Blackpool & District Canine Society 2016

24th June 2016

Judge Mrs Jane Lilley



MPD (7) 1 Thomas’ Isami at Javalcy, beautiful head with good finish to foreface & wide nostrils. Lovely for size & type with well set & carried tail. Very good mover; 2 Farmer’s Sangria War Lord, already such a confident, well schooled showman, holding himself with great pride at just 6 months old. He has a charming expression along with a typical touch of white showing in his dark eyes. A stylish mover who went well; 3 Robinson’s Suzume Uccellino de Imperium Auri at Midorchi. PD (5) 1 Banks’ Choya Masuyo, so well balanced & already in splendid coat, so good for make & shape with good mouth, topline & layback of shoulder. Lovely head clearly showing that touch of white in both eyes. A smart showman & excellent mover. Heard that this award gives him his JW. Many congratulations! BP; 2 Martin’s Sharlarna Just The Ticket, very charming & well balanced with the darkest of pigment, & well set & carried tail, good hare feet. He moved well; 3 Curwood’s Auralea Koko. JD (9,1) 1 Leach’s Ouzlewell’s Horoki, beautiful head with touch of white at the corner of his eyes & lovely wide open nostrils. Well made all through with good feet, tailset & carriage. Moved beautifully with good length of stride in profile, holding himself with pride. BJ; 2 Schemel’s Chinart Yuunagi, charming & a true toy, lovely for size & type, make & shape with good layback of shoulder & neat hare feet. A smart, happy showman, who moved very well; 3 A Koko. PGD (13,2) 1 Ratter’s Thistletop Dick Darsterdley at Seafar, most impressive from the moment he first came into the ring with his size, type, balance & showmanship. A joy to handle with all the parts fitting neatly & firmly into the whole with charming expression & good finish to foreface. Good wide nostrils, where he scored, in very good coat & the hardest of muscular condition. Excellent mover with good length of stride. Has everything to take him to the top. RCC; 2 Matches’ Godheim Stars And Stripes at Fochai, neat little fellow with well shaped head, showing typical white in the corner of his dark sparkling eyes. Well balanced with decent shoulder. Good steady mover; 3 Farmer’s Sangria Lord Of The Dance. LD (9,2) 1 Williamson’s Rakuchin By Design for Kalamata, he has a very superior look about him. Well shaped head showing a touch of white in the corner of his eyes & good finish to foreface with wide nostrils. So good for make & shape, a very good mover, in superb mature silky coat; 2 Meadows’ Javalcy Starship Trooper at Shamead, well constructed lemon/w with well shaped head & cobby body. Basically a very good mover, just needs to make a bit more himself & his undoubted qualities; 3 S Lord Of The Dance. OD (9,1) 1 Davidson’s Ch Hysterical Samurai Sou at Sharlarna, handsome b/w with spot, doubtless the envy of many a Cavalier owner! So well balanced & conformed with good cobby body, layback of shoulder & turn of stifle. Super sound & impressive on the move in well textured mature coat & fringes. No exaggerations here, just one beautiful dog CC which, I gather, is his 14th; 2 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Robson, also very lovely & so cleanly marked with white showing in both his dark eyes & good wide nostrils. Excellent size & type, well made all through, in the best of silky coat & hard condition. Very good mover; 3 Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin.

MPB (5,1) 1 Allcock’s Yama Jasmin Sleepyhollow, little sweetheart of just 8 months & already a sophisticated, cleanly marked showgirl. Well conformed all through with good layback of shoulder in good coat for her age. Lovely feminine head, darkest of pigment & eyes, showing typical white in the corners. Very happy & enthusiastic on the move. She went very well; 2 Gillhespy & Van Baaren’s Vouges Roiyaru Kimochi, also very lovely of the same age if not quite as forward in coat as yet. Good for make & shape with well laid shoulders. Very good mover; 3 Hine’s Swifthocks Daisy. PB (7,1) 1 Banks’ Choya Charlotte, so well balanced, beautiful head, eye & expression with good finish to muzzle. Well constructed with good layback of shoulder. She moved extremely well. Most exciting; 2 Banks’ Choya Carolina, very similar in the excellence of her make, shape & balance. However, this one thought the whole thing the greatest fun bouncing around all over the place & & had to give way to, what transpired to be her litter sister’s immaculate behaviour & steady movement; 3 Wolfenden’s Bechinka Mozo. JB (8) 1 Constable’s Arranbrook Imperial Dancer at Mitapip, lovely head complete with smart black spot, charming expression & good finish to muzzle. Well made with good layback of shoulder. Very good mover; 2 Davidson’s Hin Satori Evita Karmensita at Sharlarna, lemon/w. Pretty head with very sweet expression, good for make & shape. Very stylish on the move; 3 Allcock’s Sleepyhollow Mimi. PGB (10,2) 1 Davidson’s Sharlarna Betty Boo, so well balanced & very energetic with a lovely surprised expression in her dark sparkling eyes, good finish to muzzle. Lovely for size, type, make & shape. Full of fun & so impressive on the move. Still to grow her adult coat but she has nothing to hide. Loved her attitude & everything about her. She is something special. RCC; 2 Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Tikle My Fancy at Merida, another enjoying herself to the full, beautifully made all through. Eventually calmed down enough to move extremely well; 3 Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Mavis at Anjuli. LB (11,3) 1 Oatridge’s Sleepyhollow Tea For Two, gorgeous! Ultra feminine in the most superb silky coat, cleanly marked with beautiful head, eye & expression. Lovely for size, type, make & shape, this being reflected in the the excellence of her movement. CC which, I gather, is her fifth, & BOB; 2 Pearce & Hann’s Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin, very sweet head with lovely dark expressive eyes. Well bodied with good topline & tailset. Just not quite as steady in movement as the winner; 3 Wallhead’s Choya Kinuko at Merida. OB (5) 1 Wallhead & Allcock’s Kochou’s Ritahaywooth Sleepyhollow, lemon/w complete with spot on her feminine head. So well made all through & a very good mover; 2 Lindsay & Pipe’s Ch Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva at Anjuli, lovely dark pigment & eye with good finish to foreface. Just a touch longer in loin than the winner. Good steady mover; 3 Whitehouse’s Cheekychins Esme for Denain.

                    JANE LILLEY

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