Bournemouth Canine Association 2016


Judge  Mr J Horswell


Real pleasure to judge this, one of my favourite breeds which I have owned in the past. Soundness was impressive on the day, & great to see so many super youngsters.

MPD (1) 1 Farmer’s Sangria War Lord, super pup to start, so sound on the move, just needs to coat & body up. Has a good head, series of curves. Lovely eye & expression. Correct neck. Super front. Level topline with high set tail could maybe be slightly more let down at rear. Lovely quality. Found him quite enchanting. BP, delighted to see him get PG4. PD (0). JD (4,1a) 1 Bartlett’s Jonsville Secret Spy On Pebblecombe, not helping his handler at all on the move. He is so very well made & good moving when he got going. Liked his head, enough cushioning & super eye & expression. Correct neck. Very good front. Super body & rib. Level topline, good rear; 2 Banks’ Choya Masuyo, shows so very well. He has a good outline & proportions. Well rounded skull. Nice eyes. Correct neck. Just needs a little more body & to be tidier out & back, but very stylish in profile where he holds his level topline; 3 Allcock & Hampton’s Sleepyhollow Moulin Rouge. PGD (1) 1 Quinn’s Mattadam Samurai at Sharlarna, lots to like about this dog. He has a cobby body with super width of chest & spring of ribs. Quite a large head, good eye & expression. Well placed nose. Could have just a fraction more neck & stand straighter in front. Level topline with high set tail. Very stylish on the move. LD (6) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Back To The Future, sound & well made dog. A nice size & everything is in proportion. Lovely skull. Dark eyes, well cushioned muzzle. Correct neck. Straight front. Super ribs. Well bent stifle carries his tail well. Plenty of style. RCC; 2 Blow & Allen’s Wyndcatch Take It, liked his shape & has a very good body, plenty of width with well sprung ribs & fairly short in back. Large & masculine head. Rounded skull, well cushioned. Correct neck. Not the front quite of 1 well made rear. He too is very good in profile action; 3 Doran’s Shardlow Mikado. OD (4) 1 Allcock’s Ch Sleepyhollow Robson, he is just super. Lovely for type, so cobby & such a good mover, accurate out & back & full of style in profile, goes so well, full of his importance. Large head with a good skull. Correct neck. Well made in front, super body. Excellent ribbing & a very good rear. Full of quality. CC & BOB. Delighted to watch him go RBIS; 2 Rose’s Fralee Namakiki at Rossyn, I found him cobbier than 3. Large head. Good eyes & expression. Enough neck. Could be straighter in front. Super body. Good topline. Well made rear; 3 Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance. VD (0).

MPB (0). PB (6) What a nice class of delightful babies. 1 Allcock’s Yama Jasmin Sleepyhollow, she is sound & stylish & so well made. Has a pleasing head, good size. Dark & expressive eyes. Correct neck. Well sprung ribs. Level in topline. So accurate out & back. Can look a little long stood, but shortens up on move; 2 Wallhead’s Choya Carolina, thought her very similar in outline, just couldn’t match 1 out & back. Has a very good head, nice rise in skull. Correct neck. Front is a little forward. Good width of chest. Level topline. Also can look longer stood than on move; 3 Banks’ Choya Charlotte. JB (2) Only 2 but both crackers. 1 Crane’s Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins, really lovely bitch. Feminine, large head, good rise of skull. Liked her muzzle, dark eyes, could show more white in eye. Correct neck. Well made front, can be careless with how she stands. Super width, ribs go back to a short loin. Super topline. Well made rear. Accurate on move & looks an absolute picture going round. Was totally captivated with her. CC 2 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Mimi, lovely shape. Like her head very much. Large eyes, correct expression. Would prefer just a little more neck & topline can settle. Balanced in angulation. Moves very well, another full of style. RCC. PGB (2) 1 McLeod’s Dunline Glory Hallelujah Shardlow, elegant bitch, just needs to mature in body. Fairly large head, Good rise to skull. Lengthy neck, better front of these 2. Ribs go well back. Level topline with well set tail. Accurate on move; 2 Vincent’s Yama Aurora, liked her large head. Big, dark eyes. Enough neck. Can firm in front. Well ribbed. Could have slightly more turn of stifle. Nice type of bitch. LB (1) 1 Wwallhead’s Sleepyhollow Tikle My Fancy at Merida, liked her proportions. Very good head, large in skull. Good eyes & expression. Needs to finish in body, can drop a little in chest. Lengthy neck. Level topline. Nice front, she is accurate going away. Slightly untidy in front, nice in profile. OB (1) 1 Wallhead & Allcock’s Ch Kochou’s Rita Haywooth Sleepyhollow, square outline. She has a large head, good skull. Eye colour correct. Prominent chin. OK for neck. Nice width of chest. Level topline. OK rear. Goes well in profile, could be firmer going away but good in front. VB (1) A.


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