Darlington Dog Show Society 2014


14th September 2014

Judge: Mrs S Boyer

 I would like to thank all who entered under me and to my very compentent stewards who kept things running smoothly and aided me in finding the best section of the ring for the dogs to move - it was hard to assess the movement on some dogs as the ring was more like taking a trek through the mountains with it big dips and mounds and a large rut right through the middle which many dogs wanted to jump over. Overall I was pleased with my main winners and overall presentation was good but there were a few with badly stained creases and a couple who had sticky coats as if they had not been washed and some who were lacking body condition. I was pleased to see all 3 of my main winners then going on to be placed in 3 very strong toy groups.

Veteran Dog (2) 
1st: MCFARLANE Sleepyhollow All That Jazz At Glendyke this dog I have I judged at various ages through his showing career - this b/w boy who is now showing his age with his dentition which now has an overal affect the finish of his muzzle, still moves soundly and keeping a good topline on such an uneven ground, rather out of coat and condition today but princiably won today on his movement. 
2nd MATCHES Der Rosenkavalier Sleepyhollow s/w boy who is short and cobby - has nice a large dark eye and dark pigment he was being shown in good body and coat condition - for some reason he was not moving very positive on movement today and I got him to move a number of times but do not know if it was the ground which was ashame as he is a very nice dog.
Minor Puppy Dog (6-0) 
1st RHODES, Ms S & VINCENT Javalcy Bit Of A Razzle Dazzle - Best Puppy and Toy Puppy Group 2 - b/w boy with a lovely head and nice large eyes with just the right amount of white showing. Good jaw with well cushioned muzzle and nice dark pigment, good lenght of neck leading into nicely laid shoulders, carrying good body and lovely silky coat, moved soundly round the ring and keeping a level topline at all times, was pleased to see him perform even better in the main ring on a level ground.
2nd FLYNN Linjato Kiyoto another lovely b/w who has many similar points to my main winner - just requires more body and condition at this point
3rd ALLCOCK, Mr B S & LINDSAY Sleepyhollow Baroque 
Puppy Dog (7-2) 
1st: PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Holmchin Secret Affair With Rakuchin a nice puppy with good a superburb attitude. Has a large head with nice dark eye and the correct expression, has a good reach of neck, firm straight topline, if I had to be critical he could do with being a bit shorter in back.

2nd ALLCOCK Sleepyhollow Mozart a mature dog for age, has a masculine head with good cushioning with a nice size eye with just the right amount of white showing, good reach of neck and a nice short body with good topline and good tailset, in excellent coat but he seemed a little unsettled which affected hs movement today so had to pay the price.

3rd JOLLEY Sharlarna Tailor Made For Dekobras 
Junior Dog (4-2) 
1st: FLYNN Choya Kanayo Of Linjato b/w with lovely head and nice dark eye with correct expression, has a well cushioned muzzle. Has a good lenght of neck going into well placed shoulders and has a level topline and good tail carriage, moved soundly and showed well.
Post Grad Dog (5-1 
1st: ODBEHERE Charnell Kenji at Tillashby this boy I have saw as a very raw baby and has turned into a lovely young man, he is well put together and showed very well paying attention to his owner all the time, he has a large head with large eyes and just the right amount of white showing, he has a good jaw with just the right amount of padding to the muzzle. He is short and cobby and in good coat and moved well round the ring - today he just lacked the finishing touch of a bit more weight on his waist to compete for the top honours but I will continue to watch his progress.

2nd: TONG Dalehouse Elements Of Elgar Jakconas - this boy I saw as a puppy and he did not disappoint on handling, he has a large head with large darks eyes and well cushioned muzzle. He is well constructed and moved soundly - he lost out to number one as he is slightly larger in size 

3rd: MOSS Queenslake Billy Bongo of Delphlands 
Limit Dog (6-1) 
1st: PARRY Sidlyn Gone With The Wind To Gwynsias - this boy caught my eye on entering the ring and he did not disappoint when going over - he has a beautiful head with correct ear set and nice large dark eyes with the correct amount of white showing. His muzzle is well filled and has a good reach of neck leading into a well laid shoulders and a toned body with just the right amount of muscle and weight being carried with a good silky coat, his topline was level both standing and on moving and he moved soundly and effortlessly round the ring - was pleased to award him the RCC and hopefully the CC's will follow. 

2nd ALLCOCK& HAMPTON Bonniroy Yasebai Sleepyhollow - this fella has a good head with nice eye and well filled muzzle, he is short and compact and has a level topline with tight tailset - unfortunately it was difficult to assess his movement but what I could see he is sound but he was insisting on playing his handler up so had to pay the price. 
3rd: BLAIR Tillashby Michi At Bellflows 
Open Dog (5-1) 
1st: ALLCOCK Ch Sleepyhollow Raphael JW Sh.CM There has already been a lot said about this dog and I was proud to award him the CC BOB and then to see him win Toy Group 2 from a strong group - this dog just came into the ring demanding your attention he is very showy and just flowed round the ring with ease, he has a masculine head with large dark eye, well filled muzzle, he is compact in body with good ribs and carried a level topline, he moved soundly in all directions on a very uneven ground. He carrys an abundant silky coat and underneath a well conditioned body and was presented in pristine condition. 

