Bath Championship Dog Show

 27 May 2016

Judge Mr Mike Rowley


I would like to thank Bath, my excellent steward, who managed the ring so well, & exhibitors & their dogs for entering under me. It was lovely to be able to judge the dogs outside in the large ring, which gave the dogs the opportunity to show themselves to advantage. I was pleased with the quality of the entry although movement does need to be watched. Overall, the dogs were very well presented & the majority showed well on the day & I was happy with my winners

MPD (1) 1 Thomas’ Isami at Javalcy, standing alone. Smart 7 month old puppy. He has a good sized head with fairly large eyes & very typical look of astonishment. Nicely cushioned muzzle, good topline & tailset. Stylish & sound. PD (4) 1 George’s Sharlana The Tempest, 9 month old puppy. A smart well coated youngster. Good breadth of skull, nice eye & well cushioned muzzle. Good for both size & balance. Level back with good tailset. Moved soundly when behaving himself. BP; 2 Oatridge’s Dalehouse Houdini, another stylish puppy with a good sized head with expressive eyes. Moved soundly both ways; 3 Thomas’ Javalcy Right Said Fred. JD (5,1a) A really strong class which bodes well for the future & I am sure they will all swap places as they progress. 1 Allcock & Tong’s Sleepyhollow Rheingold, a very attractive sable dog with a lovely rich colour. Cobby & compact with a good skull & dark eye. Moved confidently; 2 Vincent’s Yama Jimmy Choo, strong & masculine, very cobby with good breadth of chest, excellent rib & body with a good reach of neck. Nice head with cushioned muzzle in excellent silky coat. Not quite as confident on the move as 1 today; 3 Burden’s Aranel Kenji of Sheonagh. ND (3,1) 1 MacFarlane’s Myojo Morgan at Glendyke, nice young dog with potential. Large head with good cushioning, a well set nose & dark eye. He moved with confidence; 2 Burden’s Sangria Starlight of Sheonagh, small & compact with pretty head & expression. Not overly happy in the class today. PGD (8, ) 1 Blow & Allen’s Wyndcatch Take It Easy, larger dog, large head with excellent cushioning, a well set nose & dark eye. Cobby with an excellent reach of neck & level topline. He moved with confidence around the ring & was beautifully presented. Pushed hard for top honours; 2 Quinn’s Mattadam Samurai at Sharlarna, nice head, dark eye of correct shape & expression, good body shape with level topline, moved well; 3 Allcock & Lindsay’s Sleepyhollow Baroque at Anjuli. LD (6) 1 Rhodes & Vincent’s Javalcy Bit Of Razzle Dazzle, glamorous boy, beautifully presented. Nicely balanced body, appealing expression he moved & showed well; 2 Farmer’s Lord Of The Dance, moved soundly with style. Well shaped head, lovely eyes & expression, nice reach of neck flowing into level topline; 3 Mcleod’s Dunline Oh What A Night. OD (7,1) 1 Farmer’s Sangria Back To The Future, short coupled & well bodied with a level topline & high set tail. He has a lovely soft expression, good skull & well cushioned muzzle. His well presented coat is a lovely texture & he flowed around the ring. Pleased to award him CC & BOB & pleased to see him shortlisted in the group; 2 Rose’s Fralee Namakiki at Rossyn, another eyecatching dog who provides a very smart outline. He has a beautiful head with a typical expression. In good coat, he moved well around the ring. RCC; 3 Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin.

MPB (6) 1 Morgan’s Auralea Sasayaki, really attractive 6 month old puppy who was making her debut today. A pretty head with lovely dark eyes & good cushioning. Beautifully balanced, soundly made & provided a lovely outline both standing & on the move. Was upset by something in the challenge which spoilt her chances; 2 Smith’s Sidlyn Dancing In The Wind, another attractive puppy. Square & compact with well set tail. She has an appealing head & large dark eye & good cushioning. She is slightly less mature than 1 & did not carry the coat, but I am sure she is a good future prospect; 3 Rose’s Fluffy Fantasy Eri at Rossyn. PB (1) 1 Rose’s Fluffy Fantasy Eiko at Rossyn, a pretty puppy standing alone. Very feminine she has a pretty head & large dark eye & good cushioning. Square & compact with well set tail which presented a lovely outline. Moved well. JB (5,1) The class of the day with real quality throughout. 1 Crane’s Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins, a lovely head with good cushioning well placed ears & lovely dark eyes providing the desired look of astonishment. Presented a lovely square outline moved with style; 2 Vincent’s Yama Paper Lace, another attractive bitch who was thoroughly enjoying her day out. Very feminine with pretty head & large dark eyes. Square & compact with level topline in excellent coat. Moved well. I was splitting hairs here but I thought that 1 was a little more assured on the move; 3 Hann’s Yama Moonlight over Rakuchin. NB (1) A. PGB (7,1) 1 Lindsay & Pipe’s Sleepyhollow Mavis at Anjuli, an appealing head with good cushioning & lovely dark eyes providing the desired look of astonishment. Dainty, short level back, fine bone with correct hare feet & silky coat. She pushed hard for top honours but was not as confident in the challenge. RCC; 2 Mcleod’s Dunline Glory Hallelujah Shardlow, pretty bitch with a very feminine head. A well shaped skull & muzzle provided a sweet expression. Fine & compact build in good coat. Moved soundly both ways; 3 Burden’s Sangria Celebration of Sheonagh. LB (4,1) 1 Allitt’s Tillashby Kimika, really pretty, small & compact. Attractive head well cushioned muzzle & expressive dark eyes. Square with a level topline & correct set tail. Very sound & accurate on the move. Whilst not in full coat, her overall shape & style shone thorough & was delighted to award her CC; 2 Oatridge’s Sleepyhollow Tea For Two, another lovely bitch. Cobby with level topline with a pretty feminine head with lovely dark eye. In excellent coat, she moved confidently. Just preferred the size of 1 on the day; 3 Elms’ Amantra Toma. OB (5,1) 1 Grogan’s Ir Ch Axelwood Karmin, smart & square with level topline providing an attractive outline. She has a pretty head with large dark eyes providing a sweet expression. She was in excellent coat & beautifully presented, she didn’t move as well on the day as she can but pushed hard for top honours; 2 Steele’s Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold, nicely made, with a clear outline, well balanced head, dark eye & level topline. Moved well; 3 Paradise’s Shardlow Knickerboka Glory.



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