Birmingham National


Day :  12 May 2013

Judge: Mr H Ogden





Thrilled to be back among the Chins & their dedicated breeders & supporters who continue to consistently produce quality exhibits as evidenced by this most representative entry from 80 exhibits, less 15 on the day.

I found little to quibble about in heads, beyond sometimes wanting bigger features, & was able, through my line-ups, to show my interpretation of the Standard as regards size & shape, since there had been plenty of quality in depth through the classes.

I was more concerned about either too slight or overbuilt bodies, that in either case were too long cast through the loin, in a breed that strives to strike a balance between wide, square & cobby on the one hand yet as against elegant, fine boned & ‘daintier the better’ on the other. Therein lies the skill & the challenge that you daily address & seem to me, on the evidence of past appointments as well as today, to be mostly achieving.

I had nodded off the night before over the breed feature in the Nov ‘09 Gazette, as my homework!

MPD (6) 1 Jolley’s Elisamay Masaru, actually all Sleepyhollow bred, engaging r/w, excelled in type & size, good skull, attractively spaced features, well marked, bright red, proud neck gave style, fabulous rear, squarely made, smart & stylish. BPD, 2 Boyer’s Ellinghurst Phantom Majic, equally promising b/w, just learning the ropes to be less self-possessed, in this most unforgiving of venues, but got it all to come, so square typy, striking face with lovely eye, broad skull & muzzle, beautifully bodied for age, 3 Smith’s Sharlana’s Harutaka. PD(2) 1 Nishigaki’s Charnell Koji, not entered in the catalogue as entry went astray. Composed & competent young lady handler of this 11 months b/w, very nice head & skull, well marked, good neckline, level, moved true on hare feet. Just hitting teenager stage so now needs to fill out. Well coated, should develop on well as he has the desired elegance. JD (5) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Celebrity, super b/w of exquisite type, 13 months, short face, astonished look, touch weak in underjaw, good size, level, clean front, exceptionally sound in rear, great style on the move to give a smart & elegant profile; 2 Mcleod’s Rossyn Hikaru at Dunline, another exceptional b/w of 13 months, broad skull & muzzle, fabulously bodied with good rib, level, good tail carriage, excellent feet. Bit careless in front at times; 3 Banks’ Choya Kiosha. UGD(3) 1 R Hikaru at D; 2 Pearce & Hann’s Choya Kanji Na with Rakuchin, b/w, what a super headed dog, great breadth, well spaced features, excellent quality coat, bigger framed & of a longer, narrower shape yet without a hint of coarseness so maturity can remedy; 3 Blair’s Tillashby Michi. PGD (10) 1 Thomas’ Javalcy Call Me Mr Chivers, loved the type, size & style of this r/w, beautifully compact, glorious markings, proud neck to show off his expressive head of acceptable size, square & level, so true & light, with desired lift, on the move, it was this secure & balanced deportment, so as to maintain his shape at all times, that took him through to RCC; 2 Boyer’s Sansarc Serenade, barely 12 months b/w, of super type & quality both in body & coat, broad skull, good eye, well marked, level, held his own despite his youth, & a little hesitancy, on account of his undeniable class & promise; 3 Quinn’s Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine. LD (6) 1 Willis’ Dainichi Sunyano, mature b/w who I evidently gave the same award previously, still lacks nothing in type & structure, glorious head in breadth that matches the correct width through his body, good rib, level, smart, balanced profile, moved true, straight, silky coat. Just that bit heavier all through than the other challengers but certainly of CC quality; 2 Steele’s Yama Manoochi at Threadgold, b/w at that awkward teen stage so a little long & tall, broad skull, good nostril, prefer touch more matching width in muzzle, level. Good width in front, good carriage, bit straight through rear, but he is made on quality lines that will surely see him mature on to advantage; 3 Talbot’s Dalehouse Snap Dragon at Silmacs. OD (7) 1 Banks’ Ch Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya, how touching, & a constant reminder of her skill & ‘eye’ that Molly should still be with us as top breeder a couple of years after we lost her, she would be well satisfied with this b/w example of her art that was my RCC winner previously, for me he best combined cobbiness with fine bone, classic head type, square, wide chest, level, good neck, correct feet, long, silky coat beautifully presented, true enough on the move, a real aristocrat who never put a foot wrong in the breed but was unhappy, for whatever reason, when it came to the group. CC & BOB; 2 Carter-Davidson’s Hysterical Samuri Sou at Sharlana, giving 7 months of maturity away, I rated this b/w as of CC quality & 3rd best male here. Good head type & eye, smart, compact, elegant, lovely light movement with lift, prefer a touch more neck, well marked,clean front, ran up a fraction in topline, undeniably a lively, showy chap of perfect size & proportions that will make a worthy titleholder; 3 Mcleod’s Sleepyhollow Night And Day at Dunline.

