Darlington Dog Show 2015

20th September 2015

Judged by Miss J Matches


Thank you everybody for such a good entry, we are indeed fortunate that at a time when entries in other breeds are declining, Chin entries appear to be increasing at most shows.

It is 2½ years since I last judged our lovely breed so I was really looking forward to it due to the fact that the majority of dogs would be new to me. I am afraid to say that what I found on the day perturbed me – what has happened to the ‘compact Chin required by the Standard? Far too many Chins were long in the back therefore completely losing the correct balance. The Standard says ‘length of body equal to height at withers’ hence giving the square compact shape. When we lose the body shape & overall balance we also lose the stylish movement as a Chin with a long back plods or weaves its way instead of demonstrating straight movement with good reach.

We are very lucky in this breed that we constantly attract new adherents to the breed but sadly we have also lost several established kennels within the last decade & with them the knowledge of bloodlines etc. Today’s breeders need to look carefully at what is behind any potential breeding stock to ensure that any faults are not doubled up on.

These comments are made purely as someone with a lifelong association with this breed who has the breed’s best interests at heart & hope that my observations are taken in the manner in which they are intended. We must never forget that the breed Standard is our blueprint for the future of the breed.

VD (3) 1 Bailey’s Pochinka Edward Bear at Aldoricka, nearly 9 years of age, still a beautiful dog who could hold his own in serious competition. Nicely proportioned, he is so square. Good head with well cushioned muzzle. In good coat & still an attentive shower. BV, pleased to hear he later won 2nd in the veteran group; 2 Steele’s Homerbrent Shirakawa, unlucky to meet 1, another lovely dog who belies his age, nice expression with well shaped skull. Shown in good condition, moved accurately; 3 McFarlane’s Sleepyhollow All That Jazz at Glendyke. MPD (8,1a) 1 Moss’ Tillashby Tanoshi of Delphlands, nice puppy who covered the ground with ease, good size & correct bone. Good head carriage & well set tail; 2 Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Concerto, another nice youngster, slightly bigger than 1. I liked his general facial properties offset by a moderately broad skull. Just preferred the general deportment & tailset of 1; 3 Allcock & Tong’s Sleepyhollow Rhein Gold. PD (3) 1 Ratter’s Thistletop Dick Dasterdley at Seafar, well constructed young male of larger type, sufficient width of chest, moved very well on strong hindquarters. Good coat of correct. BP; 2 Kinghorn’s Linjato Kaisho, beautifully presented. Pleasing expression with large dark eyes, correct bone, just preferred movement of 1; 3 McFarlane’s Myojo Nash. JD (5,2) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance, my notes read ‘small, dainty yet masculine’ & that sums this exhibit up, really good breed type, beautifully shaped skull & well cushioned muzzle. Moved with drive & pulled out all stops in the challenge to gain RCC; 2 Quinn’s Mattadam Samurai at Shalarna, attractive boy who moved accurately & presented a good outline both moving & standing, well set tail; 3 Daly & Robinson’s Midorchi Poetry In Motion. PGD (8,2) 1 Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bit Of Razzle Dazzle, this boy is so well balanced with attractive head carriage, cobby body with well set tail. Moved well both before & aft; 2 Farmer’s Sangria Riverdancer, unlucky to meet 1, smaller dog who moved effortlessly, nice front with good width of chest. Well finished muzzle; 3 Robinson’s Midorchi Magnum. LD (13,3) 1 Williamson’s Rakuchin By Design for Kalamata, of ideal proportions with short back & well set tail. Really moved out & presented a lovely outline. Moderately broad head with well made muzzle; 2 Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin, another lovely dog, not as mature as 1 but of good conformation with good turn of stifle & stylish movement. Liked his good head carriage; 3 Burden’s Sangria Amadeus. OD (5,1) 1 Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, eyecatching dog, beautifully made with compact body & proud head carriage. Really moved well with panache maintaining a lovely outline. Good head with lovely expression. All this is offset by a beautiful coat of correct texture. Shown & presented to advantage. CC, BOB; 2 Banks’ Choya Kiosha, another quality exhibit, nice size & correct bone. Moved so well & accurately both in front & behind. Pleasing expression with well cushioned muzzle; 3 Davidson’s Rus Ch Hin Satori Yoko Zolotoy Sneg at Sharlarna.

VB (2,1) 1 Burden’s Sangria Shakira of Sheonagh, 8 years of age, shown in excellent condition, nice outline & attractive head, really enjoying her day. MPB (8) 1 Mowatt’s Asmena Fairy Tale, a feminine little bitch who is nicely made, correct bone & good firm hindquarters, moved & showed well for one so young. BPB; 2 Whitehouse’s Denain Sweet Jasmine, not as mature as 1. I liked her good head carriage & well held topline. She moved with ease & presented an attractive picture. Sweet expression; 3 Constable’s Arranbrook Imperial Dancer at Mitapip. PB (3,1) 1 Pearce & Hann’s Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin, well made bitch, I liked her well shaped skull with her short well cushioned muzzle, moved well & effortlessly, very promising bitch; 2 Thomas’ Nisyros Nancy Chinatra, smaller bitch who had the sweetest feminine expression, well shaped skull, very promising coat for age. JB (11,6) 1 Basing’s Arranbrook Bedazzled, square bitch, I loved her head properties & reach of neck. Moved soundly & with ease. Well set tail; 2 Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Mavis at Anjuli, attractive bitch of ideal size, nicely coated, good width of chest & well shaped body, presented a lovely outline both moving & standing. Today preferred the free movement of 1; 3 Robinson’s Midorchi Make Believe. PGB (6,1) Very nice class of feminine bitches. 1 Wallhead’s Choya Kinuko at Merida, dainty bitch who displayed flowing movement. Nicely boned & compact build. Well shaped skull & muzzle with sweet expression & good nose placement; 2 Leach’s Sharlarnas Regal Lady, larger bitch who stood foursquare. I liked her shape, compactly built. Correct expression & well set nose. Not as confident as 1; 3 Allitt’s Tillasby Kimika. LB (6) 1 Crane’s Sidlyn Wind Of Change with Cranvarl, bitch who is so well constructed, cobby bodied & good reach of neck. Very well balanced & moved very soundly. Proportionally broad skull, pretty expression. CC; 2 Banks’ Linjato Khaleesa of Choya, pushed 1 hard, this bitch has good front & rise of neck, well balanced. Moved correctly with precision; 3 Mowatt’s Asmena Hatsu. OB (11,5) 1 Bailey’s Asmena Tinkerbell at Adoricka, mature bitch of nice size. Very well made & balanced,  with good ribcage. Moved with drive. Well shaped skull with muzzle of correct width & well cushioned. Unfortunately flagged slightly in the challenge, but could not be denied RCC; 2 Wallhead & Allcock’s Kochous Rita Hayworth Sleepyhollo,-r/w who was completely in her petticoats! This did not detract from her quality & demonstrated her excellent conformation. Short backed & moved elegantly, good turn of stifle & nice bone. Pretty expression & pleasing head properties; 3 Lindsay & Pipe’s Ch Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva at Anjuli.



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