice dog, similar remarks apply, very stylish dog on the move, unlucky to meet my winner today.

3rd  Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann  Choya kanji na with rakuchin


GCD    1

1ST   Miss M Moss   Aldoricka dickie byrd of delphlands.



MPB  7  ( 3 ABS )

1ST  Mrs P Johnston,  Javalcy  you put a spell on me, what a super little puppy, litter sister to my mpd winner, nice head and eye, level topline, good tail set, good movement, what a super litter, one for this owner to be proud off.

2nd  Mr & Mrs Greenwell,  Camilla z rosenthalu of patzpetz, another quality puppy, nice head and level topline, slightly longer in body to my winner, carried herself well on the move.

3rd  Ms J Thomas   Javalcy funtime phoebe


PB  8  (2 ABS )

1st Mrs A & Miss H Mountcastle`s ,  Holmchin  fire  star,   r/w puppy, really nice quality puppy, very fine boned, good head , good length of neck , nice level topline and good tailset held on the move and standing. BPB

2nd  Mrs J Wallhead,  Sleepyhollow tickle my fancy at merida   another quality bitch puppy, similar remarks apply, these 2 could change places, very stylish mover, should have a good future.

3rd  Mrs J Allitt   Tillashby  kimika


JB  4  (  1 ABS )

1ST Mrs J Wallhead   Choya  kinuko at merida,  small compact quality bitch, nicely marked, nice head and eye, level topline good tail set,  moved and showed really well.

2nd  Mrs S Mowatt   Asmena hatsu, slightly larger bitch to my winner,  but still a nice bitch, just preferred movement and style of my winner.

3rd  Mrs S Steele  Threadgold melody maker


YB  4  ( 1 ABS)

1ST  Mrs J Wallhead    Choya  kinuko at merida,   winner of jb

2nd  Mrs L Crane    Sidlyn wind of change with cranvarl    slightly longer in back than my winner but a really nice bitch, has a nice head and eye, preferred overall picture of my winner

3rd  Mrs K Bartlett     Simsalchin  piccolo  belle luna  pebblecombe (imp)






PGB  6  (2 ABS )

1ST  Mrs C Oatridge   Dalehouse crystal jade,  very nice small compact bitch,  nicely marked, good head and eye, good topline and tail set, moved and showed really well

2nd  Miss K & Mrs D Whitehouse,  Cheekychins esme for denain,  similar remarks apply just preferred the overall picture of winner standing and on the move

3rd Mrs R Wolfenden   Bramerita  butterfly orchid


LB  8 ( 1 ABS )

1ST Mrs E Willis     Jonsville  oriana  dainichi jw  what a lovely bitch, very pretty head, nice lge dark eye, good length neck, leading to well laid shoulders, level topline good tail set, moved and showed really well, my bitch  CC  winner.

2nd Mrs J Jolley`s   Sharlana`s dancing queen  at dekobras,  another super quality bitch of same quality, just  splitting hairs between these 2,   my reserve  bitch  cc  winner

3rd  Mr & Mrs  J Basing     Arranbrook  aiijin


OB  6  ( 3 ABS )

1ST  Mrs C  Oatridge   Dalehouse  crystal  tips,  very nice quality small bitch, good coat and markings, carries herself really well  nice head, level topline and good tail set, good coat, considered for the cc and res cc

2nd  Mr  & Mrs  Bailey`s,  Asmena  tinkerbell at aldoricka  slightly larger bitch than my winner, but held herself really well on the move and standing,

3rd  Mrs S steele   Javalcy china doll at threadgold 





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