Team Double Chin


Myself (Charlotte Edwards) and my Japanese Chin Daisy~Mae and Julie Godbehere and her Japanese Chin Razzle do small dog agility and we entered the Kennel Clubs Agility Nuts on the 12th July 2014 as a pairs team. Proudly calling ourselves 'Team Double Chin' this is a first for Japanese Chin




I guess it's not every day you see a Japanese Chin running agility courses. So myself and Julie Godbehere decided to make this a first for running in a pairs competition with two Chins. Julie has been agility training and competing with her nearly 7 year old Japanese Chin Razzle on and off for about 5 years. I have been agility training with my 2 year old Japanese Chin Daisy~Mae for nearly 11 months. We had always said it would be great to do a pairs run with them one day as we didn’t know of anybody else who had done it before. When Julie put it to me that there was a Kennel Club Agility Nuts competition in July where we could do a pairs steeplechase, we thought what a fantastic opportunity this would be for both ourselves and the Chins and the breed as a whole. We decided to call ourselves ‘Team Double Chin’, it really didn’t take long to come up with a team name. It was just too obvious! With very little experience of agility competitions and only having taken Daisy~Mae to one beforehand as a nursery entry and also being an amateur handler, I was admittedly very nervous but very excited. Could we do ourselves proud but also the club and the breed as well? Well I think it is fair to say we really did. Ok this time we didn’t get placed but Julie and Razzle ran first and had an amazing clear round, Razzle was on fire, Daisy~Mae ran like a bullet from a gun unfortunately I was faulted on knocking the wing over. As the saying goes, ‘great dog, shame about the handler’…. Daisy~Mae stopped to see the judge, but that all comes down to experience with her getting used to somebody she doesn’t know standing near her. Overall it was a fantastic day out, we had fun but most importantly Razzle and Daisy~Mae had fun and isn’t that what it’s all about. This is just the start of ‘Team Double Chin’ who knows what the future will bring.



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