 MPB (9) Several future stars here. 1 Willis’ Jonsville Oriana Dainichi, this b/w baby, at her first ch show, blew me away! As self-possessed as she was astonished, square & cobby, expressive face, large eye, level, good rib even now, well marked, cleanest of fronts. She may have chosen  her own  route, to that intended by her owner, up & back but with such regal disdain for her surroundings as to make her irresistible even in this, the most competitive class of the day, her profile was spot-on, all credit to her Peke breeder who produced two class winners in Chins here. BP; 2 Thomas’ Javalcy Because I’m Worth It, a touch heavier & presently lower set, this b/w half-sister to the RDCC is another lovely puppy, broad skull, lovely features, square, well ribbed, secure front, level, picture on the move of balance & style; 3 Pearson’s Elisamay Kimiko. PB (5) 1 Powell’s Pochinka Pit Pat Polka, unsurprisingly attractive with a Sleepyhollow sire & a Sangria dam, beautifully square & cobby b/w, excellent head & eye, good in neck & shoulder, good rib, level, a balanced puppy combining type with sound conformation, enviable rear action, great future; 2 Rees’ Sangria Mosaic, exquisitely dainty, feminine & properly raw b/w of utmost quality, typical face with broad skull & astonished look, she has a neck, level, fabulous front. Can obviously fill out yet but all the basics are in place with that touch of class about her; 3 Goldie’s Arranbrook Star of Shadwell. JB (2) 1 Banks’ Choya Katsumi, 12 months, super headed b/w, her lack of coat revealed her excellent make & shape, ideal size, good rib, level, good tail carriage, sound & lightfooted on the move, feminine bitch of exceptional type & promise. UGB (4) 1 Boulcott’s Jonsville Secret Fortune, b/w half-sister to the BP, feminine yet square & cobby, broad skull, glorious eye, good in neck & rib, level, hare feet, excellent tail carriage, smart & sound on the move. Can just come up a touch more on the leg; 2 Willis’ Dianichi Kyana, b/w, excellent type, just a bit heavier built & looser in front. Thoroughly typical in head, great neckline that adds quality, good rib, level, most stylish; 3 Perrett’s Dalehouse Diorissimo. PGB (10) 1 Doyle’s Queenslake Giggle And Wiggle at Mattadam, b/w who won me over with her ability to respond to the competition by pulling out extra stops when needed & aided by some sharp handling, lovely size & type, utterly feminine, prettiest head & eye, breadth in equal measure in skull & muzzle, well marked, silky coat, level, light & free moving, making stylish use of her neck, perfect size. Its a ladies’ prerogative to be a touch long but her attributes, together with her  lively character, earned her a hardfought RCC; 2 Oatridge’s Dalehouse Crystal Tips, b/w of quality, feminine, good in skull & eye, clean front, well ribbed, level, good tail carriage, went well. Just needs to come up on the leg a little to square her off; 3 Perrett’s Dalehouse Crystal Rose. LB (9) 1 Steele’s Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold, b/w litter sister to the RDCC & as the 3rd best rated, & CC quality, bitch she came within a whisker of making it a family double, more heavily marked than some, my eye was more drawn to what really matters, namely head type, make & shape & movement which were all areas in which she excelled, liked her size & style, level, good tail carriage, fine bone, hare feet, long, silky coat. Feel sure her owner will not have another aberration & expect her to take on the best an open class can offer too, rather than ensuring she stays unbeaten, & refreshed, for the challenge; 2 Spavin-Harrison’s Nisyros Chindy Lauper Sings Sholeen, b/w with the best name of the day, for sure, & another I rated as of CC quality, beautifully marked, square, good rib, broad skull, high set ears, level, firm front, such excellent type & poise, ideal size, insecure behind, that pegged her back; 3 Mason’s Sleepyhollow La Callisto. OB (5) 1 Wainwright & Hodgson’s Ch Jenan Tutti Frutti, this b/w was new to me but not the ringside as she had taken the CC at Crufts, knew she would top the bitches on sight & make a perfect foil for the dog in the challenge, such true type without exaggeration & another deadly/clever combination of fine bone on a cobby body, gorgeous head & astonished eye, perfect size, good neck, level, good rib, moved true with lift, super coat, immaculate, frankly nothing worth criticising. CC; 2 J China Doll at T; 3 Pipe & Lindsay’s Ch Sleepyhollow Maria Callas at Anjuli. VB (1) 1 Robinson’s Sangria Move Over Darling, 8 years b/w, lovely head, cobby, good size, square. Carrying a bit too much condition & not best pleased at being expected to strut her stuff on the concrete & who can blame her!

                       HOWARD OGDEN


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