City Of Birmingham 2013

30th August 2013

Judged by Mr S Mallard






Sleepyhollow Raphael JW Sh.CM 

Mr Allcock MBE



 Challenge Certificate Dog:  Sleepyhollow Raphael JW Sh.CM, Mr A Allcock MBE

 Res Challenge Certificate Dog: Hysterical Samurai Sou At Sharlarna, Messrs A W & Carter - Davidson

 Challenge Certificate Bitch: Amronchi Niina With Wyndcatch , Mrs J Smith

 Res Challenge Certificate Bitch: Javalcy China Doll At Threadgold , Mrs S Steele

 Best Puppy:  Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow, Allcock MBE, Mr A & VIincent Mr D





Class 532 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1667 ALLCOCK MBE, Mr A & VINCENT Mr D Yama Jeremy Sleepyhollow 
2nd: 1700 OATRIDGE Mrs C M Dalehouse Elements Of Elgar 
3rd: 1687 MATCHES Miss J Godheim Imperial Wizard At Fochai 
Res: 1697 OATRIDGE Mrs C M Dalehouse Emperor Eiji 
VHC: 1719 WILLIAMSON Mrs M Rakuchin By Design For Kalamata 
Class 533 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1679 FARMER Mr G Sangria Celebrity 
2nd: 1709 RUSSELL Mrs J A Sansarc Shisiedo Of Alnesaire 
3rd: 1696 NISHIGAKI Miss A Charnell Koji 
Res: 1690 MCLEOD Mr R S & Mrs J E Rossyn Hikaru At Dunline 
VHC: 1671 BANKS Ms R Choya Kiosha 
Class 534 PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 1674 BARTLETT Mrs K Pebblecombe Jinja 
2nd: 1695 MOSS Miss M J Queenslake Billy Bongo Of Delphlands 
3rd: 1690 MCLEOD Mr R S & Mrs J E Rossyn Hikaru At Dunline 
Res: 1692 MEADOWS Mrs S Javalcy Starship Trooper At Shamead 
VHC: 1688 MATCHES Mrs & Miss W Godheim Akira Koto Of Fochai 
Class 535 LD (10 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: 1702 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Choya Kanji Na With Rakuchin 
2nd: 1675 BARTLETT Mrs K Vanistica Mahosukai Of Pebblecombe 
3rd: 1714 THOMAS Ms J Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers 
Res: 1689 MATCHES Mrs & Miss W Godheim Sun Of Lionheart At Fochai 
VHC: 1685 GRAHAM, Mrs J & SPAVIN-HARRISON Mrs E Hysterical Shogun Coco 
Class 536 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1664 ALLCOCK MBE Mr A Sleepyhollow Raphael JW Sh.CM 
2nd: 1677 CARTER-DAVIDSON, Messrs A W & CARTER-DAVIDSON Mes Hysterical Samurai Sou At Sharlarna 
3rd: 1672 BANKS Ms R Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi Of Choya JW 
Res: 1705 ROSE Mrs C H Fralee Namakiki At Rossyn 




Class 539 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 1715 THOMAS Ms J Javalcy Because I'm Worth It 
2nd: 1665 ALLCOCK MBE Mr A Yama Josie Sleepyhollow 
3rd: 1678 CRANE Mrs L Sidlyn Wind Of Change With Cranvarl 
Res: 1722 WILLIS Mrs E Jonsville Oriana Dainichi 
Class 540 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 1701 PARADISE Mr A Shardlow Knickerboka Glory 
2nd: 1691 MCLEOD Mr R S & Mrs J E Vanistica Akiko At Dunline 
3rd: 1723 YOUNG, Mr T & CHAMBERS Miss S Sleepyhollow Phydeaux Moon Light TAF 
Res: 1694 MEADOWS Mrs S Pochinka Saucy Salsa At Shamead 
Class 541 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 1698 OATRIDGE Mrs C M Dalehouse Crystal Jade 
Class 542 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 1711 STEELE Mrs S E Javalcy China Doll At Threadgold 
2nd: 1699 OATRIDGE Mrs C M Dalehouse Crystal Tips 
3rd: 1670 BAILEY Mr D & Mrs D M Asmena Tinkerbell At Aldoricka 
Res: 1676 BARTLETT Mrs K Simsalchin Lalibela Of Pebblecombe (Imp) NAF TAF 
Class 543 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: 1710 SMITH Mrs J Amronchi Niina With Wyndcatch 
2nd: 1669 ANDERSON, Mr D & WATT Mr I Nisyros Like A Virchin 
3rd: 1686 MASON Mrs A Sleepyhollow La Calisto 
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