1  September 2016

Judge Mrs C Roe



Best Of Breed & Dog CC

Sangria Lord Of The Dance

Mr G Farmer


Reserve Dog CC

Chinart Yuunagi 

Dr A Schemel


Bitch CC & Best Puppy

Choya Charlotte 

Ms R Banks


Reserve Bitch CC

Sleepyhollow Tea For Two

Mrs C Oatridge


Best Veteran

Stepheter Wanna Shout for Rakuchin

Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann


Class 572 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1810 FARMER Mr G Sangria War Lord 
2nd: 1848 VINCENT Mrs S C Bonniroy Yumi Aka At Yama NAF TAF 
Class 573 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1849 VINCENT Mrs S C Yama Teddy Edward 
2nd: 1836 SCHEMEL Dr A Hin Satori Terra Kot (Imp) 
3rd: 1845 THOMAS Ms J Isami At Javalcy (Imp) 
Res: 1831 ROBINSON Miss D J Suzume Uccellino De Imperium Auri At Midorchi (Imp 
VHC: 1820 MOSS Miss M Ouzlewell Peter Pan Of Delphlands 
Class 574 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1837 SCHEMEL Dr A Chinart Yuunagi 
2nd: 1829 RHODES, Mrs M & VINCENT Mr R Javalcy Bugsy Malone 
3rd: 1793 BANKS Ms R Choya Masuyo 
Res: 1816 HAMPTON Ms L Sleepyhollow Moulin Rouge (Taf) 
VHC: 1813 GEORGE Mrs N Sharlarna The Tempest 
Class 575 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1850 VINCENT Mrs S C Yama Jimmy Choo 
2nd: 1853 WILLIAMSON Mrs M Tillashby Kane At Kalamta 
3rd: 1821 MOSS Miss M Tillashby Tanoshi Of Delphlands 
Res: 1835 RUSHTON Mr R F & Mrs E A Jurojin Remember Me 
VHC: 1822 NISHIGAKI Miss A Charnell Koji At Utsukushi 
Class 576 LD (8 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1797 BLOW & ALLEN Mr & Mrs Wyndcatch Take It Easy 
2nd: 1819 MCLEOD Mrs J E Dunline Oh What A Night Sh.CM 
3rd: 1854 WILLIAMSON Mrs M Rakuchin By Design For Kalamata 
Res: 1814 GEORGE Mrs N Yama I'm Kimi Amronchi 
VHC: 1843 TALBOT Mr & Mrs M & S Dalehouse Coeur De Lion At Silmacs 
Class 577 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1811 FARMER Mr G Sangria Lord Of The Dance 
2nd: 1804 DAVIDSON Mr A W Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou At Sharlarna 
3rd: 1830 RHODES, Ms S & VINCENT Mr & Mrs R Javalcy Bit Of Razzle Dazzle 
Res: 1825 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Holmchin Secret Affair With Rakuchin 
VHC: 1805 DAVIDSON Mr A W Rus Ch Hin Satori Yoko Zolotoy Sneg At Sharlarna (  
Class 578 GCD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1808 DORAN Ms M Shardlow Mikado 




Class 579 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1826 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Stepheter Wanna Shout For Rakuchin 
2nd: 1799 BURDEN Mr & Mrs I & L Sangria Shakira Of Sheonagh 
Class 580 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1812 FARMER Mr G Sangria Faberg'e 
2nd: 1846 THOMAS Ms J Demurerchi Little Secret At Javalcy 
3rd: 1839 SPEIGHT Mrs G Bonniroy Yanina Aka 
Res: 1840 SPEIGHT Mrs G Bonniroy Yasuki Aka 
Class 581 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1794 BANKS Ms R Choya Charlotte 
2nd: 1838 SMITH Mrs C & Miss V Sidlyn Dancing In The Wind 
3rd: 1834 ROSE Mrs C H Fluffy Fantasy Eri At Rossyn 
Class 582 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1806 DAVIDSON Mr A W Hin Satori Evita Karmensita At Sharlarna 
2nd: 1803 CRANE Mrs L Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins 
3rd: 1855 WILLIS Mrs E Jonsville Summer Secret At Dainichi 
Res: 1809 EVANS Miss M Jonsville Secret Smile 
Class 583 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1802 CONSTABLE Mrs M Arranbrook Imperial Dancer At Mitapip 
2nd: 1800 BURDEN Mr & Mrs I & L Sangria Celebration Of Sheonagh 
3rd: 1807 DAVIDSON Mr A W Sharlarna Betty Boo 
Res: 1852 VINCENT Mrs S C Yama Aurora 
VHC: 1792 ANDREWS Miss J Nachi Kimiko 
Class 584 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1832 ROBINSON Miss D J Midorchi Make Believe 
2nd: 1827 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Yama Moonlight Over Rakuchin 
3rd: 1823 OATRIDGE Mrs C M Dalehouse Crystal Jade 
Res: 1801 CONNOR-HOPKINS Miss P Anbarees Dolly Mixture Of Brelo 
VHC: 1792 ANDREWS Miss J Nachi Kimiko 
Class 585 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: 1824 OATRIDGE Mrs C M Sleepyhollow Tea For Two 
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