Crufts 2015



Crufts Sunday 8th March 2015.

Japanese  Chins


I was pleased with a good  entry of quality dogs however this meant that some had to go without a  place.  At times I was splitting  hairs and a lack of concentration in dog or handler can sometimes make a  difference between win or lose in a large class.

Weak rear movement has been a  problem in this breed for many years, now I am seeing small heads, pinched  expressions and lack of strong underjaw all of which had to be penalised in  degree to their good qualities. Some dogs lacked muscle tone in rear or did not  have good angulation, which affected movement. Most eyes had the correct amount  of white showing, only a few had exaggerated large eyes.  All exhibits had the required feathered  hare feet.

I was looking for dogs with  good construction, free movement and as many of the necessary breed requirements  as possible, which I found in my winners but no dog is perfect. 

VD (4) 

1. Bailey’s Pochinka Edward  Bear At Aldoricka. 7yrs. In good condition for age, nice outline, broad head,  strong body, showed and moved well.

2. McFarlane’s  Sleepyhollow All That Jazz At Glendyke.  Almost 10yrs.  In good coat,  correct, expressive eyes, fine bone, movement not as positive as one. 

3. Burden’s Sheonagh Airgid  Storm. 7yrs. Larger type with heavier bone but movement was good, well balanced  throughout.

MPD (1)  

1. McDonald’s Clandonald  Shintaro. Larger than I would like for age but well coated with long fringed  ears, movement a little erratic.  

PD (1)  

1 Thomas’ Delis Sakura Balkan  Susumi At Javalcy (Imp Bul). Another I would like a little smaller, large broad  head with correct eye and expression, a bit unsettled and didn’t carry his tail  well. Moved ok at times.   

JD (15-1)  

1. Pearce & Hann’s  Holmchin Secret Affair With Rakuchin. Stylish free mover, which put him in front  of this large good class.  Lovely  head, well cushioned muzzle and correct eye.  Good length of neck into a level  topline. In good coat.   

2. Jolley’s Sharlarna Tailor  Made For Dekobras JW. Really pleasing broad head, good eye and expression, moved  well with straight correct front action. Good temperament.  

3. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Le  Figaro. Shorter in back, straighter in shoulder than winners but nevertheless  moved well. Good head qualities secured his place. 

YD (10-2)  

1. Farmer’s Sangria Back To  The Future. An easy winner in this class, showy, small compact dog in good coat  with good width in head and muzzle, correct eye, moved freely keeping a level  topline at all times, would like more length in leg but has yet to  mature.

2. Thomas’ Javalcy Nik Nak  Paddywack. Similar in size to winner with a nice head, moved well but drops tail  at times, which spoils his outline, would prefer more body weight. Moved well  when required.

3. Flynn’s Choya Kanayo Of  Linjato. Larger than winners, good broad head, nice correct eye and steady  movement.

PGD (10)  

1. Williamson’s Rakuchin By  Design For Kalamata. In very good coat, square, cobby with good deep rib, Nice  broad head, well cushioned muzzle and good underjaw. Enough length of neck, good  front and rear movement.

2. Godbehere’s Charnell Kenji  At Tillashby. Well balanced dog, dainty, keeping level topline on the move.  Attractive head and large dark eye.

3. Matches’ Godheim Imperial  Wizard At Fochai. Heavier in bone and larger type than winners but  well-constructed with the correct head qualities and in good condition and  coat.

LD (13-3)  

1. Banks’ Choya Kiosha JW.  This dog didn’t put a foot wrong, steady mover, lovely head with open face,  correct eye, large black nose, level back well set on tail, would prefer a  little more length in neck for perfection.

2. Ratter’s Shantallah Haruto  At Seafar. Similar in type to winner, good overall balance,with nice head and  eye, very good coat, moved well.  

3. Quinn Dekobras Bring Me  Sunshine ShCM. A little heavier in bone but square, cobby and well-muscled,  which showed in his good movement and overall outline.

OD (11)  

1. Allcock’s Ch Sleepyhollow  Raphael JW ShCM.  Well known dog  heading a very good class, shown in good condition and good coat, correct width  in head, nice shaped dark eye, good outline on the move and standing with  correct length of neck, layback of shoulder and level topline with well carried  tail.  Moved very well, carrying  head elegantly and with good front and rear action.  Could not overlook him. CC &  BOB. 

2. Bartlett’s Ch Pebblecombe  Jinja. R/W, another in good condition and very well coated, good deep rib,  square in outline, lovely broad head, dark eye and self-coloured nose, broad  muzzle with good underjaw, straight front and rear movement showing no weakness.  Pleased to award RCC.

3. Davidson’s Ch Hysterical  Samurai Sou At Sharlarna. Another well-deserved Champion, moved briskly around  the ring, pleasing head qualities and good ear fringing, in good coat. 

