City Of Birmingham 2013

30th August 2013

Judged by Mr S Mallard


PD (7) 1 Allcock & Vincent’s Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow, full of promise with attractive head developing, already well laid out with attributes well appointed, he presents the correct compact outline & is supported by fine sound limbs & desired hare foot, moved soundly but a little apprehensive at times, quality coat coming. BP; 2 Oatridge’s Dalehouse Elements of Elgar, also displaying correct type & very well constructed, movement a joy to watch with good deportment. Not quite as advanced as 1 yet; 3 Matches’ Godheim Imperial Wizard at Fachai. JD (6) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Celebrity, largish head with eye well shaped & placed, very well coupled, correct legs & feet with shoulders held firm & hindquarters well defined, sound on the move & sporting a decent coat which was well presented; 2 Russell’s Sansarc Shisiedo of Alnesaire, conveys the correct outline with front assembly & attributes to suit, spring to ribs, level back & well constructed hindquarters; 3 Nishigaki Charnell Koji. PGD (7) 1 Bartlett’s Pebblecombe Jinja, attractive o/w, compact with large head, muzzle with just enough padding, gently arched moderate neck flows into well appointed shoulders, body with shape, level back with tailset & carried high, quality coat & presentation; 2 Moss’ Queenslake Billy Bongo of Delphlands, loved this lads head & properties, clean neck & forehand into tidy limbs & feet, good topline, tailset & hindquarters, moved well in profile; 3 McLeod Rossyn Hikaru at Dunline. LD(10) 1 Pearce & Hann Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin, larger lad but refined & well proportioned, quality coat beautifully presented, large well laid out head, good eye & expression, sound in all departments & a convincing mover; 2 Bartlett’s Vanistica Mahosukai of Pebblecombe, reasonable head with large nose & well placed eye, shoulders held firm, fine bone with enough length to leg, compact with topline & tailset to suit; 3 Thomas Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers. OD (4) 1 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Raphael, dainty & compact, I felt this lad personified the breed, beautifully balanced with largish well laid out head & decent expression, enough neck for carriage, clean shoulders & straight well feathered limbs & correct hare feet, shape to body with level back & useful hindquarters, moved soundly with good carriage, quality coat well put down. CC & BOB; 2 Carter-Davidson Mes Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, quality lad sporting a decent head, well coupled enabling compact outline, moderate neck into well developed front assembly & hindquarters to compliment, shape to body & level back, moved soundly with dignity. RCC; 3 Banks Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya.

PB (4) 1 Thomas’ Javalcy Because I’m Worth It, developing along the right lines, head coming, reasonable front & feet, ribcage sprung, level back & decent hindquarters, moved soundly; 2 Allcock’s Yama Josie Sleepyhollow, dainty & feminine, lovely to go over & should have a bright future, a little unsettled which cost her. Quality coat coming; 3 Crane’s Sidlyn Wind Of Change with Cranvarl. JB (6) 1 Paradise’s Shardlow Knickerboka Glory, quality lady winning with some to spare, head of correct proportions, well laid out & muzzle nicely padded, liked her expression, clean moderate neck into well developed front, good legs & feet, topline to suit & her high set tail is carried well, moved & showed to advantage.; 2 McLeod’s Vanistica Ariko at Dunline, soundly built & of good type, she is well coupled & I liked her shape, moved well in profile but I preferred rear action of 1; 3 Chamber’s Sleepyhollow Phydeaux Moon Light. PGB (3) 1 Oatridge’s Dalehouse Crystal Jade, decent head with correct attributes which are well laid out, firm well placed shoulders supported by sound limbs. Just enough spring to ribcage, correct topline & tailset, nicely defined hindquarters. LB (6) 1 Steele’s Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold, lovely make & shape, reasonable head, impressive build, coat not quite there, her movement & deportment were outstanding which won her a well deserved RCC. 2 Oatridge Dalehouse Crystal Tips, pleases for type & carries a correct head & attributes, firm shoulders, fine bone & desired feet, shape to body, ribs sprung, level back & defined hindquarters. Just preferred the front action of 1. 3 Bailey’s Asmena Tinkerbell at Aldoricka. OB (6) 1 Smith’s Amronchi Niina with Wyndcatch, large, clean head with correct properties & finish, width to front & fine bone, nicely shaped ribcage, short coupled with level topline & plumed tail well carried, stifle well turned, active clean profile movement & reasonable hind action, quality coat & presentation. CC; 2 Anderson & Watt’s Nisyros Like A Virchin, square in outline & carrying a decent head, properties well laid out, clean moderate neck with well developed forehand, good legs & feet. Just enough turn of stifle. Moved soundly but not quite the animation of 1; 3 Mason Sleepyhollow La Calisto.


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