Darlington Dog Show Society 2013


15th September 2013

Judged By: Mr N Marsh 


VD (1) 1 Jackson’s Tianshih Tuigi Shirakawa, nice size b/w dog with a good head & large dark eyes, well marked & in good coat, nice ribcage & hare feet, moved well despite being a little overawed. MPD (5) 1 Matches’ Godheim Imperial Wizard at Fochai, b/w puppy with a beautiful head & well balanced outline, large eyes with typical expression, nice neck leading to level topline, good ribcage, moved well; 2 Oatridge & Dalehouse’s Emperor Eiji, b/w dog with dark eyes, good coat, nicely made body with good ribcage, moved steadily; 3 Williamson & Rakuchin’s By Design for Kalamata. PD (2) 1 Dowson’s Anbarees Kung Fu Panda among Blynblay, nice sized b/w dog with large eyes & correct expression, well marked coat of silky texture, fine bone. Lacking a little confidence on this blustery day. JD (3) 1 Bank’s Choya Kiosha, most impressive youngster with a super head & excellent outline, good sized head with excellent eyes, expression & cushioning; nice neck leading to level topline & well set tail; lovely coat of silky texture, good ribcage, fine bone, moved well; 2 Mcleod’s Rossyn Hikaru at Dunline, nice sized b/w dog with attractive head & correct expression, level topline, good tailset, in between coats but good texture, moved well; 3 Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe’s Fralee Anthony Sleepyhollow. PGD (8) 1 Blair’s Tillashby Michi at Bellflows, beautifully balanced b/w dog with a good sized head, large eyes, correct look of astonishment, wide well cushioned muzzle; nice neck leading to level topline & compact body with good ribcage, straight front, well carried tail, in excellent coat, moved well; 2 Farmer’s Sangria Paparazzi, nice sized youngster, dainty little dog with good ribcage, fine bone; attractive head, good earset, level topline, good outline; moved well; 3 Moss’ Queenslake Billy Bongo of Delphlands. LD (13) 1 Thomas & Javalcy’s Call Me Mr Chivers, r/w dog of good proportions, lovely head with correct expression & excellent cushioning, nice neck, level topline, well set tail, well sprung ribcage, fine bone, well presented coat with profuse coat around the neck, moved well, 2 Farmer’s Sangria Celebrity, delightful little dog with excellent qualities, just waiting for his coat to complete the picture, appealing head with beautifully large dark eyes, correct look of astonishment, well set ears, lovely outline with nice neck, level topline, well carried plume, nice ribcage for size, fine bone; silky coat texture, moved well; 3 Flynn & Van Baaren Grob’s Homerbrent Yuumei Na. OD (8) 1 Allcock’s Ch Sleepyhollow Raphael, lovely size & shape with excellent qualities, b/w dog with a lovely head, beautiful large dark eyes with correct look of astonishment, good sized skull, well cushioned muzzle, well made compact body, nice neck, good ribcage, level topline, well carried tail, picture completed by full well presented coat of correct texture, moved well. CC & BOB; 2 Jolley’s Dainichi Sundance over Dekobras, quality b/w dog in excellent coat, typical head with dark eyes & good cushioning; nice neck, level topline, straight front, good ribcage, well set & carried tail fine bone, showed well. RCC; 3 Banks’ Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya.

MPB (3) 1 Gillhespy & Van Baaren Grob’s Chinart Setsuko, beautiful expression & well made body on this b/w youngster, good head size, large dark eyes with correct expression, wide muzzle; nice neck, good construction with level topline, well set tail; well marked & in good coat; moved well; 2 Crane’s Sidlyn Wind Of Change with Cranvarl, very much a baby, well made b/w bitch with good movement, nice head with dark eyes, level topline, well set tail, attentive personality. PB (5) 1 Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow, super young b/w in excellent coat of silky texture, large dark eyes with small amount of white to give desired expression, compact shape & good ribcage for her dainty size, moved confidently with a good head carriage & well carried tail maintaining her outline at all times, completed the picture with a well marked full coat. BP & RCC; 2 Willis’ Jonsville Oriana Dainichi, dainty b/w bitch with fine bone, lovely head with large dark eyes with correct expression, nice neck, level topline, well set tail, just out of puppy coat, texture good, moved well; 3 Whitehouse & Whitehouse’s Cheekychins Esme. JB (10) 1 Jolley & Sharlana’s Dancing Queen at Dekobras, very attractive b/w bitch of nice size with lovely outline; good sized attractive head, large dark eyes & typical expression, well marked coat, good ribcage, level topline, fine bone, moved & showed well; 2 Flynn’s Linjato Amaya, compact b/w bitch, nice shape & markings, appealing head & expression, good ribcage, fine bone, showed well; 3 Thomas & Javalcy’s Because I’m Worth It. PGB (2) 1 Oatridge & Dalehouse’s Crystal Jade, feminine b/w bitch with fine bone, in between coats, but of silky texture, dark eyes with correct expression, level topline, nice neck, good tailset, moved well. LB (4) 1 Boulcott’s Jonsville Secret Fortune, beautifully balanced b/w bitch in full coat of silky texture, good sized head with lovely eyes & expression, excellent ribcage & compact body, well marked, moved well; 2 Oatridge & Dalehouse’s Crystal Tips, lovely outline on this nice sized bitch resulting from good neck, level topline & well set tail, excellent large dark eyes with look of astonishment, moved well; 3 Steele & Javalcy’s China Doll at Threadgold; Res Hazlehurst Rakuchin Joy To The World. OB (9) 1 Basing’s Arranbrook Silver Sequins, exquisite dainty bitch of desired size, beautiful head with dark eyes & correct expression, nice neck leading to level topline & well set & carried tail, good ribcage for size, compact body, fine bone, in full coat of silky texture, moved & showed well. CC; 2 Anderson, Watt & Nisyros’s Like A Virchin, b/w bitch of nice size & body proportions, good silky coat, nice neck, level topline, nice eyes, well cushioned muzzle, moved well; 3 Spavin, Harrison & Ch Nisyros’s Chindy Lauper Sings Sholeen.


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