2nd: DAVIDSON Hysterical Samurai Sou At Sharlarna this dog I have judge before when a youngster and still admire him. He has a lovely oriental expression, good skull and well cushioned muzzle. He is not as cobby as my main winner and today he just lack the get up and go and his topline was not level on the move today. His coat is a good texture but just lacked the presentation of number 1.
3rd: PEARCE,& HANN Choya Kanji Na With Rakuchin 

Veteran Bitch (2) 
1st: CURWOOD Yama Tiara At Maxgold Best Veteran and Veteran Toy group 4 this lady is showing signs of age with greying on the face but is a lovely bitch sound and well constructed lady, who has a beautiful head with large eye and well filled muzzle. she is short and compact in body wth good coat and body condition and moved soundly round and keeping a good topline when going round the ring she won best veteran on her final overall appearance and was pleased to see her go onto win group 4 
2nd: GOLDIE Samchin Artemis r/w bitch who has a good head with large eyes and good muzzle, she is a little short on neck which affects her overall appearance on standing and moving, she moved ok but the owner needs to stride out quicker to get the best from her. 
Minor Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: DAVIDSON Sharlarna Koyuki - A very raw baby but has the makings of a lovely girl, moved well once settled in all directions and has a good head with dark eyes, just needs time to fill out

2nd: ALLCOCK Sleepyhollow Cosi Fan Tutte - a small dainty bitch with lovely construction throughout. has a beautiful head with expressive eyes. Was a little unsettled on moving today.

3rd: JOHNSTON Javalcy You Put A Spell On Me 
Puppy Bitch (7-1) 
1st: ALLCOCK Sleepyhollow Miss Bussell JW - Best Puppy Bitch - outstanding, puppy with a beautiful head and nice dark eyes with the correct expression. Good muzzle and cushioning, well ribbed and bodied, good topline and tailset, moved soundly in all directions. So very confident and outgoing. Has a good coat and very well presented

2nd: DAVIDSON Choya Kikuka a confident and showy girl with a good head and nice expression, short in body, well coated, and moved well, just not quite the finish of the winner

3rd: ALLITT Tillashby Kimika 
Jnior Bitch (3) 
1st: MOWATT Asmena Hatsu - A very nice bitch who has a good head with large eye which could be a bit darker in colour but has the correct expression, has a well filled muzzled and a short cobby body carrying a good body condition in both weight and muscle tone with adequate coat, carrys a level topline with well set tail, moved soundly round the ring 

2nd: ALLCOCK Kochou's Rita Haywooth Sleepyhollow (Imp) - this girl entered the ring and caught my eye with her attitude of here I am she is r/w, with a very nice head with good dark eyes and just the right amount of white showing, she has a good length of neck and well placed shoulders with a good body and level topline, she moved soundly round the ring in both directions but was upset by a camera constantly clicking ringside which spooked her and would not keep her tail up - she was a bit more settled when I got her to move again in a different direction to where this occured after going over the other dogs but she was still a little unsettled and had to pay the price to my winner today

3rd: WAINWRIGHT & HODGSON Arranbrook Alissia at Jenan 
Post Grad Bitch (5-2)
1st: WILLIS Jonsville Oriana Dainichi JW - I have seen this dog from ringside and was not disappointed when handling her she is a lovely size, she has good head large eyes showing teh right amount of white, she is fine boned and well balanced, she is carrying just the right amount of weight and had a good coat which was well presented, she moved soundly round the ring. carrying a good topline and tail carriage. 

2nd: OATRIDGE Dalehouse Crystal Jade - slightly larger type to number but has a good head with nice dark eye, correct earset, good muzzle short backed well conditioned and moved soundly 
3rd: CRANE Sidlyn Wind Of Change With Cranvarl 
Limit Bitch (3)
1st: FLYNN Linjato Amaya - A very nice b/w with a lovely head and expression. Well made throughout and well balanced. Correct front and shoulder placement, level topline and in good coat and well presented, moved and showed well; became a little unsettled in the line up but soon regained her composure and pushed hard for the CC and RCC but just needs a little more coat to finish the picture.

2nd: JOLLEY Sharlana's Dancing Queen At Dekobras b/w of good size and shape, had a lovely head with correct eyes and expression. Moved well in all directions just not the finish of numer 1 today
3rd: BASING Arranbrook Aiijin 
Open Bitch (7-2 
1st: OATRIDGE Dalehouse Crystal Tips CC and Res BOB -a very feminine bitch of excellent type, very good head with ample cushioning with nice large dark eyes with just theright amount of white showing, well placed nose with dark pigment, she is square in outline and carrying a good body which is well muscled and carryng a full coat which is of the correct texture and presented in top condition, has a good reach of neck and a level topline both standing and on the move and a good tailset, she moved soundly and accurately round the ring - very pleased to award her the CC and to find out this gave her title and the owners expression said it all 

2nd: WAINWRIGHT & HODGSON Ch Jenan Tutti Frutti RCC this bitch I have seen and admired from ringside on many an occasion and she didnt disappoint when going over - she is similar in many ways to my main winner and no doubt they could change places - today she just lacked the get up and go of my winner but was very worthy of the RCC today and presented in immaculate condition.
3rd: ALLCOCK Ch Yama Josie Sleepyhollow JW 

Judge Sandra Boyer - Darlington Dog Show 2014 

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