GCD (3)  

1. Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me  Sunshine ShCM previously placed in Limit, easy winner in this  class.

2. McFarlane’s Amantra Jojo.  Small dog with pleasing head and eye, moved well. Not so well coated or as  well-built in body as winner.  

3. McFarlane’s Sleepyhollow  All That Jazz At Glendyke.  

VB (6)  

1. Dopson’s Fralee Miss Daisy  Of Jalindri. A good entry for veteran bitch, this 7yr old was neat and of a good  size, not showing her age, pretty head, well ribbed and square in outline, moved  very well.

2. Curwood’s Yama Tiara At  Maxgold. 8 yrs. Similar in size and shape, level back with well set on tail,  good head and eye.

3. Burden’s Sangria Shakira  Of Sheonagh. 7 yrs Larger type, square and well built in body, in very good  coat. Broad head.  

PB (4) 

1. Constable’s Arranbrook  Meant To Be At Mitapip. Small, well-constructed and balanced, correct tail set,  level topline and in good coat, very pleasing head and moved with  confidence.  BP

2. Kilcoyne’s Granasil Love  Story. Similar in size and moved well when she wanted, not so confident, needs  more body but has time to mature.    

3. Pearce & Hann’s  Rakuchin Kawsin Kayos. Another of similar type and also needs more body, not so  level in topline as winners but still only a baby.

JB (13-1)  

1. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow  Cosi Fan Tutte. Small attractive bitch, in good coat and well presented, good  correct eye and pleasing expression, stylish mover.

2. Mcleod’s Dunline One Fine  Day. Pretty little bitch with a good length of neck and deep rib, good dark eye  with correct amount of white. Nice outline on the move and with good drive. 

3. Davidson’s Sharlarna  Koyuki.  Another attractive young  bitch in good coat, preferred the overall balance of winners  today.

YB (5-1)  

1. Allcock’s Sleepyhollow  Miss Bussell JW. Has good broad head and correct eye, cobby and square, good  width in front quarters and moved with confidence, she is maturing well and I am  sure will get her title in the future, considered her for top honours. 

2. Mowatt’s Asmena Hatsu.  Good width in head, broad correct muzzle and correct dark eye. Moved well just  needs more coat to finish.

3.Wallhead’s Choya Kinuko At  Merida. Fine boned and slightly built, nice eye and expression another that was  lacking coat on the day.

PGB (9-1)  

1. Bartlett’s Simsalachin  Piccola Bella Luna Pebblecombe.  Moved true, good front and rear action,  correct width and depth of muzzle and underjaw, nice eye, in reasonable coat  with good ear fringing, lovely outline on the move.  

2. Banks’ Choya Katsumi. Nice  dainty bitch, pleasing head, square and cobby body, moved steadily but preferred  the overall outline of winner.

3. Allcock’s Kochou's  Rita-Haywooth Sleepyhollow (Imp USA). Glamourous R/W in lovely coat and very  well presented, outline not so balanced on the move and would prefer a larger  eye.  

LB(6 )  

1. Paradise’s Shardlow  Knickerboka Glory. Lovely, happy temperament, real show girl. In very good coat,  well carried head and well cushioned muzzle, correct eye and of a nice size and  shape. She moved elegantly.

2. Rowley & Wallhead’s  Fralee Elsie At Merida. Unfortunately she was lacking in coat but lots to like  with a pretty face, correct eye and good outline, moved well.

3. Linjato Amaya. Another  lacking the coat of the winner but good broad head, large correct eye, good  width in front and rear quarters, moved steadily with well carried  tail.

OB (17-4)  

1. Allcock’s Ch Yama Josie  Sleepyhollow JW. Small neat and well-constructed bitch, in flowing coat and with  a good head, open face and large dark eye and good black nose. Moved very well  and free with drive. Good outline on the move and standing. Worthy winner of  such a good class, pleased to award her another CC.  

2. Jolley’s Sharlarna's  Dancing Queen At Dekobras.  This  bitch scores in head quality, nothing overdone, good width of skull and  well-spaced large correct eyes and nose, not in such good coat as winner but has  long ear fringing and tail feathering. Good front movement with nice lift,  keeping a well carried head and level topline. RCC   

3. Ivannikova’s Int Ch  Omikudzi Matilda Domino [Atc Ar02398rus] Good square outline, well balanced  throughout, correct length of neck and level topline at all times.  Pleasing large head and eye. Showed well  and moved briskly with correct front and rear action and well carried tail.    

GCB (1)  

1. McFarlane’s Lanceian  Pleasant Chika.  Shown in veteran  bitch class, almost 9 yrs old, has nice head and eye, moved well. 


Ellen Willis  (Judge)

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